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updated Sun. March 26, 2017

CPH:DOX has awarded its DOX:AWARD to Last Men in Aleppo, directed by Feras Fayyad and co-directed by Steen Johannessen. The jury said the film, about volunteers in the war-torn Syrian city, is "a film whose devastating emotional immediacy plunges us ...
Beirut, Lebanon (1:24 P.M.) - Video footage of the Syrian Army's famous Tiger Forces conducting operations against ISIS in Aleppo's eastern countryside has been released. The video shows the Tiger Forces targeting ISIS positions before storming them ...
Both Aleppo and Mosul were seized by outlawed militants resisting the legitimate governments of Syria and Iraq, respectively. But despite both cities earlier ...
Just three months ago, on the eve of Aleppo's fall to the Syrian regime, the New York Times declared that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and Iran were "Aleppo's destroyers," and decried the slaughter of civilians and ...
Damascus, Syria (7:30 P.M.) - After expelling ISIS insurgents from Deir Hafer, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) proceeded to liberate two more villages in the ea.
Just three months ago, on the eve of Aleppo's fall to the Syrian regime, the New York Times declared that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and Iran were "Aleppo's destroyers," and decried the slaughter of civilians and ...
Beirut, Lebanon (1:30 P.M.) - The Islamic State's (ISIL) collapse in the eastern countryside of Aleppo continued on Friday, as they withdrew from another village after a short encounter with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).
Beirut, Lebanon (9:20 P.M.) - The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has taken full control of Deir Hafer after Russian and Syrian sappers cleared the entire town of land mines and IEDs.
Syrian filmmaker Feras Fayyad's harrowing, immersive war-zone study "Last Men in Aleppo" has triumphed at Copenhagen's all-doc festival.
The Syrian regime will not stop until it turns the city and its countryside into rubble as it did in Aleppo, but the question that we ask ourselves every day is: Where will we go then?
The targeted facility, located in the 3000 Apartment project, is home for hundreds of families who fled the battles fought in different frontlines, most importantly the eastern countryside of Aleppo. Casualties from rebel rocket attacks in Aleppo have ...
During two parallel global events - the Russian-backed liberation of Aleppo and the US-backed liberation of Mosul - viewers witnessed the tragic circumstances of two children, with two radically different media spins.
These were some of the experiences described by two Syrian doctors and a hospital administrator from the war-torn city of Aleppo at a March 20, 2017 talk at Harvard T.H. Chan school of public health. The trio had traveled to Boston to request training ...
Syria's once most populous city, and trade and industrial hub, Aleppo, has been deeply wounded by the war. After rebels took control of the poor eastern quarters in July 2012, Aleppo suffered conflict, division and devastation. Thousands of its ...
Raised in a traditional Muslim household, Zimo graduated from the University of Aleppo with a degree in fine arts, specializing in painting.
Aleppo, Syria's second largest city which used to be the country's economic capital, has been mired in the civil war since August 2012 with the western part of the city has been controlled by the Syrian Army while the eastern part was occupied by ...
The Syrian Army continued advancing in Aleppo eastern countryside, controlling two more villages and striking ISIL terrorists.
More than 6000 militants have been exposed in Syria's Aleppo since December last year, Aleppo province governor Hussein Diab said Tuesday at a meeting ...
Damascus, Syria (2:00 P.M.) - The Islamic State continues to lose more villages in the eastern Aleppo countryside, allowing the Syrian Army to expand its control to the south of the terrorist group's bastion of Deir Hafer.
Beirut, Lebanon (5:50 A.M.) - Over 3300 former militants have been granted amnesty by the Syrian government, Interfax news agency reported last night.
(TASS) European countries should follow the example of Russia, China and Iran and assist Syria in the war on terror, Aleppo Governor Hussain Diab said at a.
Damascus, Syria (5:50 P.M.) - Another village to the south of the ISIS stronghold of Deir Hafer was recaptured today by the Syrian Army in an attempt to be.
Over the past two years, the United Nations has supported the rebels in Syria, while many different groups have tried to obtain control of different regions - specifically the city of Aleppo. JMU's foreign service fraternity Delta Phi Epsilon has ...
Beirut, Lebanon (10:20 A.M.) - Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and local militias imposed full control over the Salamiyah-Ithriya Highway today after reversing the Islamic State's gains in the eastern countryside of Hama.
