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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

Beijing/WELLINGTON, March 27 (Reuters) - The deadly bird flu that's forced mass bird culls and roiled the global egg and poultry trade has spawned one unlikely success - New Zealand, a rare source of disease-free birds and supplier for China's ...
Several Clay County residents have likelbeen diagnosed with influenza over the past few months and though spring is here, the flu is still running rampant in ...
flu masks are a part of everyday life in Japan, and they're worn for a plethora of reasons, including avoiding catching/spreading colds, warding off hayfever-inducing pollen, keeping one's face toasty warm in winter, hiding makeup-free faces, simply ...
Poultry shows, exhibitions and flea market and auction sales have been suspended in Georgia after cases of Avian Influenza were confirmed in Tennessee.
With spring in the air many county residents are not thinking about winter colds and flu anymore, but they are still out there.
Minnesota is better prepared for a potential bird flu return after a devastating 2015 epidemic, according to poultry producers and experts.
She confirmed that farmer had one of the strains of flu targeted by the flu shot. She said many people don't realize that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommend everyone be immunized each year to prevent the flu. Prior to 2009, it ...
The flock of a Cullman County commercial poultry farm has been destroyed after additional testing for avian influenza.
Though there have not been any U.S. cases of the strain of avian flu that has killed more than 140 people in China this year, the U.S.
Older women and African Americans are less likely than any other demographics to get vaccinated against the flu, viewing potential side effects of the vaccine as a greater risk than catching the flu itself. This is according to a study recently ...
People shouldn't give up preventive practices just because the weather is warming.
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - North Dakota poultry farmers are being urged to take precautions against bird flu. Avian influenza has been confirmed in three Southern states.
The Georgia Department of agriculture has taken steps to protect poultry flocks in the state from bird flu. BRANT SANDERLIN / BSANDERLIN@AJC.
LANSING - Drug-free and ready to start a new job on Feb. 22, Justin farmer felt hopeful. Farmer, 29, is a former heroin user who frequented homeless shelters.
If you were felled by the flu recently and left asking for the license plate of the Mack truck that hit you, here it is: A/H3N2.
"We had quite a lot of cases," she said, referring to the flu season that started in October. "We're still having cases; they won't go away.
MOSES LAKE - The recent death of a 15-year-old that may have been flu-related has prompted the Grant County Health District to urge parents to make sure their kids have flu shots. The 15-year-old soap Lake boy died March 10, after being sick for about ...
Oklahoma City - Four Oklahomans have died from the flu virus in the last week, according to health officials. On Thursday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health announced that 68 people have died as a result of the flu this season. Four of those ...
The flu season appears to have peaked in late February and continued to wane last week. A state survey of clinics, hospitals and health departments last week found that a bit more than 3 percent of visits were for flu-like illnesses, down from the peak ...
Another four people have died from the flu in Oklahoma. That brings the total for this flu season to 68. Another 76 people in Oklahoma have been hospitalized with the flu, putting the season's total to over 2150. Relatively speaking, Northeast Oklahoma ...
MASSENA -- Massena Memorial hospital recently participated in a New York state Department of Health Outbreak (NYSDOH) Unchecked Response Exercise in which a highly contagious and deadly pandemic flu strain began affecting patients in St.
State agriculture officials say the low pathogenic strain of bird flu does not pose a risk to the food supply, and no affected poultry have entered the food chain.
KALISPELL, Mont. - It's been a rough flu season for Western Montana. Already we've seen nearly 1,000 cases more than last year.
The flu continues to decline in Pennsylvania, according to the latest report from the state Health Department. There were about 2,200 cases reported last week, down 1,000 from the prior week.
SANFORD, N.C. (WNCN) - A Sanford private school canceled school for Thursday and Friday after 40 students exhibited flu-like symptoms over the past few days.
A bird flu outbreak that has led officials to euthanize more than 200,000 animals in three states already is the nation's worst since 2015.
Spring has arrived but the flu continues to stick around. flu season is hitting late peaks in some parts of the United States including northwest Missouri.
agriculture officials say bird flu has been confirmed at another commercial chicken farm in Alabama. The low-pathogenic illness found in birds at a Cullman County farm is similar to the one found in two other commercial operations in the state.
Lee Christian school in Sanford says it has been forced to close for two days because so many students have come down with the flu. There was a sign on the door of the facility on Keller Andrews Road Thursday morning telling parents and students the ...
I'm Dr. Jamison Starbuck, a naturopathic family physician with health tips for kids about stomach flu. Kids know what stomach flu is right? That awful feeling in your stomach that you might throw up. That's called 'nausea'. When you have the stomach ...
Four new flu deaths were reported in North Carolina last week, bringing the total number of deaths this flu season to 126, according to the North Carolina Department of Health.
Or, perhaps more accurately, it was a flu-dunnit. But sometimes messing with what usually lies below the surface can have unexpected side effects.
(CNN) In 2009, two flu vaccines manufactured by the same company did not equally protect against the circulating H1N1 flu virus. A study published Wednesday in the journal science Translational Medicine examines the question: Why did one vaccine offer ...
A change in just a single genetic "letter" of the flu virus allows bird flu to pass to humans, according to scientists.
According to public health officials, every county in our region has reported flu virus and it is hitting school age children very hard.
Minneapolis (WCCO) - Lots of workplaces, including here at WCCO, are dealing with a late round of the flu. People are staying home trying to shake off all that comes with influenza.
flu generally strikes most often between December and March. Other illnesses that show up most often in winter include the common cold, a severe form of respiratory illness called RSV and gastrointestinal suffering caused by rotavirus and norovirus.
Are Iowa poultry producers vulnerable to an outbreak of avian influenza? This disease, known as bird flu, devastated Iowa's egg-laying chicken flocks and its Turkey farms two years ago.
Lee County school officials say they are doing all they can to battle the flu outbreak, that has "hit their school system hard.
Alabama officials have received results on samples collected from one of the state's recently announced avian flu outbreaks, indicating low-pathogenic H7N9 ...
The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) released their latest surveillance report on the flu in Texas. The last week reported is March 5 through March 11.
The Minnesota Department of Health's weekly influenza and respiratory illness report, most recently released last Thursday and covering the week ending March 11, showed a significant drop in the number of people hospitalized for the flu for the third ...
Paris (Reuters) - The spread of a severe bird flu virus that ravaged the duck industry in southwestern France since late last year has slowed in the past two weeks, suggesting the crisis could be ending, the farm minister said on Monday.
The flu season is past its peak, according to state and national health authorities. But, some doctors said they are still seeing a steady flow of flu patients and don't expect it to stop any time soon. The Connecticut Department of public health ...
A new paper from an MIT-led team demonstrates that Alaska can offer a significant foothold for Asian flu viruses, enabling them to enter North America.
Minneapolis - The detection of a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu at a Tennessee chicken farm has poultry farmers stepping up security in an attempt to ...
Tacoma, Wash. - A mother who lost her five-year-old daughter to the flu is planting a garden in her daughter's memory. Rebecca Taylor is planting three roundabouts in her daughter's memory.
While flu activity has started to decrease in the state, the virus continues to be widespread. The number of influenza-associated deaths reported this season, which started Oct. 2, is 110.
bird flu in humans can be mild or severe, with its incubation period, severity and outcome, dependent on the viral subtype.
flu has spiked to high levels, again, according to today's report from DHMH flu tracker. After a decreasing rate the week prior, flu is back up to "High Intensity Levels" and "Widespread Geographic Activity", according to the Friday March 17th report ...






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