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updated Thu. March 30, 2017

Broccoli contains an important compound called sulforaphane, an organic compound also found in other cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and kale.
Pretty cool, considering ResGel is free of volatile organic compounds and completely safe for drains and re-entering Earth's water table, unlike isopropyl alcohol and other cleaners.
Terpenes are a diverse class of organic molecules produced by a variety of plants. They often have a strong odor and are thought to protect the plants that produce them by deterring herbivores and by attracting predators and parasites of herbivores.
The HiSivTM filter removes formaldehyde, VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and odour and the HEPA filter cleans indoor air of PM2.5 and other particulate pollutants.
Repsol, the Spanish oil company, has launched a new polyol grade designed to meet the requirements of the bedding and furniture industries.
In this oxygen-poor, prebiotic world, solar energy may have provided the jolt to transform simple organic molecules into more complex ones, which were used as the building blocks of biology and life.
The plant will make ethyl acetate, an organic compound used in products such as artificial flavoring, varnishes and paints.
chemists at the University of East Anglia have now developed a new type of material where two different organic molecules are joined together by an atom of copper or gold.
The emission increase was caused by the formation of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) in which gaseous organic compounds, released during the combustion, oxidise and condense on aerosol particles.
Ozone forms when certain organic compounds and nitrogen oxides are released into the air and come into contact with sunlight.
The Carpet and Rug Institute created the Green Label Plus program to identify carpets, adhesives, and cushions that meet stringent criteria for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. To receive GLP certification, products must undergo a strict ...
You may not be able to hear the communications, but there is a virtual fog in the air in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Richard Karban, evolutionary ecologist at the University of California, Davis is just one of many scientists who have ...
Today, the field is set to be turned on its head once again by the discovery that a simple organic molecule, more usually found in sunscreen, can be made to superconduct at 123 K at ambient pressure.
In a study recently published in Scientific Reports, researchers from MedUni Vienna and the Messerli Research Institute have, for the first time, identified the organic compound acrolein (acrylic aldehyde) as one of the main causes of failure of the ...
Nevertheless, we realized that numerous organic molecules and their immediate precursors can be synthesized using bismuth salts-mediated processes.
Those include testing requirements for organic compounds, synthetic organic compounds, disinfection by-products and coliform bacteria, to name a few, he said.
It was in the early 2000s that studies about the harmful effects of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) were first published and the professional cleaning industry began to take notice.
The automated OES monitors volatile organic compound ("VOC") odor levels in a production facility's exhaust system, and automatically delivers measured levels of ONA odor neutralizer to eliminate residue cannabis smell.
Researchers from the University of Granada (UGR), the Center for Electrochemical Research and technological Development and the Center of engineering ...
The air pollutants our tests uncovered included particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
Bin Yang, coauthor and WSU Tri-Cities associate professor of biological systems engineering, said cellulose is one of the most abundant organic compounds on Earth. Understanding the cellulosic biomass recalcitrance, or resistance to degradation, at the ...
The gaseous organic compounds from the ambient air are first adsorbed by the surface and then react with the oxides to form carbonates and hydroxides until the surface is completely covered with these compounds.
Trichloroethylene, a volatile organic compound, had contaminated the groundwater, requiring special cleanup. The Borough of East Stroudsburg has worked to remediate the hazardous site since buying it 2002.
Dimethyl ether is an organic compound with the molecular formula CH3 OCH3 which can be simplified to C2H6O. The alternate name for dimethyl ether is methoxymethane; it is an isomer of ethanol.
The Marine Corps has begun outreach to hundreds of thousands of veterans who served at Camp Lejeune, N.C., at least 30 days from August 1953 to ...
Kotov suggests that amino acids, which are known to form spontaneously in space dust, may have assembled nanoparticles into spirals that twisted the light from the early stars, serving as stable inorganic templates for organic molecules and particles ...
scientists are working to answer this question by examining the dissolved organic compounds which enter Chile's rivers from salmon farms.
Surfaces that have been coated with rare earth oxides develop water-repelling properties only after contact with air. Even at room temperature, chemical ...
One day a pint-sized rover may help fill in the blanks, with the space agency developing a flat-packed, shape-shifting two-wheeler that can not only handle rougher terrain, but can squeeze into confined spaces where organic molecules may be waiting to ...
One source of NOx emissions is coal combustion; the oil and gas industry is a key emitter of volatile organic compounds. Among other requirements, Olson's bill would instruct EPA to study the impact of foreign air pollution sources on problem areas in ...
Ozone, often called smog, forms when the sunlight causes reactions between nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. These NOx and VOCs enter the air through vehicle exhaust, gasoline vapors, and emissions from industrial facilities and electric ...
Those include testing requirements for organic compounds, synthetic organic compounds, disinfection by-products and coliform bacteria, to name a few, he said.
It was in the early 2000s that studies about the harmful effects of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) were first published and the professional cleaning industry began to take notice.
Unfortunately, the earth cannot remove drugs, volatile organic compounds, such as gasoline (especially its additives), nitrogen, phosphorus, many modern chemicals and nonsoluable materials.
Causes of poor indoor air quality include dust and mold spores that have become airborne, smoke particulates from cooking and burning candles, and, as Chotiner wrote, "volatile organic compounds (VOCs) given off by building materials, paints, adhesives ...
Choice of appropriate materials reduced volatile organic compounds circulating in air systems, and water treatment and monitoring should ensured clean air and water.
Seattle - Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has been recommended to receive $2.5 million in Clean Air Act Targeted Airshed grant funds to help improve air quality in ...
ALBANY -- Cigarette smoking is out, but e-cigarettes are in. Smoking among high-school students in New York fell to its lowest level on record, but there has been rapid rise in their use of e-cigarettes, a survey of students by the state Health ...
... (LCD) technology in its iPhones, and creating curved screens is practical only with organic LED (OLED) displays. These displays, which are also used in TVs, rely on a thin film of organic compound - that is, a compound that contains carbon ...
Vinasse contains fairly high concentrations of a range of organic compounds, and so has found use as a fertilizer. But because vinasse contains many other compounds as well, including certain pollutants, only so much can be added to the soil before it ...
The study looked at how the soft element arsenic interacts with thorium, because arsenic could in principle be used in organic molecules that bond to metal atoms and improve extraction processes. "There is currently significant interest in using ...
Terpenes are volatile organic compounds that alter after a plant is harvested. Once the flower is dried and cured they are technically considered terpenoids.
"There is currently significant interest in using organic molecules to extract, selectively, metal ions from the 'soup' of nuclear waste and fish out the more radioactive and toxic ones and leave the rest behind," he added.
The team made crystals composed of an organic compound called azobenzene, commonly used in dye manufacturing, and oleic acid, commonly found in cooking oil.
The river was first placed on the list in 1998 because of contaminated sediments containing pollutants, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other unspecified metals.
During a recent press conference at Samsung's Seoul, South Korea headquarters, the company revealed the findings of its investigation into well-publicized reports of its Note 7 smartphones catching fire.
And a spacecraft could do just that without even touching down, because geysers near Enceladus' South Pole blast water vapor, organic molecules and other material from the subsurface ocean out into space. Saturn's moon Pan, as seen by NASA's Cassini ...
The oldest storage system in the world might be the key to future-proofing our modern data.






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