The first batch of opposition fighters and civilians who were evacuated from the Syrian city of Homs arrived in Azaz city in Aleppo's northern countryside in northern Syria. A convoy of 32 buses carrying 1,354 evacuees from Waer, the last opposition ...
NICE // Four thousand kilometres from the horrors of Syria's civil war and its devastating impact on his home city of Aleppo, Hassan Harastani has rebuilt a comfortable, productive life in France. His four grown-up children are also safe, living far ...
Mohammed Mohiedin Anis, or Abu Omar, 70, smokes his pipe as he sits in his destroyed bedroom listening to music on his vinyl player, gramophone, in Aleppo's formerly rebel-held al-Shaar neighbourhood.
BBC - Syrian rebels and their families are leaving their last remaining enclave in Homs, a city once dubbed "the capital of the revolution".
A military source declared that security and stability were restored to 11 towns and villages and control was established over new areas after eliminating the ISIL ...
Conflicting reports on an alleged airstrike on an Aleppo mosque won't change the Pentagon's attitude towards the various shady "activist" groups they cite as "reliable" sources when it suits them, says retired US AF Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski.
The Islamic State continues to lose more ground in east Aleppo as government forces snatches more villages and towns from the terror group.
There is a photograph that's been seen around the world this week. It seems to hold both civilization and destruction in the same frame.
Beirut, Lebanon (7:40 P.M.) - The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed their military operations in the eastern countryside of Aleppo today, striking the Islamic.
It was just one of dozens of traumas Farida and her opthamologist husband Dr. Abdulkhalek faced during the bombardment of Aleppo in late 2016. They were among a handful of physicians who remained in the city last year, long past the time when most ...
Beirut, Lebanon (3:36 A.M.) - The ISIS-affiliated Amaq Agency on Friday released a video of the Syrian air force conducting raids on rural Aleppo against their positions. The ISIS stronghold of Deir Hafer in eastern Aleppo countryside remains as the ...
This week marked the end of the sixth year of the war in Syria. On this terrible anniversary we examine the deepening economic, social and other divisions that ...
As bombs rained down in Aleppo, these Syrian doctors comforted their patients - and their daughter. The couple traveled to Washington this week to lobby ...
Before the bombs and the misery, Willy Kaemena trod the weathered stones of Aleppo's "souq" and wondered how the modern world seemed to have passed it by.
The "Big mosque", the name the people of Aleppo give to the eighth century Umayyad Mosque built at the edge of the city's ancient souq, or market, stands forlorn - no longer a place of worship, but a victim of Syria's six-year war.
I left my home and office in east Aleppo and said goodbye to everything, then left with my friends to the evacuation point.
"The raids by unidentified warplanes targeted a mosque in Aleppo province during evening prayers, killing 42 people, most of them civilians," Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said.
Elizabeth Warren, calling her "Aleppo Liz" and accusing her of putting illegal immigrants ahead of Americans who served their nation in war.
This effort continues today, with Syrian forces, backed by Hezbollah and Russian artillery, capturing another 9 villages in the area around Deir Hafer, a town east of Aleppo and south of Manbij. ISIS is said to retain Deir Hafer itself, and also has ...
Aleppo, Syria - There are some things that bombs and fighting just can't kill. Like Mohammed Anis and his determination to live, and to begin anew in the ruins that are today his hometown of Aleppo. Even if his home is quite literally a pile of debris ...
At least 42 people were killed and dozens more wounded on Thursday in airstrikes on a village mosque in northern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
Rima smiles as she opens the door. It is a wide, open smile, almost carefree, but when she talks about her hometown Aleppo, her lightheartedness turned into sadness - almost as if you could see a film running in her eyes about everything she's experienced.
A veterans advocacy group has slammed U.S. Sen.
"The raids by unidentified warplanes targeted a mosque in Aleppo province during evening prayers, killing 42 people, most of them civilians," Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said.
Damascus, Syria (10:30 A.M.) - Despite the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) overrunning four villages on the outskirts of Deir Hafer yesterday, the Islamic State still maintains large contingents in its last areas of Aleppo province. A series of photos released ...
Beirut, Lebanon (6:55 P.M.) - Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated a new village in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, continuing their large-scale advance around the Islamic State's stronghold of Deir Hafer. Led by the Tiger Forces and ...






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