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updated Thu. June 29, 2017

Members of the Iraqi Army's 9th Armoured Division are seen inside a building at the frontline during the ongoing fighting between the Iraqi forces and Daesh in Mosul, Iraq.
Earlier Saturday, the #Iraqi Army have managed to flush out ISIS fighters that have dug in an area near the Al-Tanf base, where U.S.
In a failed effort to break the Iraqi Army's siege, ISIS on Wednesday launched a wide-scale counterattack on the Iraqi Army to break out of the Old Mosul district, where they are surrounded by Iraqi forces. The confrontation killed 11 Iraqi Federal ...
Noaman al-Wube'y, commander of the seventh division of the Iraqi Army in Anbar told DPA. The operation, according to Wube'y, is ongoing to clear the regions in west of Anbar.
The son of an Iraqi Army officer, he played basketball, walked to school, and grew close with the kids in his neighborhood.
On June 13, the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army General, Osman Al-Ghanmi, met with a high-level delegation from the Syrian Ministry of Defense, headed by the Commander of the Syrian Army Operations Staff.
American military failures have undoubtedly had an impact on the country's strategic position, but have yet to fundamentally undercut national power.
There, American Advisors are working with Syrian rebel commanders and Iraqi Army officers to formulate battle plans and direct the fight around Mosul and Raqqa.
Along with the Iraqi Army's campaign to drive out Islamic State in Mosul, the other center of its self-proclaimed caliphate, it threatens to deal a major blow to the militants.
The operation was launched in full coordination with the Iraqi Army and was supported directly by the Iraqi Air Force. On April 28th, the PMU took full control of Hatar.
Nations often linger on their military defeats as long as, or longer than, they do on their successes.
The Iraqi Army and its allies have completely surrounded the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Mosul's Old City, the jihadists' final area of influence in what was once their largest city.
Iraqi Army Chief of Staff, General Othman Al-Ghanmi, met yesterday with a high-level Syrian Army delegation to discuss security coordination and cooperation on border between the two countries.
Kurdistan Official: Independence referendum strengthens peshmerga, Iraqi Army cooperation. Baxtiyar Goran 0 comments. A- A A+.
Haidar Ali al-Waeli, of the Iraqi Army, said group of civilians were able to cross Tigris River swimming near Sheikh Mohamed village.
Much like the Iraqi Army faced by ISIS or the Afghan Army fighting the Taliban, the U.S.-trained South Korean army disintegrated.
l ( An Iraqi Army warplane wrongly killed a police member and wounded six others on Wednesday when it bombed a house in western Mosul, an Iraqi security source said.
The incident highlighted concerns by Iraq's Sunni Muslim population of retribution acts by Shiite Muslim militias and the Iraqi Army. Stories of such atrocities have already begun to emerge, but Abu Azrael assured that ISIS fighters were his and his ...
Australian and New Zealand army trainers conduct marksmanship training with the Iraqi Army. CPL Kyle Genner. "The Mobile Training Teams have made a significant contribution to mission success by bringing training to Iraqi security forces who are unable ...
Beirut, Lebanon (7:30 A.M.) - Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah troops set up several fortified positions along the Syrian-Iraqi border near Al-Boudah village on the southeastern countryside of Homs, Tuesday.
soldiers take combat positions as Iraqi security forces advance during fighting against ISIS militants in western Mosul, Iraq. Photo: AP.
Although the situation remains completely hopeless for the Islamic State, its commanders have set up roadblocks on all frontline streets while snipers and anti-tank crews lurk around every corner, looking to inflict as many casualties upon the Iraqi ...
Homs - The Syrian government forces on Monday (June 12) vowed to continue their offensive to the eastern province of Deir ez-Zor after advancing to the Syrian-Iraqi border in the eastern Syrian desert.
Alsaeedy, the son of an Iraqi Army reserve officer, said Iraq was a joyous place to grow up. "We played basketball, walked to school -- all the children in the neighborhood were close," he added.
In June 2014, a nihilistic terrorist group whose members thought nothing of decapitating their prisoners, massacring Shia and Christian Iraqis, and enslaving Yazidi women, drove the United States-funded Iraqi Army out of the country's second biggest city.
Damascus, Syria (11:30 A.M.) - After finally beginning the Tal Afar offensive last week, the Iraqi Army's 15th Division - backed by the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) and Kataib Hezbollah - overran six more villages in Nineveh province on Monday.
