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updated Fri. July 21, 2017

A SKY-HIGH city trapped in the clouds, a man with just half a head and a plane skimming the heads of shocked sun-seekers. These are just ...
... weather-permitting, the Headlands observatory and telescope will also be open. ... At perihelion - its closest point to the sun - Comet 96P Machholz swings well ... of orbit when the celestial object is closest to the sun, on July 14, 2012, ... at a wide open sky with the naked eye, not through a telescope).
IF aliens did eventually decide to invade earth, it's tough to predict where they'd head for first. This week, UFO spotters reckoned they had the ...
THE government today delayed a decision on whether to refer 21st Century Fox's bid to buy Sky television to the competition watchdog.
Here's what you need to know about the digital channel, which gives you access to Sky sports, movies and all your kids' favourite channels.
MYSTERY surrounds an epidemic of sinister black smoke rings that have been forming in the sky across the world. The freaky phenomenon ...
The family of Vanessa Mauffray wants everyone to remember the 19-year-old, who died after a boat broadsided the one she was in on June 25, 2017, ...
THEY are the pride of the Royal Air Force and are one of the the most famous aerobatics display teams in the world. The Red Arrows dazzle crowds wherever they fly and are known for leaving a trail of red, white and blue across the sky. Here's ...
A glitzy, champagne-soaked crime drama set amid the filthy rich on the sun-drenched south coast of France, Riviera - an expensive 10-parter that launched on Sky Atlantic in the U.K. earlier this month - doesn't sound like your average Neil Jordan project.
Framed by the hood of the sky-blue windbreaker, the blond girl's face was a shade of pink that turned red on her cheeks against the white plush lining of the hood.
A number of observers believe that Ofcom's report will raise concerns about the issues facing the Murdoch empire, but because there is more distance between James Murdoch and those directly running facing Fox News and the sun than last time round, ...
As the sun turns southwards, our nights begin to lengthen and the moonless spell later in July brings many of us our first dark skies of the summer.
Since 1989, nearly 3,500 extra solar planets orbiting other stars have been confirmed in our immediate vicinity in our vast home galaxy, the Milky Way.
The 14-year-old was rushed to hospital but is in a stable condition with no serious injuries after falling from the Sky Ride, reports Sky News. Dramatic footage shows the girl ... Do you have a story for the sun Online news team? email us at tips@the ...
Footage has emerged of the moment a blue shark washed ashore as British holidaymakers soaked up the sun on a beach in Majorca.
The summer solstice, the northern-most apparent position of the sun, was now only minutes away, and the orange glow from below the horizon was far into the north-east.
An international team of scientists led by an Irish astronomer has made the most detailed image of the surface of a star other than the sun.
In 2013, an astrophotographer in France captured an amazing photo of the moon at the precise instant of new moon.
With a nod to vainglory, Baron also writes of James Craig Watson, a shameless scorekeeper when it came to discovering asteroids but a believer that the eclipse would reveal his greatest astronomical triumph, a planet close to the sun named Vulcan.
Surreal doesn't begin to describe the scene. There we were, on a scorched, rubble-strewn plateau in the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia.
Thunder shook the house this morning, and even though we have rain this morning, it won't last too long today. Check out the animation below as we use our technology to show you when the rain moves out and then when the sun shines. (Note, the red bar ...
PRINCE Philip was said to be in good spirits after he was taken to hospital with an infection. Buckingham Palace said last night he was being kept in for a second night as a precaution.
The boards were fitted behind the cladding that was installed to improve the appearance of the building. Richard Hull, professor of chemistry and fire science at the University of Central Lancashire, told Sky the gas produced by the insulation when it ...
To protect the telescope from external sources of light and heat (like the sun, Earth, and moon), as well as from heat emitted by the observatory, a five-layer, tennis court-sized sunshield acts like a parasol that provides shade. the sunshield ...
PRO TIP: do not point binoculars, telescopes, finder scopes, cameras, and cell phones directly at the sun, even during an eclipse, without solar filters.
Are Astronomers being misled about a possible ninth planet by the quirky alignment of orbits that they're finding in the distant Kuiper Belt?
Hain Celestial says a nearly year-long accounting review has concluded the organic food maker doesn't need to make any major changes to its past financial reports.
The dual sights of the eclipse in the sky and the rituals in the desert reminded me of the enduring links between the celestial and the human realms. Two months from now, on Aug. 21, people across the ... Researchers planned to measure the deflection ...
"Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning", is a saying Kiwis around the country might need to take seriously today as severe weather is expected to hit several regions.
That "something" is like a blossom that can only be fructified by the celestial world. Think of it this way: ... Through Earth's forces they begin to germinate, sprout and bud, until finally they offer their blossoms, not just to Earth, but upward, to ...
Sunshine and blue skies have been beaming across the south east these last few days, with the hottest day of the year so far recorded on Sunday (June 18).
NASA scientists have discovered ten "earth-like" planets that could be capable of hosting alien life. Boffins working with the ultra-powerful Kepler space telescope tracked the mysterious rocky planets that sit in the "habitual zone" of their stars ...
NASA's planet-hunting telescope has found 10 new planets outside our solar system that are likely the right size and temperature to potentially have life on them, broadly hinting that we are probably not alone.
PRINCE George and Princess Charlotte stole the show during the Queen's official birthday yesterday after their cheeky antics were spotted in Buckingham Palace.
The series continues with the sixth of 18 episodes on Sky Atlantic at at 12.50am on Monday June 19 to be simulcasted with the US, and is repeated on Tuesday at 9.00pm.
BACK IN 2003 fun and opinionated Sky Mangel joined the cast of popular Aussie soap Neighbours after her grandfather Harold Bishop mistook her for a burglar.
It will be a once in a lifetime celestial event: A total solar eclipse will cut through the United States for the first time since 1918.
The March 20, 2015, total solar eclipse over Svalbard gave Habbal's team a rare view of the whole solar atmosphere because the moon and the sun appear almost the same size in the sky. "You can see things right from the solar surface out to several ...
The telescope is able to filter out infrared and ultraviolet light and 99.999% of visible light, making it much safer to stare at the sun. It has a 50mm aperture and a focal length of 360mm at f/7.2, and can provide magnification from 7.14x to 118x. It ...
They're the key to locating everything fainter and deeper to hunt with binoculars or a telescope. This is an outdoor nature hobby.
Jupiter is almost straight overhead to the south, high above Crux the Southern Cross and Saturn is in the eastern sky, two fist-widths to the right of due east and a fist-width and a half above the horizon at one hour after sunset.
But today friends told Sky News the artist had died. Four others have also been identified among the dead but dozens still remain unaccounted for.
The slide show, constellation tours and at least one telescope are wheelchair accessible. The closest accessible parking is in lot 4. Lots 1 through 3 offer additional parking.
SKY and VIRGIN are to join forces in the battle for advertising revenue with Google and facebook. The tie-up between Sky and Virgin Media's owner LIBERTY GLOBAL will let advertisers target 30million TV viewers in the UK and Ireland based on lifestyle ...
TWO young sisters who lived near the top of Grenfell Tower have been found alive in hospital, but their parents are still missing.
It reaches opposition to the sun tomorrow (June 15th) and spends all summer in the southern reaches of the constellation Ophiuchus, offering a perfect opportunity for sidewalk Astronomers to mix their astronomy with a little astrology.




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