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updated Mon. April 23, 2018

The town's Conservative MP Chris Green and Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi have united in their disapproval, while the Bolton-born actor Maxine Peake has described the plans as "absolute madness fuelled by nothing more than utter greed". Conservationists have raised concerns about potential harm ...

The novel explores loss, ageing, greed and gentrification, as well as the refugee crisis and xenophobia. Crace is the master of allegorical novels, set in no particular time or place. What The Melody lacks in fast-paced plot it makes up for with Crace's superb lyrical style. And though the reader may not ...
Gordon Gekko famously stated, "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good." That statement comes to mind when I think about Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:AUPH). The potential for the clinical-stage biotech appears to be so great that getting greedy with the stock is tempting. But, of course, ... Pharmaceuticals
Former Australia spinner Shane Warne has criticised Cricket Australia, saying that "greed" is the main reason behind the board's decision to expand the Big Bash League next summer. An extended BBL - with an increase in fixtures from 35 to 43 - is set to stretch into mid-February next year, with ...
Everyone knows that taking a little "me" time is important for your mental health. But it can be hard to prioritize above other seemingly more "important" things. And despite the fact that more than half of millennial women made self-care their resolution for 2018, some women still feel guilty for ...

Stray not from your faith with greed ... Timothy 6:10: For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. ... He is righter still when he states, "…some have strayed from the faith in their greediness.
In another game, I accidentally took a rare and coveted gold sniper rifle from a supply drop another player had opened. I dropped it back on the ground almost immediately, upon which the player busted out a dance move to acknowledge my lack of selfishness and rewarded me with the next-best gun ...
... Times and the New York Post. The "Boot Pruitt" campaign has also run ads on Trump's favorite TV show -- Fox and Friends. Like so many powerful and destructive men before him, it could be Pruitt's personal greed -- rather than the damage he's inflicted on the world -- that ultimately will be his downfall.
Here's What I've Learned About Money and Greed .... To all rookies aspiring to join the next generation of Wall Street's best and brightest: greed alone can kill those ambitions. Here are lessons to ... But greedy tendencies, without recognition, can lead someone into becoming a true money addict. ... Ponzi Scheme
Sir, Rachel Sylvester (Comment, Mar 13) correctly identifies public opprobrium with “robber barons” as the catalyst for a change in government, but while she cites obvious targets, including tech giants for tax avoidance, and the gig economy for undermining workers' rights, insurance companies should also ... Ponzi Scheme
“Because of Neymar's stupidity, greed and how he left [Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain] – it definitely galvanised Messi. When you're at that level, it's not coasting, but elite pros always need something to prick them. To make them reach deeper, to be more determined, and to have other goals apart from ... Ponzi Scheme
Derryn Hinch has been branded “selfish” and an “embarrassment” by the head of Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation after he revealed he was drinking alcohol again. Mr Hinch was rushed to hospital on Monday after falling from an Uber and losing consciousness. He admits to having a couple of glasses of wine ... Ponzi Scheme
Do you and your partner have a bit of a “dead fish” problem? No, we're not being gross, you guys. Stop being weird. What we're trying to say: Is your partner (or are you) the kind of person who lies back and lets things happen during sex without much reciprocation? Is this sounding familiar? You may not ... Ponzi Scheme
... uranium miner, has suffered along with the price of uranium. The miner's business has been repositioned to handle more bad news, but it stands ready to take advantage when the nuclear fuel turns higher again. Still trading near 10-year lows, it may be time to get greedy with Cameco Corporation stock. Ponzi Scheme
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin slammed teachers for being "selfish and short-sighted" for protesting policies in the pension reform bill. "If they get what they wish for they will not have a pension system for the younger people who are still working, and that to me is remarkably selfish and short-sighted," Bevin ... Ponzi Scheme
Our U.S. inequality is driven by greed, an addiction without a soul. Greed by weak and immoral men who seek power is compensation for lack of inner strength and for their central thoughts of inadequacy and worthlessness. The greedy quest for ”more” has led to a freneticism that erodes our culture from ... Ponzi Scheme

