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The Bedouin (also Bedouins) are a part of a predominantly desert-dwelling Arabian ethnic group traditionally divided into tribes, or clans, known in Arabic as ʿashāʾir (عَشَائِر).

The Bedouin form a part of, but are not synonymous with, the modern concept of the Arabs. Bedouins have been referred to by various names throughout history, including Qedarites in the Old Testament and "arab" by the Assyrians (ar-ba-a-a being a nisba of the noun arab, a name still used for Bedouins today).

While most Bedouins have abandoned their nomadic and tribal traditions for modern urban lifestyle, they retain traditional Bedouin culture with concepts of belonging to ʿašāʾir, traditional music, poetry, dances (like Saas), and many other cultural practices. Urbanised Bedouins also traditionally organise cultural festivals, usually held several times a year, in which they gather with other Bedouins to partake in, and learn about, various Bedouin traditions - from poetry recitation and traditional sword dances, to classes teaching traditional tent knitting and playing traditional Bedouin musical instruments. Traditions like camel riding and camping in the deserts are also popular leisure activities for urbanised Bedouins who live within close proximity to deserts or other wilderness areas. logo
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However, to Dutch diplomat and Orientalist Paul Marcel Kurpershoek, the desert is a land filled with poetry and literature, one that harbors the "most good-natured" and "poetic" people in the world - the Bedouins. "I think it is very beautiful, very ...
The strongest include a chapter focusing on plane combat unreliably narrated by an American volunteer and a story where players take on the role of a deadly Bedouin woman fighting alongside T.E. Lawrence. Battlefield 1 uses these campaign stories to ...

For centuries, the Bedouin tribes kept moving across the desert in nomadic cycles dictated by seasonal changes, availability of grazing land, and the location of water.
A general view of the Bedouin community of Wadi Abu Hindi, near the Israeli occupied West Bank town of Al-Azariya, East of Jerusalem.
Such permits are nearly impossible for Palestinians, including Bedouins, to obtain. Israel has offered to relocate more than 40 unrecognised Bedouin villages into pre-planned communities but so far none have accepted. One successful agreement could ...

Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope, long know for its inventive ways to celebrate the annual harvest festival, has modeled its latest alfresco dining room after a Bedouin tent, and outfitted it with digital slide shows to educate community members ...
Three days before the Sukkot holiday, Yehuda Uzan plucked the final etrog fruits from his family orchard to be shipped across Israel.
design Museum Holon is hosting the exhibition 'Desirable Object - Bedouin women Create Contemporary Folk Art' which will run through October 24, 2016.
When Edward Andrews, founder of the Bedouin Shakespeare Company, was a high-school student in Abu Dhabi a little more than a decade ago, he confesses that he found French lessons "absolutely horrifically boring".
Israeli forces yesterday confiscated residential barracks in the Palestinian Bedouin residential area of Arab Al-Mleihat in the occupied West Bank district of Jericho, according to a Ma'an reporter.
"I can only say that my visit to Wadi Rum is a highlight of my life due to the hospitality of locals and the magnificent scenery in the home of the Bedouins," Hindmarsh said, adding that the Bedouin lifestyle in Wadi Rum, also called the Valley of the ...
"I can only say that my visit to Wadi Rum is a highlight of my life due to the hospitality of locals and the magnificent scenery in the home of the Bedouins," Hindmarsh said, adding that the Bedouin lifestyle in Wadi Rum, also called the Valley of the ...
The Electronic intifada has learned that UN officials are due to meet in coming days to allocate "emergency" funds to pay an Israeli lawyer who has been representing Bedouin communities in their years-long struggle against efforts to forcibly remove ...
On October 7, Israeli military forces entered the Bedouin village of Araqeeb in the Negev region of southern Israel, and leveled a number of structures built in the area.

