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"Old parties should not be stingy and new parties should not be greedy," he said. DAP and PKR are considered "old" components as they were part of the coalition's precursor, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR), which was terminated in June 2015.

But soon she realised that she mistook greed for love. "My husband's care stemmed from the fact that I was going to get a lot of money in compensation, not his love for me.
In Latest populist Betrayal, Trump Executive Order Unchains Wall Street greed. Orders signed Friday are nothing more than special favors for the same Wall Street banks that crashed our economy in 2008 and put millions of Americans out of work.
The hero of the Saga is Tom White, a larger-than-life former Texas Ranger who deployed a network of undercover agents to help expose corrupt guardianships that allowed greedy whites to swindle the Osage out of their headrights. At the center of the ...
... highs and lows, political back-stabbings and Wall Street shenanigans that culminate in a monumental scam. But who scammed who?

A heavily disabled woman who suffers from a horrific vomiting condition has hit out at "selfish and ignorant" neighbours who she says take no notice of the disabled spaces where she lives.
A recent Opinion Line comment said that the people who have kids should pay for their education. I have heard this numerous times before.
Sentence was adjourned until June 5, but Judge Richard Bond warned Brown: "You must expect to come prepared for an immediate custodial sentence.
The artist formerly known as YC the Cynic has gone through quite a few changes since first hitting the scene in 2009. He has released three projects, was named to numerous lists as an "upcoming, respected" artist, and was open and honest about his love ...
A truism: The internet is nothing if not snarky. Senator Bernie Sanders found that out first hand this week. The former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination tweeted Thursday: "How many yachts do billionaires need?
Your friend has just broken up with their partner and is really upset. They confide in you about what went wrong. How do you react?
This was the urgent call made by Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle during the eco-walk dubbed as Earth Day, Mercy2Earth at the Luneta Park ...
A greedy burglar tucked into food and put holes in the walls of a home they were raiding - leaving rubbish behind. The victim of the break-in returned to their home in Stukeley Road in Huntingdon from a night away to discover his fridge had been raided ...
"The man appears to have wanted to commit murder out of greed," said Jaeger. prosecutors said they traced the computer used to purchase the put options to the luxury hotel in Dortmund where the team had been staying.
I CANNOT express enough my delight the law has prevailed over anarchy by upholding the government's stand against removing children from schooling during term time at the whim of their parents.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters expressed her concern and criticism of Trump appointees and was withering in her attacks. She said of HUD SEC.
April 11th 2017 will forever be a dark day in Borussia Dortmund's history. The club, players, coaches and fans were shaken to the core on that particular day.
WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C. -- greedy "lumber barons" in the United States are to blame for the softwood lumber dispute, and their push to choke off the supply of disputed Canadian timber will only make it harder for the average American to buy a home, British ...
The author of Wild Swans has become embroiled in a row with her neighbours over their home extension plans telling them the work is "purely selfish" and jeopardising her next book. Jung Chang, whose 1991 memoir about leaving Communist China has ...
In yet another Wall Street giveaway, President Donald Trump on Friday afternoon took executive action to chip away at Dodd-Frank financial regulations and roll back rules aimed at reducing corporate tax avoidance.
Using yeast cells as a model, scientists from the A.N. Belozersky Institute of Physico-chemical biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University investigated the mechanisms that allow cells to protect themselves from invasion of selfish mitochondrial DNA ...
MUSKEGON, MI a An engineer from the suburbs outside Muskegon will serve 30 days in jail after pleading to embezzlement of a few thousand dollars' worth of cash and equipment from his employer.
greed is as old as the earth itself, but that doesn't make Kemba's song on the topic any less harrowing or powerful.
They evade taxes more often, flaunt traffic laws that protect pedestrians and donate less frequently to charity. In the aftermath of the Great Recession, there has been no shortage of reports in the popular media on their selfishness and opportunism ...
