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This past spring, at the invitation of Yehuda Yaakov, consul general of Israel to New England, Block undertook a trip to the Golan Heights, Upper and Lower Galilee, the Judean Hills, and the Negev Desert. "I developed a sense of the regionality of ...
Spanning countries and borders, the biennal's events - from photography exhibitions and solo shows to film screenings and talks like Bell's - are held throughout historic Palestine, the occupied Golan Heights, Amman, London and Beirut. The event runs ...

New York City author and activist Gan Golan published a tongue-in-cheek article on the blog site that advocated for a more extreme version of vote pairing, which he coined the "VOTE-4-ACTION Swap," and which requires liberals to actively ...
She had a smaller role for her first few years on the staff, but her responsibilities took off when Stefanie Golan became head coach.
Spanish World No.14 Borja Golan has withdrawn from next week's Wadi Degla PSA Men's World Championship in Cairo after suffering a herniated disc.
William Blair portfolio manager Jim Golan is out with a defense of active management Thursday, arguing that passive investors who buy index funds today are getting a lot of overpriced securities that have been bid up by investors reacting to short-term ...

Genie Energy Ltd (GNE) on September 20, 2016 announced that it is conducting drilling and related operations for the Mei Golan Water Cooperative - a water cooperative of agricultural settlements on the Golan Heights - to develop a water resource in the ...
An Israeli soldier directs a tank during an exercise in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, near the ceasefire line between Israel and Syria, August 21, 2015.
A Pittsburgh man stole more than $2 million from local and foreign investors through a Ponzi real estate scheme, Federal Prosecutors say.
Israel's government functions as a terrorist group akin to al Qaeda or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Syrian President Bashar Assad claimed Friday in an interview with Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda.
The present report has been prepared pursuant to General Assembly resolution 70/91, in which the Secretary-General was requested to report to the Assembly at its seventy-first session on the implementation of the resolution.
Prized Israeli pianist Itamar Golan (left) and Berlin-based violinist Iskandar Widjaja (right) will be performing in their first concert in Manila on November 30, 2016.
I located Gaza the stronghold of Hamas and Golan Height which shares the border with Syria where ISIS was operating, and Lebanon which has Hezbollah operating from there.
These are some of the words I frantically tapped into my iPhone notes during Fyodor Golan's stunning London Fashion Week presentation: 'tender, ferocious, glitchy, primal, diverse'.

