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updated Thu. March 22, 2018

The Lebanese government's investment plan to be presented at the upcoming CEDRE conference includes no provisions for hospitals or schools, Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani said Thursday in a statement from his Lebanese Forces party. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now ...
A Lebanese Forces and a Progressive Socialist Party list headed by Social Affairs Minister Pierre Bou Assi was officially registered at the Interior Ministry Thursday. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in minutes. subscribe ...

The Mustaqbal Movement and the Lebanese Forces will run for the May 6 parliamentary elections in separate lists in the majority of electoral districts, negatively affecting the number of seats the Christian party is expected to win in parliament. "Talks are still ongoing. However, the current electoral ...
"There won't be any dismantling of the March 8 alliance," Qanso said, pointing out at the much worse conflicts already present among the ranks of the March 14 forces, particularly between the Mustaqbal and the Lebanese Forces and between the Lebanese Forces and the Phalange party in the majority ...
Disputes emerged on Sunday between the Mustaqbal Movement and the Lebanese Forces, indicating that the two parties will not be allied in the May 6 parliamentary elections. Reports predict that in the majority of electoral districts, the two parties would choose not to ally, except in the ...
The Lebanese Forces Wednesday announced candidate lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections during a glitzy event that coincided with the anniversary of the formation of the now-defunct March 14 movement 13 years ago. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the ...

The Lebanese Forces is expected to declare the party's candidates and electoral program in the parliamentary elections on Wednesday, amid reports claiming that negotiations to strike a coalition with its once-ally al-Mustaqbal Movement still "suffer a setback," al-Joumhouria daily reported on Monday.
Following the return of Prime Minister Saad Hariri from Riyadh and on the eve of the deadline for submitting candidacies for the spring parliamentary elections, the Mustaqbal electoral campaign turned into a "beehive" as the head of the movement plans to announce the name of his candidates in ...
A large campaign billboard for the Lebanese Forces was broken and partially burnt overnight Tuesday near the Baalbeck town of Deir al-Ahmar, a security source told The Daily Star. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in minutes.
A Lebanese Forces (LF) official refuted claims that ties between Prime Minister Saad Hariri and LF chief Samir Geagea had soured in wake of ... Army
They added that “Hariri himself intends to expand his meetings with various parties and leaders, including Hizbullah and Lebanese Forces ... Army
... Sabra and Shatila [two Palestinian camps in Lebanon where Christian Lebanese forces carried out massacres while Israeli forces stood by, ... Army
Meanwhile helicopters hovered in the skies of Beirut in a display of the ability of the Lebanese forces. But it wasn't lost on anyone that ... Army
In turn, if Hariri's Future Movement can consolidate its alliance with two Christian parties, Lebanese forces, and Kataeb, Hariri might then be ... Army
... as well as Samir Geagea, the leader of the Christian party Lebanese Forces, who only found the "timing" of the resignation surprising but not ... Army
This is a stance shared by Lebanese Forces sources, who said that waiting to approve Hariri's resignation is aimed at buying time so that the ... Army

