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rosales is an order of flowering plants. It is sister to a clade consisting of Fagales and Cucurbitales. It contains about 7700 species, distributed into about 260 genera. rosales comprises nine families, the type family being the rose family, Rosaceae. The largest of these families are Rosaceae (90/2500) and Urticaceae (54/2600). rosales is divided into three clades that have never been assigned a taxonomic rank. The basal clade consists of the family Rosaceae; another clade consists of four families, including Rhamnaceae; and the third clade consists of the four urticalean families. logo
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It is native to China and belongs to the Rhamnaceae family in the rosales order. Jujube is valued as a woody crop and traditional herbal ... An international team of researchers from Northwest A&F University, Novogene Bioinformatics Institute, Cornell ...

Though she hails from Alabama, Liz earned her Bachelor's in botany amongst the redwood trees at Humboldt State University.