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If there is a lesson from the devastation of Hurricane Ike eight years ago, it is that the Houston-Galveston region is extremely vulnerable to a catastrophic storm surge, and the next hurricane could send the regional economy into a tailspin.
... is leading the restoration effort, adding about $200,000 in state money. Texas City Mayor Matt Doyle has said the bulk of oystering in Galveston Bay takes place within the Texas City limits.

The City of Houston is offering a program to help repair roofs of homes where many have had blue tarps attached since hurricane Ike. ( Melissa Phillip / Houston Chronicle ) less. Blue tarps are shown on a roof of a home in Sunnyside Wednesday, Sept.
Several people died during Hurricane Ike in 2008 as rising tides isolated them on the highway. Placing the surge barrier on the beach, as has been done successfully in the Netherlands, is a proposal being pushed by the Center for Texas Beaches and ...
BEAUMONT - In October 2014, a jury found in favor of plaintiffs Rene Lampson and Justina Henriquez, levying a $400,000 verdict against National Security Fire & Casualty for failing to properly reimburse the Port Arthur residents following Hurricane Ike.

Brick by brick, Pastor Joseph Johnson has built a new home for his congregation. The Greater Mt. Oliver Missionary Baptist Church was destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008 - but Sunday the church unveiled its brand new building with a dedication ceremony.
Galveston, Texas - Here on this alligator-shaped mound of sand, the temperature of 88 is the warmest recorded this late in the season since weather observers started writing them down in 1871.
Galveston - A minor weather disturbance midway between Africa and the Caribbean gained enough strength on Sept. 1, 2008, to be deemed a tropical storm and given a name: Ike.
The EMA is currently run by a director and three full-time employees who organize local first responders for major disasters such as hurricane Ike in 2008 that left thousands without power for days and diminished the county's water supply. Jones has ...
She said, "We have had two incidences of flooding within the last 10 years - hurricane Rita and hurricane Ike." Water inundated the two schools during those storms, but Thibodeaux expects the $3.5 million wall to protect the facilities from now on with ...
The case arose from a dispute over the cost of wind damage to Gail Menchaca's home in 2008 after Hurricane Ike. Menchaca filed a claim under her homeowners' insurance policy with USAA.
Reserve funds were used as emergency cash to fund the city's problems associated with hurricane Ike, to the tune of almost $1.2 million.
With insurance losses totaling $4 billion in the first two quarters alone, 2008's hurricane Ike is the only year in the last decade that can compete with 2016's losses.
It has been eight years since Hurricane Ike ripped through the gulf and Houston's surrounding areas, but homeowner Gail Menchaca's insurance company has still not paid her a cent for the damages to her home.