Bevin's 'selfish' comments show he doesn't understand teachers, Kentucky GOP leader says. Bruce Schreiner and Adam Beam, Associated Press Published 8:07 a.m. ET ... He called that "remarkably selfish and shortsighted." He also said teachers protesting the pension bill would be like people during ... Ponzi Scheme
Little did I know that Zimbabwe would get to this stage, but it did under Robert Mugabe, his selfish wife Grace, and their G40 cabal. When one looks at the real picture, it boggles the mind how the former President can envisage setting up a new party that would garner support from the long-suffering masses. Ponzi Scheme
A former Telstra salesman has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $65,000 worth of phones and accessories at a Ballarat store. Jeremy Ozols, a father of four including one young child with autism, was working at Telstra's Bridge Mall outlet when he started to hide phones underneath his clothing at the ... Ponzi Scheme
While the big four banks, who reluctantly acceded to the long sought Royal Commission into their activities last November, never expected the exercise to be a walk in the park, they probably didn't think it would get this tough this soon. Commonwealth Bank officials received a comprehensive dressing ... Ponzi Scheme
In reference to the letter by Scott Burrows concerning ” Group wants Nelson to be considered for basic income,” I really must protest. Scott's axiom that capitalism is “the bedrock of Western democracy” and that we, as citizens of that culture should struggle to fulfill that ideal – is utterly preposterous. The idea ... Ponzi Scheme
Michigan State's 'selfish' request of Miles Bridges ... the podium Sunday, shortly after the Michigan State basketball team's NCAA Tournament path had finally been announced, he dropped in an idea about Miles Bridges he has been pushing for some time now: “I'd like to see him still be a little more selfish. Ponzi Scheme
It is, indeed, a universal phenomenon, though somewhat difficult to comprehend, that, as governments usurp and commandeer the fruits of the labour of wealth-generating people, they do not consider their actions to be greedy while they accuse those involved in private enterprise of just that sin. Ponzi Scheme
WAITING FOR AUTOGRAPHS: Gina Clapprood, author of “You Can Be a SELFish 'B',” is pictured with just some of the many people who attended her book signing. Pictured with Clapprood holding up her book are Marilee Simonian, Donna Kane, Amy Sheeran, Joanne Doyon, Gisele Patenaude and ... Ponzi Scheme
Yes, it's true: A scientific study has found that buying organic food could make you more of a selfish jerk. So, all of those jokes about organic eaters being insufferable? They might actually be rooted in some truth. If you have ever felt like shopping organic is associated with a certain type of person or lifestyle, ... Ponzi Scheme
A little selfishness can benefit folks from all walks of life, she adds, including women, people of color, queers, and those whose identities intersect. Lizzo shared a message from a transgender fan who told her that the uplifting, body-positive lyrics from “Scuse Me” resonated during her transition. “When I sing ... Ponzi Scheme
Their story is featured on the next episode of CNBC's "American Greed." Dalia was so determined to get her hands on Mike's money that she took out a contract for his murder, not knowing that the hit man was an undercover police officer. Her sensational case transfixed South Florida — and the nation ... Ponzi Scheme
There's nothing quite like getting fans back to the moment when a song is being born. That's what Stephanie Quayle does in the official video for her soulful new tune, “Selfish.” Set in black and white, the piece showcases the understated elegance of Quayle's words and music as she sings about staying in ... Ponzi Scheme
Dear Conflicted: I don't want to come down too hard on you, but your selfishness makes my eyes water. You lost a close family member to a motorcycle accident. Your mother has health problems, which are made worse by worry and stress. Your mother has been very clear in describing the conditions ... Ponzi Scheme
I saw the way apps were taking over people's experience of the internet -- replacing it -- and how the people making apps (mostly here in San Francisco, some in the circles I ran in) were greedy, dishonest, conservative and extremely entitled. I thought, once people understand how horribly these apps are ... Ponzi Scheme
LSU will return to the football field for spring practice on Sunday. In the meantime, SEC Country is preparing for those workouts by previewing each position group as it stands after National Signing Day. We continue with the cornerbacks. Ponzi Scheme
“The bottom line” says Herz, “is that sort of as a function of the moral superiority associated with organic branding, people feel somehow, 'I'm above reproach and, paradoxically, therefore I can be less ethical and more selfish.'” Moral superiority has a long, dark history. “It's partly where the religious crusade ... Ponzi Scheme
A president has fallen. His son is being sought by police. One of the three brothers who systematically robbed South Africa of billions of rands is officially a fugitive. This article is reserved for Sunday Times subscribers. A subscription gives you full digital access to all Sunday Times content. Already ... Ponzi Scheme