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:00 A.M.) – The Lebanese General Directorate of State Security has denied 'knowing' or 'foiling' a plot to assassinate the ... Army
The combined Lebanese forces were successful in May, restoring this land to Christian and Sunni villages after a four year occupation. Army
Information Minister Melhem Riachi said Sunday that his Lebanese Forces party continues to have a good relationship with the Future ... Army
For his part, Lebanese Forces Minister of Social Affairs Pierre Bou Assi commented on the visit of ministers to Syria, he said: "The government ... Army
Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea had warned Wednesday that some parties "are trying to use Lebanon and the Lebanese government ... Army
Lebanese forces have freed a number of strategic locations from Daesh Takfiri terrorists. According to Syrian media, the Lebanese army carried ... Army
BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:50 P.M.) – The leader of the Lebanese Forces, Samir Geagea, stated on Monday that he has no interest in open ... Army
Richard said that the delivery hopefully would provide the Lebanese forces with new capabilities to protect Lebanese borders and to fight ... Army
BEIRUT – The Lebanese army captured a number of strategic hilltops bordering Syria from Islamic State militants on Sunday amid mounting ... Army
... the March 14th Alliance (comprised of the Future Movement and two Christian Parties, the Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb Party) inevitably ... Army
But security in the area has also long been a concern, with Lebanese forces battling rebels in the area in 2014. Hezbollah on Friday also ... Army
Beirut – Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Samir Geagea voiced on Friday his support for expanding the mission of the United Nations Interim Force ... Army
Head of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea speaks during an interview with Reuters at his home in the village of Maarab October 31, 2014. Army
Ministers of the Lebanese Forces party have demanded the privatization of the electricity sector, and in that regard, Hasbani assured the "LF's request has been noticed in the plan. Army
Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea Monday said that President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri will prioritize Lebanon's interests when representing the country at the Arab Summit in Amman. Army
Aoun, Hezbollah and the Amal Movement are insisting on the "total proportionality" system. Hariri, Democratic Gathering leader Walid Jumblatt and the Lebanese Forces want either a hybrid law or the majoritarian system, which would yield the same ... Army
Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea Saturday voiced support for a recent vote law proposal by Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, reiterating his rejection of a proportional electoral law. Army
Abi Khalil's plan, designed to revive the energy sector with the aim of saving more than $1 billion annually in electricity production, is apparently aimed at appeasing Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea who has demanded that the Cabinet act to ... Army
Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel on Thursday described Prime Minister Saad Hariri's appearance at Sunday's anti-tax demo as a "bold move," describing the hurling of empty bottles at him by angry protesters as a "very regrettable incident. Army
Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Thursday described the oil and gas sector as "the most sensitive sector in Lebanon. Army
Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Monday suggested a series of measures aimed at improving the State's financial situation, amid a growing debate in the country about the approval of the long-stalled new wage scale and taxes aimed at funding it. Army
The Daily Star. Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea Monday slammed political parties that participated in protests against the government's proposed taxes, accusing them of taking advantage of people's grievances. Army
Helicopters brought in bombs, 3,000 pounds per pallet, to retrofit to ancient British attack aircraft then in use by Lebanese forces. The planes used a costal highway for a landing strip and Koeneman's team was based on an old tennis court, in view of ... Army
Responding to a question about the Lebanese Forces nomination to Fadi Saad in Batroun for the parliamentary elections, Khatib said that the Lebanese Forces (LF) has the right to choose its candidates in various Lebanese regions, adding that this would ... Army
Meanwhile, Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea said Lebanon would soon have a new electoral law for the upcoming elections after the ratification of the draft budget. Army
The source, who requested anonymity, said the Palestinian groups inside the camp were holding meetings with the Lebanese forces and Lebanese authorities to calm the situation down. The Palestinian factions in Lebanon condemned the clashes in Bourj ... Army
Lebanon's Security Forces carry out raids at banking institutions and financial companies in the commercial Hamra district of Beirut as part of an investigation into cash transfers to the Islamic State (IS) group on March 8, 2017. Army
So a few years ago, Samir Geagea's Lebanese Forces party and Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement began a campaign in the Christian community to contest the 1960 law, and replace it with one that would, as they put it, improve Christian representation. Army
"The meeting is part of the consultations with the leader of the Lebanese Forces amid the current circumstances in the country, whether regarding the elections, the threats or the appointments," said Mashnouq after talks with LF leader Samir Geagea in ... Army
Beirut - The main issues that produced the alliance between the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement have not changed in the year since the two sides signed their "Declaration of Intent," but their stances on internal and regional affairs have ... Army
"The FPM, the Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb Party have agreed that the elections will not be held under the 1960 law no matter what the cost might be," the FPM chief went on to say. Army
The Cabinet is expected to approve the 2017 state budget on Monday amid a positive approach by President Michel Aoun towards the Lebanese Forces' proposal regarding the electricity sector, a media report said on Sunday. "After LF leader Samir Geagea ... Army
Hizbullah, Mustaqbal, the Free Patriotic Movement, AMAL Movement and the Lebanese Forces are meanwhile discussing several formats of a so-called hybrid electoral law that mixes proportional representation with the winner-takes-all system. Army


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