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It is the biggest and most expensive hydroelectric project in Africa. With a price tag of ... Ethiopia argues this ambitious project will serve 73 percent of its 102 million people who have no access to electricity. ... It also pleaded to the Arab League, the World Bank and the U.N., but none of them had an impact.
Benjamin Netanyahu said the billion-dollar wall projects would also include closing certain sections in the West Bank wall-and-fence complex. Israel has ... All this wall building could have been avoided if Israel had embraced the Arab League proposal for peace issued by the 2002 summit in Beirut.

The Economic and Social Council of the Arab League has urged the international community to provide the necessary support to Arab countries hosting displaced Syrians, saying the implementation of development projects could limit the burden of the refugees. It made a recommendation in this regard to ...
The total cost of the projects is estimated at a billion dollars, which Israel asked the international community to fund.The plan was first ... Mogherini said she would shortly invite representatives of the Arab League to meet with her on the Israeli-Palestinian issue under the leadership of Jordan and Egypt.
"Saudi Arabia and the UAE have invested significantly in our reconstruction projects in Gaza in the aftermath of conflict," Krahenbuhl told Arab News. ... Thanks also to large sums from Kuwait and the UAE, Arab League members met a decades-old pledge of funding 7.8 percent of the agency's budget in ...
Art spoke about JNF's Project baseball, where Jewish, Arab and American students were given the opportunity to join together, establish friendships, experience success and to deal with failures through little league baseball. A member of the National Jewish sports Hall of Fame, Art was surrounded by a ...

"The goal was for the Arab League to assist the UAE in building roads, providing electricity, health and education … but the British government objected at the time," Mr Al Jaber said. "To avoid a dispute with the British, Sheikh Zayed covered all the expenses for the projects under the name of the council, ...
Manama, Aug.18 (BNA): The Kingdom of Bahrain has been chosen to host the headquarters of the Arab League projects committee.
Manama, Aug.18 (BNA): The Kingdom of Bahrain has been chosen to host the headquarters of the Arab League projects committee.
... the Arab capital of culture is an initiative of the Arab League to celebrate ... He informed him as well of the different projects that the centre ...

... upgrade as part of the North Road Corridor Enhancement project. ... Al Kheesa, as there is a direct link with the vital Arab League Street, ...
... plans since Sharif's ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) ... timely completion of infrastructure mega projects popular with voters.
In this Q&A, Crisis Group's Horn of Africa Project Director Rashid Abdi ... Somalia is a member of the Arab League, and rival Arab powers ...
During the meeting, the Arab League Council condemned strongly the ... to provide finance and execute development projects at Jerusalem, ...
... and Israel to promote major projects to assist the Palestinian side. ... of the Arab League in Egypt in January 2016, Wu said, adding Abbas's ...
... in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Arab League. ... on projects that are against the interests of the Qataris and Arabs in general.


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