The purpose of the weekly Fear and greed series is to analyze the health of the current gold trend and to identify possible signs of a reversal.
Hinch expressed concern that these policies are motivated by taking care of buyers struggling to get into the market, who he feels are being selfish. "The fact that they think they can afford to buy a home anyway. It's the expectation that, 'Here I am ...
The Lenten season is for Christians to reflect, repent and sacrifice, remembering the death and Resurrection. We claim the name of Christ, calling ourselves Christians.
It's selfish. I am the creator and lead of Immunize Texas, a grassroots community group dedicated to supporting pro-vaccine legislation.
Netflix's new comedy series Girlboss has a tricky job to do. The series wants to take a fun look at the rise of Nasty Gal founder and #GIRLBOSS author Sophia ...
So let's define selfishness, shall we? Good ol' Merriam Webster maintains that selfishness "is being concerned excessively, or exclusively, for oneself or one's own advantage, pleasure, or welfare, regardless of others.
In tandem with their largecap peers, midcap stocks are hovering near their all-time high levels. However, market experts believe this pack may see a strong correction in case of any selloff in the broader market.
It's seems self-delusional, greedy and grasping. There are people truly deserving of financial assistance and your downfall (no pun meant) appears to have been brought about as a result of your own well-documented history of hedonistic behaviour.
The purpose of the weekly Fear and greed series is to analyze the health of the current gold trend and to identify possible signs of a reversal.
How honest are you, really? Would you be open to a brain treatment that might make you act a little more truthful? I'm asking because researchers from the ever-productive University of Zurich tried an experiment to see if they could influence behavior ...
They evade taxes more often, flaunt traffic laws that protect pedestrians and donate less frequently to charity. In the aftermath of the Great Recession, there has been no shortage of reports in the popular media on their selfishness and opportunism ...
The Harvard Business school graduation ceremony in 2014. A new book argues that the school's mission has become distorted. Credit Rick Friedman for The New York Times.
On Friday night at about midnight, the siren warning system in Dallas was hacked causing all sirens in the city of Dallas to blare.
The wealthy evade taxes and are less likely to donate to charity, but does this mean they're more selfish than everyone else? New research suggests not.
However, 89% of men said it was important to them that their partner reached climax, suggesting there's could be a "selfish Man Myth" at play, according to the Durex survey. Figures show that two out of three of women don't orgasm every time they have sex.
NOW that's large-scale greed! A hungry bird gobbles a fish three times the size of its head. The anhinga - or "snakebird" - first speared the perch on its beak at Lakeland, Florida, then swallowed it whole, reptile-style.
In January 2013, nearly four years before the Russia scandal began eating away at the Trump presidency, future Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page, by his own admission, met with Evgeny Buryakov, a Russian spy working undercover as an ...
Congratulations and thanks to the hardworking citizens who organized to defeat the boondoggle attack on quality of life here in the recent election.
In the days leading up to Friday's countrywide protests, the question was asked by some commentators: what are we marching for?
A scheming son forged his mother's will in a greedy bid to pocket more cash - but spelt his brother's name wrong. Stewart Caygill, 53, plundered Theresa's bank account before her death in 2013 aged 84, making himself the main beneficiary of her estate.
Immunisation is a nexus controlled by big private vaccine makers, mostly foreign, that decides your baby gets 15 shots more for the doctor to make money.
John D. Rockefeller was incensed. It was the 1880s, and oil drillers had struck such enormous wells in Baku that Russia was selling oil in Europe at prices that undercut Rockefeller's Standard Oil.
It seems like everyone has heard of the EpiPen, a seemingly magical device that instantly saves you from the throes of extreme allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) when you dramatically stick it into your thigh.
In today's "me" generation, selfish boyfriends are as common as organic coconut milk, fare trade mocha lattes! Plus, if he's the youngest child, was spoiled and/or is a Scorpio, then you may be in triple-selfish trouble. First, try getting him (with ...