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The call came as fighting pounded the city of Aleppo; the battle resumed over the weekend after a pause in fighting called by Syrian forces and Russia, which is supporting them with air strikes.
UN Security Council members still need to discuss the main paragraph of New Zealand's draft resolution on Syria's Aleppo, New Zealand Ambassador to the United Nations Gerard van Bohemen told reporters after informal consultations at the Security ...
drone footage shows Aleppo 'moonscape'. Drone footage released by a pro-rebel media group based in Aleppo shows the extend of the destruction of the city.
A video released by the Syrian Army showed tanks and cannons pounding rebel positions in the area. The state SANA news agency, meanwhile, said the rebels shelled government-held neighbourhoods in western Aleppo, killing one person and wounding ...
Does Moscow care at all about international declarations of outrage over its behavior in Syria? Could threats of legal action against Russian officers involved in the siege of Aleppo affect their decisions? Over the past week, Western and Arab ...

The three days of unilateral ceasefire Syrian and Russia had announced and kept for the besieged east-Aleppo expired today.
militants and terrorists standing their ground in East Aleppo have been repeatedly shelling the western part of the city, which is currently under government control.
Abdulkafi Alhamdo has never held a weapon in his life. But in the near future, he says, he might have to learn how to load a gun. "Everyone inside Aleppo can be forced to carry weapons because it's a matter of life and death," Alhamdo, a 31-year-old ...
France's foreign minister urged the international community to "do everything" to end the "massacre" in the Syrian city of Aleppo on Sunday after fighting resumed following a 72-hour truce declared by Damascus ally Russia. Speaking in the southeastern ...
As stirring as it may be, though, this image does not depict a real physical statue, it did not originate in 2016, and it does not picture anything made with rubble from Aleppo. This image is a piece of digital artwork created by Syrian artist Tammam ...
"I just watch him all the night and try to calm him," he said of his son. Aleppo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth, an architectural treasure settled in the Bronze Age that endured the rule of Hittites and Romans, Mongols and ...
Hundreds of London protesters, including actress Carey Mulligan, leave teddy bears outside the prime minister's office as they demanded a larger British role in ending attacks on civilians in Syria's Aleppo on Saturday. They said the teddy bears ...
Calm prevailed across the divided Syrian city of Aleppo on Saturday, the third day of a unilateral ceasefire announced by Russia, but medical evacuations and aid deliveries have yet to take place, a war monitor said.
A medical convoy west of Aleppo was bombed about a month ago, killing at least 20 people. The United States blamed Russia for that attack.
"Between now and December, if we cannot find a solution, Aleppo will not be there anymore," UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said this week.
Beirut, Lebanon - Russian and Syrian warplanes halted their bombardment of rebel-held districts in Aleppo on Tuesday, in what Russia called a gesture of good will ahead of an eight-hour unilateral "humanitarian pause" it has promised for Thursday.
On October 20, 2016, it was reported that an exit corridor set up by the Syrian government in West Aleppo had come under mortar fire.
Aleppo, Syria (2:05 A.M.) - A young boy in Aleppo City was gunned down by a rebel sniper on Saturday, resulting in his untimely death near his home.
The decision to extend the humanitarian pause in Aleppo was made by Russia's president Vladimir Putin on his own, it did not come from his meeting with leaders of Germany and France in Berlin.
From tales of sadness and grief to true testaments of human strength, the Lebanese refugee camps are brimming with the harrowing stories of the Syrian civil war.
I hope most people will have some understanding of why it is being held, of the level of violence people in Aleppo are being subjected to particularly by Putin and Assad's air forces, and of the great humanitarian need to end the siege against ...
The US-led coalition has recently pushed ahead with its assault on the Iraqi city of Mosul, with its population of 1.5 million people, while Russia at the same time has been assisting the Syrian Army in fighting militants in Aleppo, a city of 2 million ...
Turkish jets attacked Kurdish militia targets north of Aleppo late on Wednesday. Turkey regards the Syrian Kurds an extension of its own outlawed Kurdish insurgency, but the U.S.
The Red Cross team was unable to enter rebel-held eastern Aleppo, under siege since July, Sedky said, adding that the was mortar shelling and sniper fire.
