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The Daimler Motor Company was a British motor vehicle manufacturing company, founded in 1896, and based in Coventry. The company became a subsidiary of BSA in 1910, and was acquired by Jaguar Cars in 1960.

The Daimler brand stayed with Jaguar Cars through its mergers into British Motor Holdings and British Leyland, and also when Jaguar regained its independence in 1984. In 1989 the Daimler marque transferred to the ownership of the Ford Motor Company when Jaguar Cars became a subsidiary of the American giant. It was subsequently incorporated into Ford's Premier Automotive Group. In March 2008 the Daimler brand was included in Ford's sale of Jaguar Land Rover to Tata Motors of India.

As of 2006, the use of the Daimler brand was limited to one model, the Daimler Super Eight.

For the two direct descendants of Daimler's original company, see Daimler-Benz and its successor Daimler AG. logo
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