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updated Wed. November 22, 2023

Set in Beirut, The Insult details a minor dispute between a Lebanese Christian mechanic (Adel Karam) and a Palestinian engineer (Kamel El Basha) that ... to speeches by wartime Phalangist (another word for fascist) leader Bachir Gemayel, and dodges questions about why he refuses to return to Damour, ...

Legendary Lebanese designer Elie Saab now has his own stamps ... Whether he's dressing Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong'o or Fan Bingbing, the Lebanese designer knows how to make the most beautiful women in the world ... Born in Damour in 1964, Saab started his career designing wedding gowns.
Set in today's Lebanon, it shows how, because of years of unspoken frustration and resentment, a tiny incident could spiral into a nationwide uproar. ... For example it reminds people of the Sabra and Shatila massacres, but also of the 1976 Damour massacre when hundreds of Christian civilians were killed ...
Lebanon's main fault lines have shifted since that civil war. The film mentions the massacre of Christians by radical Palestinian militias in the village of Damour in 1976, which is sometimes overlooked. But the Palestinian question has become a less central issue since the Israeli invasion of 1982, which ...
We're all eagerly waiting for summer! There are many infinity pools across Lebanon where you can swim while contemplating the amazing view of the Lebanese skyline! It's an experience that you should not miss! Le Gray Hotel. le gray beirut Instagram | @legraybeirut. Location: Beirut. Le Montagnou.
Yasser is offered a good job in Lebanon, where he should not have the right to work. Tony hurts daily because he is psychologically unable to go home to Damour. He is confronted over his gutter by a Palestinian, who eventually punches him, sending him to hospital. His injuries prevent him from carrying ...
The 1976 massacre of Christians in the village of Damour, by Lebanese leftist militiamen and Palestinians during the Lebanese Civil War, is brought up as a justification for Tony, who barely survived the attack as a six-year-old. Among other hurtful tactics by both sides, Tony and his counsel are branded as ...
As the altercation between Toni and Yasser finds its way to the courts, “The Insult” prises the lid off yet another unmentionable chapter of Lebanese history: the January 1976 Damour massacre. Toni, it turns out, is a survivor of the overlooked atrocity, which saw hundreds of civilians killed when Palestinian ...
Energy and Water Minister Cesar Abi Khalil said Wednesday that the Greater Beirut Water Supply Augmentation Project would be at least partially operational by early 2018. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in minutes. subscribe ...
The Water Supply Augmentation Project, led by the Lebanese government, aims to increase the volume of water available to the Greater Beirut and .... Damour East and Damour West) and several non-dam options, including improved groundwater management, desalination, demand management and ...


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