'Selfish' commuter complains about delays after boy and his granddad were killed at level crossing. People told Kate Jackson to "get a grip" after she complained about having to get a rail replacement bus. Share; Comments. By. Rachel Bishop. 15:49, 17 FEB 2018; Updated 18:06, 17 FEB 2018. News. Video Loading. Ponzi Scheme
Reader Letter: Vaping is so selfish. PUBLISHED: 14:00 17 February 2018 | UPDATED: 15:08 17 February 2018. John Cottrell, Morris Drive, Little Plumstead. A man smoking an electronic cigarette. ... I would like to share with the readers how my visit to the centre of our fine city was ruined last week by a selfish individual. Ponzi Scheme
Travel was disrupted twice for hundreds of motorists in the space of three days when large swaths of both interstates that crisscross Albuquerque were shut down after two suicidal individuals threatened to jump from overpasses – one incident lasting more than 13 hours, the other just a few minutes. Ponzi Scheme
Defense contractors are always at the mercy of their customers when it comes to driving business, and Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:KTOS)is no exception. But momentum continues to move in the company's direction thanks to growing needs for drones and cybersecurity services. Ponzi Scheme
Charter Communications' profit surged last quarter because of a $9.3 billion benefit from changes in the U.S. corporate tax laws. My cable bill and others' was just increased. Why? Is there no way to stop the greed of these companies? Going elsewhere does not correct the problem; the increases occur no ... Ponzi Scheme
The Dow came roaring back in late Tuesday-afternoon trading, rising about 500 points, or about 2.1%, to its highs for the day just after 3 p.m. The late-day surge means the index has recovered more than one-third of its lost value from Monday. Dow Makes 500-Point Rebound in Late-Day Trading as Greed ... Ponzi Scheme
So says Seeking Alpha author Fear & Greed Trader, who's discovered how to stay the course and take a more zen approach to the market mind games and tomfoolery. With 35 years of investing experience under his belt, Fear & Greed Trader has certainly seen his share of up and down trends and has ... Ponzi Scheme
Even before the jury took their seats on the second day of Waymo v. Uber, the lawsuit reached a new milestone of absurdity as Waymo argued that they should be allowed to play a clip of Michael Douglas's “Greed is Good” speech from Wall Street (1987). Uber would really rather they not. Ousted Uber CEO ... Ponzi Scheme
It takes a small handful of irresponsible and selfish people to spoil good things that benefit needy families. The Women's Refuge generally do such a lot of nurturing and caring for women and children in Tauranga and elsewhere I'm sure, with their time and emotional support, that this type of abuse ... yes, ... Ponzi Scheme
A mum has been slammed on a popular parenting forum for announcing plans to take a holiday without her toddler child. "Me and my oh have been discussing going on holiday with the children in late August," she began. "I was telling my mother about it and she offered to look after my 2 year old for the ... Ponzi Scheme
Aaron Mooy has revealed the piece of advice he received from Socceroos legend Harry Kewell that has helped the Huddersfield Town midfielder become Australia's latest Premier League star. Huddersfield's only real chance at securing silverware this season is in the FA Cup – however bookmakers Neds ... Ponzi Scheme
'Anyway we're having holy hell over it all with my brother's girlfriend what awful and selfish parents we are and how my mother is playing favourites!' explained the Mumsnet user. She concluded the post asking mothers 'Aibu in accepting my mother's offer? Or does it really make me a selfish and awful ... Ponzi Scheme
The talk show host called the reality star “selfish” for debuting her newborn daughter Chicago West in sister Kylie Jenner's baby reveal video. Kim Kardashian and Wendy Williams during The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Fall 2010 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park in New York City. Ponzi Scheme
Remember Gordon Gekko's words: “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good” in the “Wall Street” film of 1987? (“Greed is good” was a better line, but he never said it.) A fairly recent book, “Age of Greed”, shows us that while 'money never sleeps', it doesn't care much who it sleeps with. Its story line is ... Ponzi Scheme
A mum who opted to leave her two-year-old toddler at home with grandparents so she and the rest of her family could go on holiday has been branded 'awful and selfish'. The anonymous parent said that she and her partner were planning to go to a water park with their two eldest children, but thought the ... Ponzi Scheme
Little did he know that our greed and carelessness would eventually negate that love. H. Emerson Blake wrote in Orion magazine that thirty-five years ago, “many people believed that damaged natural systems would be repaired, wildlands reclaimed, biological diversity retrieved, and that an equilibrium ... Ponzi Scheme


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