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updated Tue. October 4, 2016

Olivia Bosch, a former UNSCR 1540 Cttee (CT-CBRN) Expert-UK and former NATO advisory ICS Panelist agreed saying she was, "wanting to explore new mechanisms for reporting breaches.

Olivia Bosch, a nine-year-old from Kalamazoo, said she liked the name Porter because "it feels right." Kalamazoo resident Ron Asma added: "I like it a lot.
Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, welcomed the North Branch high school 2014 state champion volleyball team along with Head Coach James fish and Assistant Coaches Olivia Bosch, Lauren Brusie, Sue Fish and Curt June to the state Capitol on Tuesday.
Feroz Khan and Emily Burke believe that India and Pakistan need to cooperate more closely on countering the threat of nuclear terrorism.





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