A Bedouin woman was injured on Saturday afternoon when anonymous militants opened fire at her while she was walking in Al-Hamayda village in Sheikh Zuweid, a North Sinai-based journalist told Daily News Egypt Sunday on condition of anonymity.
Bethlehem ( -- Israeli forces reportedly confiscated a tent used as a classroom in the Bedouin community of Abu Nuwwar on Tuesday, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) told Ma'an on Thursday.
For the 104th time in just a few years, Israeli soldiers and police officers demolished, Friday, the al-Araqeeb Bedouin village, in the Negev. Several Israeli army and police vehicles surrounded the Bedouin community, before invading it, and demolished it.
The movie was shot on location in four Bedouin villages. Contrary to media reports of incessant strife among Israel's diverse people, the film's crew consisted of Jews, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs and Bedouins. "Nobody cared about religious ...
Before the ceremony, their Bedouin friends and family assemble that bed frame, to be broken in by Suliman and his new, much younger wife; meanwhile, the older women sit sternly in a private, no-men-allowed ritual with false mustaches, mysterious and ...
About an hour after the incident, a Magen David Adom ambulance brought Mazan Abu Habak, an 18-year-old Bedouin from Masudin al-Azazma, to a clinic in Rahat with a wound in his upper back, near his neck.
In elite Zexer's debut feature, sand storm (originally title Sufat Chol), the generational effects of ancient gender bias in an Israeli Bedouin community are subtly exposed through a young woman's breaking away from her family's binding restrictions ...
In fact if you're of the female persuasion, you'll wonder why all the well-off women in the West continue pushing for their rights while the women in this Bedouin tribe have to put up with a helluva lot more from their men. Zexer's movie is ...
Qatar is to construct a special Bedouin-style desert camp to house thousands of fans during the 2022 World Cup as the gulf state looks to broaden accommodation for the tournament beyond the limited number of apartments and hotels.
When Guy Feidman Reshef befriended members of the Bedouin community in his home country of Israel, he learned they were drinking unsterilized goat's milk - and paying a price for it.
In her brilliant study of two women facing off in a culture that respects neither, director elite Zexer delicately explores the bonds of family, self-identity and tradition while remaining faithful to Bedouin reality. Winner of six Ophir Awards, the ...
Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded, Thursday, the Hamsa al-Fouqa area, near Tubas in central West Bank, and removed 19 Bedouin families from their dwelling, so that the army can conduct life fire training in their community. The soldiers surrounded Abu ...
Before the ceremony, their Bedouin friends and family assemble that bed frame, to be broken in by Suliman and his new, much younger wife; meanwhile, the older women sit sternly in a private, no-men-allowed ritual with false mustaches, mysterious and ...
The Feynan EcoLodge in southern Jordan is one of the few socially and ecologically sustainable tourist destinations in the Middle East.
A classroom in the Bedouin community of Abu Nuwwar was demolished by Israeli forces Tuesday reports, Maan News. According to Dawoud al-Jahalin, a community spokesman, Israeli bulldozers smashed the schoolroom and destroyed the outdoor play ...
Set in a Bedouin village in southern Israel, "sand storm" is framed by two weddings, events that don't as much bookend this movie as seal it closed.
sand storm, a gritty film dealing with the lives of Bedouin women in an impoverished and conservative southern village, is the directorial debut of elite Zexer, a Jewish-Israeli, and was automatically selected as the Oscar entry after winning the award ...
Wearing her embroidered face veil and Bedouin-style gown, Salmiyya al-Gebaly stands in a corner, ready to welcome visitors from outside the Sinai Peninsula.
Israeli soldiers and officials of the "Civil Administration Office" invaded, Sunday, the Abu Nowwar Bedouin committee in the al-Ezariyya town, southeast of occupied East Jerusalem, and took pictures of a room that was added to the local elementary school.
Unique cultural experiences. I remember a chance meeting with a Bedouin, the name given to Arabic nomads, in the desert. He wanted us to stop so he could show us his hawk and demonstrate his falconry skills.
A family drama set in the Bedouin community - a largely poor and often marginalized subset of the Israeli population - "sand storm" is the feature debut for elite Zexer, a Jewish Israeli.
On a heavier note, life's road for Bedouin women in the Middle East is scarcely a matter of choice, but is strictly circumscribed, as depicted in the movie "sand storm," which marks the feature film debut of Jewish-Israeli director elite Zexer.
About 300 000 Bedouins, the descendants of desert nomads, live in Israel, mainly in the Negev. A large number live in unrecognised villages, often in deep poverty without connections to the electricity grid or water mains.
After an incredibe IDF experience, we drove to a Bedouin Camp where we met a fantastic man who explained to the group some of their customs; if he gives you a full cup of coffee it means you are not welcome in his tent but if he gives you a small cup ...
On Tuesday, police freed a 43-year-old Bedouin man found naked and chained in a tin shack in the Al-Fura area of the Negev.
The genomes were drawn from people in hundreds of Indigenous populations: Basques, African pygmies, Mayans, Bedouins, Sherpas and Cree Indians, to name just a few.
On the outskirts it is a city of the dead, tombs, even the smallest of which are remarkable, and stairways are cut directly into the sandstone and up until 1812 were known only to the Bedouins, who used the caves as homes, not knowing they were graves ...
Hi-Bi, a Shrine clown, engages in a nose-tweaking battle with Early Learning Center student Cooper Mahoney after Cooper snatched Hi-Bi's big red nose Monday morning.
And Algeria is also constructing a wall on the Northwestern border where Bedouin tribes once played traditional Rai music. Similar to ... For certain, Arab Bedouins began singing the traditional rai music somewhere in the arid deserts between both ...
... of the Dubai Desert conservation Reserve, which covers 87 square miles and is home to an array of wildlife including gazelle and Arabian oryx.
The Bedouin people ("desert dwellers" in Arabic) originated in the Arabian Peninsula and spread across North Africa and the Levant, moving from place to place in the harsh deserts of the region.
The collection's theme was inspired by the movie "Theeb," which portrayed the Bedouin culture in the Wadi Rum. The movie set was the backdrop for the spring 2017 show.
In the Arabian desert, in 1916, a young Bedouin boy invites himself along when his older brother is leading a lost English soldier on a secret mission.






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