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updated Sat. March 24, 2018

The garden centers are setting up temporary buildings, soon to be filled with this year's new plants. And packets of flower and vegetable seeds entice you ... Yet, many seed packs contain more seeds than you want to plant so what to do with the rest of them? Perhaps you would like to try growing ... Iowa City
Today, top gardeners are turning to the seed packet, dismayed by the predictable plant selections in mass-market nurseries or big-box stores. Varieties available in seed form are "more interesting," said Worcester, Mass., horticulturist Matt Mattus, singling out Scabiosa and poppies as beautiful ... School

So to target 31,600 plants per acre at harvest, a grower would plant around 33,250 seeds per acre (Divide the desired plant population by 0.95). If growers are getting thinner stands than 95%, they will need to add more seed or, better yet, work on improving that final stand count, Nielsen said.
This week brings the first day of Spring, which automatically gets one thinking about nature. I've seen so much evidence of how nature has rebounded during these long months since "The Storms." The most fascinating part of it all is how flora and fauna have been affected by the wind and the rains.
Plants keep getting weather curveballs... this time a record-setting heavy snow to welcome spring. The snow is a setback to the growing season, but it shouldn't do any lasting damage to most plants. The two main issues are limbs coming down from trees and evergreens getting "saggy" from the weight ...
"Most of them are invested in sustainable agriculture and most, if not all, are doing all of the things on that list, but none of them are saving seeds." Cohen did the math on how plentiful seeds are. To get 2,500-3,000 bean seeds, let a 15-foot row go to seed. To grow 600 tomato plants, save seeds from ... farm
We all know cancer's worst enemy is fresh food. The epidemic of the modern era is often blamed largely on processed foods, and most cancer experts agree the easiest way to reduce your risk of cancer is with a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can't get much fresher than what you grow ...
Plus, carrots store well during winter. All you need are some seeds, and some well-drained sandy soil. Carrots love cool weather, so plant them in either early spring or late fall. Harvesting carrots is as easy as pulling them from the ground, dusting them off, and chucking them in a soup with those potatoes.
In the face of potentially fatal threats to New Zealand's native plants, scientists are implementing a doomsday scenario. The New Zealand Indigenous Flora Seed Bank (NZIFSB), set up in 2013, has become the last line of defence against recent biodiversity threats, including myrtle rust and kauri dieback. insurance
The amount of seed Scholting plants doesn't depend on type of tillage. Almost all of his corn is planted no-till, using row cleaners to sweep away residue and warm up the soil. On lighter soils that are more drought-prone, Scholting will drop 28,000 seeds per acre instead of 30,000 seeds. "On contest corn ... insurance
Beginning gardeners can get advice from seed companies and big box stores, not to mention family, friends and neighbors. Here is more advice: 1. ... Start with seeds and plants. Seeds are preferred for spinach and zinnias while most gardeners start with plants when growing tomatoes and pansies. insurance
You have these great seeds and you're going to have great plants and everyone will envy the new you and your garden is going to be GREAT! You've done the research and you know all the best methods. You buy the best tools to till the earth and build the perfect walls to protect your new plant. You bury ... insurance
Skagit Seed Services co-owner Jack Hulbert describes the pollination process in a field of cabbage seed plants. ... The state Department of Agriculture will crack down on those who don't comply with rules meant to curb cross-pollination of commercial brassica seed crops, according to a recent department ... insurance
There may be a canopy of fruit trees, below that shrubs like blueberries, then herbs like rosemary, ground-cover crops like clover, as well as vining plants and root vegetables like potatoes. They tend to promote native plants and provide education about sustainable agriculture, beneficial insects, and local ... insurance
ASTANA – The Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a new seed production programme in which farmers will be offered free high-quality seeds and required to return only a portion of their value in autumn. The remainder will be paid by the state. The plan was developed due to worsening grain ... insurance
Seed and Plant Exchange May 5 at Como Historic Streetcar Station ... Exchange your excess seeds, plant starts and perennials for something new to you and your garden Saturday, May 5, at the Seed and Plant ... If you bring plants to exchange, be sure they are healthy, pest-free perennials and annuals. insurance

Most people around here plant their summer gardens around Easter, and they buy transplants and put them in the garden directly from the store. That's fine if you have ... For example, for the modest price of a pack of tomato seeds, I can grow dozens of tomato plants in long rows. However, I don't plant ... insurance