Not a single civilian has been able to flee militant-held East Aleppo as the third day of a humanitarian ceasefire initiated by Moscow and Damascus came to an end, RT's correspondent on the ground reports.
Hundreds of London protesters, including actress Carey Mulligan, leave teddy bears outside the prime minister's office as they demanded a larger British role in ending attacks on civilians in Syria's Aleppo on Saturday. They said the teddy bears ...
Hundreds of people including the actor Carey Mulligan have protested in central London to call for the government to end the bloodshed in Syria.
Heavy clashes have been reported in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo after a three-day ceasefire ended on Saturday. The unilateral ceasefire was announced last week by Russia, which has been carrying out air strikes in support of the Syrian government.
(CNN) The top UN human rights official called the siege and bombardment of eastern Aleppo "crimes of historic proportions" on Friday, and accused all parties of violating international humanitarian law in Syria.
Anyone wanting to see the damage done in Syria since its civil war began five years ago need only look at photos of Aleppo.
The hegemonic narrative about the ongoing Battle of (East) Aleppo is that an "axis of evil" (as coined by Hillary Clinton) of Russia, Iran and "the Syrian regime" is relentlessly bombing innocent civilians and "moderate rebels" while causing a ...
Syria's UN envoy says al-Qaeda-linked terrorists are preventing civilians from leaving the areas they control in the northwestern city of Aleppo. Bashar al-Ja'afari made the remarks on Thursday during a UN General Assembly session, which had been held ...
Beirut - Airstrikes on a rebel-held neighborhood in the divided Syrian city of Aleppo on Monday killed at least 13 people, including five children, opposition activists said while Syria's state media claimed that dozens of rebels were killed and ...
Aleppo, Syria (2:50 A.M.) More than 1,200 militants from Jaysh Al-Fateh (army of Conquest), including 30 suicide bombers, are prearing to storm the southwestern corridor of Aleppo City in a new bid to lift the siege on the eastern neighborhoods.
Photographers are ensuring the world stays witness to the razing of Aleppo, the Syrian city once known as a cradle of civilisation.
GENEVA, Oct 21 (Reuters) - The top United Nations human rights official said on Friday that the siege and bombing of eastern Aleppo in Syria constituted "crimes of historic proportions" that have caused heavy civilian casualties amounting to war crimes.
There are 275,000 people trapped in the eastern half of Aleppo, Syria, a war zone cut off from the outside world. Zaher Sahloul, a Chicago-area doctor, has run the gantlet of Syrian and Russian jets, snipers and bomb-dropping helicopters to treat the ...
Syria and Russia stopped airstrikes on Aleppo Tuesday and the pause in fighting had been due to end at 7 p.m. local time Thursday.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said nearly 100 rockets fired by Turkish forces hit the town of Sheikh Issa and other frontline areas in northern Aleppo province on Friday. On Wednesday, Turkey launched dozens of air strikes on the ...
Patients with serious wounds and diseases that can't be treated in the besieged part of Aleppo, Syria, were not able to leave the city today as planned.
GENEVA - The top United Nations human rights official on Friday called the weekslong bombardment and siege of rebel-held parts of Aleppo "crimes of historic proportions" that had turned the ancient Syrian city into a "slaughterhouse." As a ...
Aleppo: A "humanitarian pause" in the Syrian Army's Russian-backed assault on Aleppo took effect on Thursday, but despite a drop in violence there was little sign residents were heeding calls to leave.
Beirut (AP)>> Hundreds of residents left a formerly rebel-controlled suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus Wednesday, as government and Russian forces prepared to open corridors out of the contested city of Aleppo in the hopes of facilitating an ...
But only half its citizens are on the receiving end of the ferocious bombardment unleashed by President Bashar al-Assad 's forces.
As recounted in part one, following the outburst of the civil war in Syria I decided to pursue my education in Turkey, looking for a safer place to move on with my life.
Aleppo, Syria (1:15 A.M.) - The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) offered the jihadist rebels in east Aleppo one last chance to surrender themselves to the Syrian security forces on Thursday; however, this was ultimately rejected.






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