Beirut, Lebanon (5:45 P.M.) - The prominent Iranian commander of the Al-Quds Force, Major General Qassem Suleimani, made a surprise visit to the Iraqi-Syrian border this week to meet with military personnel from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Popular ...
An Iraqi military officer confirmed on Saturday (June 10) the Iraqi Army's 9th Armored Division had recaptured the district and started a campaign to clear roads and buildings from bombs and explosive materials left behind by ISIS to impede advances by ...
... on Saturday, but made no mention of al-Baghdadi. intelligence agencies believed the jihadist group leader was hiding in a desert on the outskirts of besieged city Mosul, before fleeing to ISIS' de facto capital Raqqa when the Iraqi Army pushed forward.
A soldier in the ranks of the 9th Group in the Iraqi Army stated in an interview with the IOHR near Al Zanjili area, that last Sunday, he was able to save a young girl from Al Zanjili area when she was standing next to a combat area between ISIS and ...
Islamic State (IS) militants built prison cells inside an ordinary villa in Mosul as part of the group's tactic of boosting the safety of its jails and security centers by concealing them among regular houses.
Hawija ( Iraqi Army warplanes destroyed Sunday a convoy of Islamic State vehicles that were leaving Hawija, Kirkuk, towards western desert ...
Anbar ( Five Islamic State members were killed east of al-Razaza lake, south of Anbar Province, a military source from Anbar Operations ...
The Iraqi Army Information Corps reported on Sunday that the ninth Armored Division liberated the southern part of the Zanjili district and raised the Iraqi flag on its buildings and stormed the Bab Sinjar neighborhood on the right coast of the city of ...
Akram Ibrahim, a Kurdish soldier serving within the Iraqi Army told the story of footages he had filmed when rescuing the exhausted elderly.
Damascus, Syria (7:00 P.M.) - After scoring huge gains in Mosul yesterday, Iraqi forces proceeded to storm the northern sector of the largely ISIS-held Old City, known as the Bab Sinjar area, where deadly close-quarter combat is taking place as we speak.
Iraqi security forces ride in vehicles travelling to Mosul to fight against militants of Islamic State at an Iraqi Army base in Camp Taji in Baghdad, February 21, 2016.
And why? Probably to cut the silk route and to prevent a bridge being built between the Syrian Army and the Iraqi Army. The re-establishment of the Damascus-Baghdad route would signal that the mission that the Obama administration entrusted to Daesh at ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - The Iraqi Army declared it had taken control of the neighborhood of Zanjali, reducing the total ISIS pockets in the western half of embattled Mosul to three, an official announced.
Iraqi Army has relied frequently on Iranian-backed Shia paramilitary troops, whose involvement in the Mosul offensive has sparked fears of sectarian killings.
The last meeting between the two leaders was in Erbil in early March where they had also emphasized continued ground cooperation between the peshmerga and Iraqi Army against ISIS especially in Nineveh province. Peshmerga forces played a major role ...
Beirut, Lebanon (7:00 P.M.) - The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), alongside Hezbollah and their Iraqi allies, reached the Iraqi border region that is located north.
A recently released video of what may be a graduation ceremony for Iraqi Army trainees takes this to a whole new level with the troops following up a martial arts display by killing live animals.
Qairawan ( Iraqi Army jets have killed dozens of Islamic State militants in an airstrike launched northwest of Qairawan, in west of Mosul.
For months, soldiers, civilians and aid workers in Iraq have been reporting Islamic State attacks using homemade chemical weapons.
Hawija ( Prominent Islamic State leader has been killed in an airstrike that targeted Hawija, in Kirkuk province, according to Diyala provincial council's security committee.
Iraqi Army Col. Abbas Abdullah, who served in the area at the time, said he also had no record of an Oct. 28 strike. But Kaplan said he was contacted by residents who witnessed the strike.
The Iraqi Army confirmed that the firing was their doing, insisting that they were delivering a "smokescreen" to help civilians flee from ISIS.
While the Iraqi Army and its Interior Ministry's Federal police have done the heavy lifting in the battle for Mosul, the militias stand to gain the most.
Mosul - Iraqi forces have made tentative advances on the last Islamic State (ISIS)-held enclave in Mosul, a military source said, but have been forced to leave their heavy armor behind and advance on foot out of fears for civilian safety.




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