"Isaiah is basically Hurricane Ike plus about 15 percent," Jim Blackburn, co-director of Rice's Severe Storm Prediction, education and Evacuation from disaster (SSPEED) Center, told KHOU.
"Isaiah is basically Hurricane Ike plus about 15 percent," Jim Blackburn said. "We wanted to create a larger storm and put it in the worst conditions to see what our vulnerability is.
At 12:56 p.m. on May 10, at the end of the noon rush hour, the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Daviess County.
Lipscombe's passion for planning began while working on her master's thesis project in 2010, studying the devastating effects of Hurricane Ike on Galveston, Texas, while planning a redesign of a former brewery building as an emergency shelter. As she ...
Major stories and events, including the birth of Houston's rodeo and Hurricane Ike. "Houston Through the Years" is slated to ship in early December.
The losses for the state are the most since Hurricane Ike caused havoc in 2008. San Antonio's trifecta of April storms accounted for a big chunk of the losses.
Damage from hailstorms produced $5.5 billion in insured losses for homes and automobiles in the first half of the year - the most for the state since 2008's hurricane Ike drove losses to $5.7 billion, the insurance Council of Texas reported Thursday.
I recently provided my analysis and projections of U.S. crude oil production. I utilized the same econometric approach for natural gas production.
hurricane Ike was a Category 3 or higher when it was impacting Haiti, although that hurricane never made direct landfall. Deforestation efforts in Haiti have left the country's hillsides naked and unable to withhold water.
As a federal contractor with HHS, Burris "served as incident commander for hurricane Ike, the earthquake in Haiti and the H1N1 influenza outbreak.
In a news release Thursday, the insurance trade association said insured losses for residential properties during the first half of this year are nearing the $5 billion mark set in 2008, the year hurricane Ike struck. "hailstorms have already totaled ...
HOUSTON - SEPTEMBER 13: In this aerial photo, damage to the retractable roof of Reliant Stadium, home of the Houston Texans, is seen after Hurricane Ike passed throughSeptember 13, 2008 in Houston, Texas. Ike caused extensive damage along the ...
Her mom, Wendy, said Haley's mood started to decline when the family lost everything in hurricane Ike when they lived in Texas.
Only Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and Hurricane Ike in 2005 were higher, he said. While exact numbers are still uncertain, preliminary data suggests the flood touched thousands of homes in the Baton Rouge region outside the zones FEMA ...
For perspective, that is more than the 121,000 FEMA claims filed after hurricane Ike in 2008. The Edwards administration estimates more than 110,000 homes were damaged when two feet of rain fell in 48 hours on parts of East Baton Rouge, Livingston and ...
Galveston - Galveston has officially dedicated an $85 million wastewater treatment plant built to withstand storm surges like the one generated by Hurricane Ike, which severely damaged the main plant in 2008. The main wastewater treatment plant, on the ...
I would have to say Hurricane Ike in 2008 was the largest in size as it crossed the Gulf of Mexico heading toward Texas. It was almost 800 miles across and it had hurricane winds extending out to 100 miles from the center.
From the wildfire breakouts in Texas cities such as Bastrop and the tri-county fire in Magnolia in 2011 to the hurricane relief efforts on the Bolivar Peninsula after Hurricane Ike; Porter Fire Department crews have worked to provide assistance during ...
hurricane Ike (2008) - more than 100,000 cars in Texas and Louisiana, from Galveston and Houston over to Baton Rouge, were left underwater.
Galveston, Texas (AP) - Officials have dedicated an $85 million wastewater treatment plant in Galveston as the largest Hurricane Ike recovery project since the storm hit in 2008. The Galveston County Daily News ( ) reports ...
RELATED: Hurricane Ike hit the Houston and Galveston areas eight years ago. Perhaps the most tragic incident of the monumental evacuation was the death of 24 Bellaire nursing home residents who died when their chartered bus caught fire and exploded ...
Amid panic and fear of a gas shortage after the burst and closure of a major southeastern gas pipeline in Alabama, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) claims that Tennessee is not experiencing shortages.
That's essentially what happened in 2008 when Hurricane Ike knocked refineries near Houston off line. Without any fuel flowing through the pipeline, Nashville gas stations were forced in 2008 to truck fuel in from West Tennessee, just as they're doing now.
Blue tarps that still cover hundreds of storm-damaged homes in Houston - including some houses battered by Hurricane Ike in 2008 - could finally be gone thanks to a new city program that's promising to perform long-overdue roof repairs.
Houghtaling went on to represent more than 1,000 victims after hurricane Ike in 2008 and took to traveling around the country, giving speeches and CLE seminars on how to fight FEMA and the insurance companies, she says.
The Attorney General's Office also tries to win refunds for consumers whenever possible, such as $71,000 won from 14 gas stations the last time the price gouging law was in effect, which was when Hurricane Ike hit the gulf Coast eight years ago ...
Houston (AP) - Blue tarps covering hundreds of storm-damaged homes in Houston - including some houses battered by Hurricane Ike in 2008 - could soon be gone thanks to a new city program that's promising to perform long-overdue repairs. The city of ...
In this Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 photo, Spot Williams looks up as the light seeps in through a blue tarp on his Houston home where Hurricane Ike left a hole in the roof since 2008. The City of Houston is offering a program to help repair roofs of homes ...
Most municipal recovery projects in Galveston in the wake of Hurricane Ike have been finished in the eight years since the storm battered the island.
Kristi Heid, Principal of the Sabine Pass school in 2009, played a big role in the recovery efforts that went on in Sabine Pass after Hurricane Ike. Her office is full of mementos of her time as Principal. Heid is now the superintendent of Sabine Pass ISD.
September 14, 2008........This was the date that the remnants of Hurricane Ike moved across the Ohio Valley. For 2 hours wind gusts of 60-80 mph were common across the Louisville area.
Exactly eight years ago, hurricane Ike roared into Galveston Bay. There was a memorable image from the Bolivar Peninsula of a lone house that stood amid the rubble on Gilchrist Beach.






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