The Golan Heights supply water to a large part of Israel and, with Mt Hermon, are strategic assets for Israel. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said this April that the Golan would 'remain forever in Israeli hands', provoking protests from the ...
The York Symphony Orchestra is proud to announce that Lawrence Golan, music director and conductor of the York Symphony Orchestra, has signed a contract extension to continue his leadership of the Symphony for five more years.
Now, in Golda Meir's presence, he explained that even an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan might not improve the strategic situation: "The fight is over the entire Land of Israel," he told the assembled officials, and the Arabs intended "to conquer ...
Six residents of the village of Ghajar on the Golan Heights were arrested on Tuesday and accused of planning a terror attack with help from the Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah.
In 2011 the Latvian fashion designer Fyodor Podgorny, and his partner Golan Frydman, launched the London-based multi award-winning creative label FYODOR Golan onto the fashion scene. The Baltic Times was extended an invitation during September ...
Members of the 52 Infantry Group returned from a six-month UN deployment to Dublin Airport.
"And beyond the Jordan at Yericho eastward, they assigned Bezer in the wilderness in the table-land out of the tribe of Reuven, and Ramoth in Gilead out of the tribe of Gad, and Golan in Bashan out of the tribe of Menashe." Joshua 20:6 (The Israel ...
Syria's Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari says Israel's occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights is a direct threat to regional stability and security.
An Israeli man was detained for questioning by police over a facebook post criticizing Shimon Peres and the Oslo Accords, Arutz Sheva reported Friday.
The role of Dr. Golan, which is played by Allison Janney, could have originally went to Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Cosgrove, Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez.
In 1938, She became the first woman to stand on the podium and conduct the New York Philharmonic. And in 1948, she founded an orchestra in Colorado.
On September 27th, 2016, Al-Marsad, the only human rights organization in the occupied Syrian Golan, announced in a press release its legal efforts to halt Israeli authorities' plans to build a park in the area.
Israeli market leader Cellcom has reached "advanced stages of negotiations" over a network sharing and hosting arrangement with a group of investors considering an acquisition of Golan Telecom. Cellcom is attempting to secure a figure between ILS200 ...
Golan Heights, Syria (3:50 P.M.) - The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Liwaa Muwahiddeen (Druze militia), ...
Golan Heights, Syria (8:05 A.M.) - Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army's 90th Brigade, backed by Liwaa Muwahiddeen (Druze military) and Fouj Al-Joulan (Golani Regiment), launched a surprise offensive in the Al-Quneitra Governorate, targeting the key ...
Around noon today, pro-government Druze units commanded by Brigadier General Osama Zahreddine - brother of renown Major General Issam Zahreddine - ambushed an outpost controlled by Islamist fighters in the Golan Heights, bordering Israel.
Golan Heights, Syria (10:25 A.M.) - A large contingent from the Syrian Arab Army's 4th Mechanized Division arrived in the Golan Heights region of Al-Quneitra this week, as the government forces prepare for a large-scale offensive near the Israeli border.
Hizballah will surely prefer troubles with Israel in the Golan, rather than in Lebanon, and Iran? Well, after the Iran nuclear deal, the Islamic Republic just sharpened the anti Israel rhetoric.
Cellcom itself offered to buy Golan Telecom for 1.17 billion shekels nearly a year ago, only to be rebuffed by antitrust authorities.
On Wednesday, Cellcom said it was in talks with two groups over a network sharing agreement worth more than 2.2 billion shekels ($586 million) over 10 years as part of a plan by the groups to buy Golan, a relative newcomer in the Israeli mobile phone ...
Israeli mobile operator Golan Telecom Ltd. is in advanced talks to be acquired by either a consortium of Elco Holdings Ltd.
We were abducted by the fashion cybots of tomorrow and thrusted into the Year 3000 with Fyodor Golan's digital SS17 presentation.
Golan Heights, Syria (7:04 A.M) - Fouj Al-Joulan (Golan Regiment) carried out a successful missile strike against the jihadist rebels of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) on Monday, destroying an armored vehicle that was filled with these ...
Israeli conglomerate Elco Holdings has joined the race to acquire mobile operator Golan Telecom, it emerged over the weekend.
Golan Heights Israeli Grill resumed its acceptance of Caf Card Omni Dollars this semester after its agreement with YU was suspended last February due to a conflict over Omni Dollars policy.
Sources inform "Globes" that Elco Holdings Ltd. (TASE: ELCO) is interested in acquiring Golan Telecom Ltd.. The company is probably considering an investment together with former Pelephone Communications Ltd.
Golan Heights, Syria (6:00 P.M.) - The Syrian Arab army's 90th Brigade launched a missile towards the jihadist rebel defenses in the Golan Heights on Friday, destroying the latter's fortification near Tal Taranjeh. Video footage was captured by ...
Israel's biggest operator Cellcom will allow smaller rival Golan Telecom to hold talks with others over a possible deal, following the failure of their planned merger.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called to show restraint and to avoid any provocations on the territory of the Golan Heights. "There is the need to show restraint and not to allow any provocations in the Golan Heights," Lavrov said ...
Golan Heights, Syria (9:00 A.M.) - The jihadist rebels suffered heavy losses in the Golan Heights this past weekend after they launched three failed offensives to capture government-controlled villages of Hadher, Tal Humariyah and Tal Taranjeh.
Nearly a decade ago, Yohai Gild Golan, an experienced cannabis pioneer and founder of the medical-grade cannabis company Better, moved from California to Israel for the opportunity to do more for the medicinal marijuana industry.
Israeli mobile operator Golan Telecom is looking for a quick sale and has attracted interest from two groups, one led by former Pelephone CEO Gil Sharon, and another that includes Hezi Bezalel, the owner of fixed-line telco 018 Xfone.





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