It's not that difficult, says organic gardening expert Doug Oster – and it's economical. “For $2 or $3 worth of seeds, you could yield 50 to 100 plants,” he says. “Some recent research by the Burpee seed company showed that from a $50 investment in seeds, you can get a harvest worth $1,250.” Oster, co-host ... insurance
Q • In fall I saved seeds from three different lantana plants. I sowed them this winter and have managed to propagate about 15 plants from the seeds, but I must've planted more than 100. Is the germination rate just really low for this plant or should I have soaked them prior to planting? A • It's always possible ... insurance
Seeds and plants from containers or bare-root are available for planting. Planting early allows for the new plants to get going. Youth interested in planting are invited to our seed to tree program on Saturday, March 24 beginning at 9 am. We will gather in Pottorf Hall's Clover Room for instructions on planting ... insurance
The problem is a fungus called Fusarium oxysporum, which enters spinach plants through the roots and grows inside the plant's vascular system, ... Hybrid spinach seeds are grown in a closed market, where farmers work under contracts with seed companies and are paid per pound of seed they produce. insurance
Refer to the back of the seed packet to determine the best time to sow your seeds and the correct sowing depth. When it is time to start your seeds, bury your seed tape according to the correct seed depth and water it well. The toilet paper will dissolve and your plants will sprout in nice rows. insurance
It describes the Global Plant Seed Vault as a “Noah's Ark for plants in Norway”, whose mission is to protect plant genetic heritage in the event of a loss of a ... The diversity of plant genetic resources, whether natural or selected by humans, is vital for agriculture and for our diet, the press release explains. insurance
Plant in most commercial potting media — including Pro-Mix, Sunshine Mix, Farfard Mix, Metro Mix, Jiffy Mix — and your plants get nutrients sufficient for four to six weeks. At that point, you need to begin fertilizing when that nutrient supply is exhausted. If you see bottom leaves yellowing and growth ending, ... insurance
They're pretty, and they attract and feed bees, but they don't have the problems of last year's seed mix. ... “These are not 'wild' flowers (and the Cheerios site doesn't call them that), they are garden plants that bees can use. ... Even if you plant Cosmos somewhere in the wild, it's not likely to stick around. insurance
Plant vegetable seeds according to the instructions on the seed package, Edmunds said. After planting, gently water the soil, taking care not to wash out the seeds. Vegetables grown in containers need regular fertilization. A soluble, all-purpose fertilizer that can be mixed in water is the easiest type to use ... insurance
Mr Jones said Minginui nursery would receive $5.8m over the next three years to grow up to one million native seedlings every year and would support the government's plan to plant one billion trees in the next 10 years. Mr Jones said the funding would help expand the business and provide 90 jobs for the ... insurance
"The Canadian Seed Growers' Association is grateful to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) for the AgriMarketing funds which will ensure Canada ... the Canadian Seed Institute, the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada, the Canadian Plant Technology Agency, and CropLife Canada. insurance
Read soil temperature at the depth that you will be planting the seeds. If soil moisture is adequate, you should not have to water fast-germinating seeds until the leaves emerge. This is very beneficial to plants like beans with large cotyledons, or “seed leaves.” When setting out bedding plants from the ... insurance
Angiosperms — the scientific term for flowering plants — are all around us, and their seeds are critically important to feeding the world. Some two-thirds of human calories come from angiosperm seeds, in particular a part called the endosperm, which nourishes the embryonic plant, according to Arnold ... insurance
Agriculture authorities say the farms are not only helping Cameroon's farmers grow more to feed their families but also increasing crop production ... Mr. Ekungwe explained that farmers traditionally have saved seeds from their harvests to plant their next crop, but that often such saved seed could not ... insurance
While trying to grow more vegetables and perennials from seeds, I discovered something surprising. Most organic produce doesn't start with an organic seed. There isn't enough supply to meet the “growing” demand. When the standards were set for organic certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture ... insurance
Reuters last week reported the government plan to cut Monsanto's royalties and lower the prices of GM cotton seeds. Farmers buy GM cotton seeds from Indian seed makers who pay to use Monsanto's proprietary technology to produce them. Producers body, the National Seed Association of India (NSAI), ... insurance
Plant vegetable seeds according to the instructions on the seed package, Edmunds said. After planting, gently water the soil, taking care not to wash out the seeds. Vegetables grown in containers need regular fertilization. A soluble, all-purpose fertilizer that can be mixed in water is the easiest type to use ... insurance
You can't just go to Lowes and select marijuana seeds or starts. Yet. Getting your hands on seeds or starter plants isn't as daunting as a process as it sounds. Start with your favorite dispensary, but make sure to do a background check on the seeds and clones they offer. If you can't find any info on their ... insurance
According to Bushra Namirimu, the MAAIF public relations officer, the private sector-led seed verification process will involve tracing the source of foundation that the seed companies use, seed inspections as per national and The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) standards, ... insurance
From his seat on the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, U.S. Rep. Darren Soto, D-Fla., is looking to revive public seed breeding and research. Towards the end of last week, Soto paired up with U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wisc., to unveil the “Seeds for the Future Act” to reform federal funds going to farmer ... insurance
He told The Australian that the industry funds were studying how to invest in agriculture following the publication of a discussion paper, Driving super fund investment in agriculture, by Industry Super Australia last June. He said Hostplus, which is the industry super fund for the hospitality and tourism ... insurance
Grow Calgary hosted a seed planting party for Calgarians on Saturday, handing out seeds and supplies needed to help them sprout and provide food for hungry people this year. The group aims to plant over 111,000 seeds this spring and it's asking for people to help out in the process. “We are doing early ... insurance
It's a welcome sign of spring after a long Yukon winter: people in Whitehorse are once again borrowing from the seed library. "People can come and borrow seeds, take them home, grow the plants and then do the best to harvest seeds from those plants in the fall," says Anna Pearson, manager of the ... insurance
Don't start seeds too early. Most annual vegetables and flowers should be started six to eight weeks before the last frost date. (Check seed packet.) In the Cedar Rapids area, the last average frost date is May 10. So that means starting most seeds in late March or early April. Otherwise, they'll be indoors too ... insurance
The state agriculture department has also issued an advisory to its district units, asking them to be vigilant about the unrecommended cotton seeds coming from Gujarat to Punjab. In Punjab, the most common cotton seed is the genetically modified (GM) bollgard-II BT seed. A 450gram packet of this seed ... insurance
Time it like this: You want your plants to be about 6 weeks old when they go outside, ideally around May 15. Add a week up front for the actual germination of the seeds and a few more days for wiggle room at the end, and we're talking about a reasonable seed-starting start date of March 15 or so. insurance
While scientists know that plants use a variety of strategies to disperse seeds, Dr. Whitaker and his students “really did an exceptional job of showing how this comes together in this particular plant species,” Dr. Patek said. Dr. Whitaker became intrigued with the hairyflower wild petunia more than five years ... insurance
Vivien Sansour, founder of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library, talks to +972 Magazine about Palestinian agricultural heritage, the occupation in global ... You can come to the library, take some seeds, and make a commitment to plant them, watch them grow, and see them through the full cycle in order to ... insurance
A Suffolk teen has received a trio of distinctions for his work on local shorelines. King's Fork High School 10th-grader Jack Van Straten, 16, competed in the Tidewater Science and Engineering Fair held on Saturday at Old Dominion University. Students exhibited their various projects to judges with ... insurance
Each plant will continue to grow from its tip, and the buried stem will develop additional roots along its length. That will help produce a plant that grows faster and makes a stronger plant than if you had planted them conventionally. This tactic works well whether the plants were started from seed at home or ... insurance
Nor are they likely to plant the seeds that I may choose, which may taste great but produce modestly. If the seed doesn't meet the ... In this age of widely privatized seed, these selections will be available for others to improve upon as farmers have done since the dawn of agriculture. In the conventional food ... insurance
Extremely wet soil can be a problem too. Potatoes, seeds, and even plant starts can rot in the wet ground if you put them in too early. Now I do like to push the envelope- the seed packet really. Planting beetson a warm March afternoon might give you borscht in May, and April planted corn can be eaten in ... insurance

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