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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

the Pentagon says Qari Yasin was a senior figure from Balochistan who had ties to the Tehrik-e-Taliban group and had plotted multiple attacks.
He said he could not control the terms on any inquiry but believed it would be useful to focus on an Afghan man who was allegedly beaten by an SAS soldier then taken to an organisation in Kabul known to torture detainees.
Mourners attend a vigil in London's Trafalgar Square for the victims of Wednesday's terrorist attack outside of the Palace of Westminster.
In his original trial in a military court, Blackman pleaded not guilty to murder, claiming he believed the Afghan man was dead before he shot him.
Lahore: Justice Ayesha A Malik of the Lahore High Court (LHC) Friday dismissed petition of an Afghan national, Gul Rehman, challenging suspension of his Pakistani national identification card by the Interior Ministry.
The clashes started around midnight when a group of some 20 Afghan men swept through the Souda camp, attacking any Algerians that crossed their path, the website reported.
the sun shines directly through the door of the Seven dolls Temple, in the Maya An Afghan man swings on a swing near the Sakhi Shrine during the Nowruz festival to The sun shines directly through the door of the Seven Dolls Temple, in the Maya Indian ...
The American dream is coming true for a 26-year-old Afghan man and his family. Haseeb Ahmadi, his wife and 18-month-old daughter landed at Lambert Airport to begin a new life in the United States.
CHAMAN: An old Afghan man sits in a wheelbarrow as another man pushes him towards the Pak-Afghan border for crossing into Afghanistan.
5. Participants wearing traditional costumes dance as they celebrate the national rite Gukanne Vyasny (Spring Welcoming) near the village of Aziarco in the Minsk region.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In March 2014, the U.S. military paid an Afghan man just over $1,000 to compensate for killing his civilian son in an operation near the border with Iran, according to U.S.
In October, an Afghan man in a military uniform shot a U.S. soldier and an American civilian contractor inside a military base in Kabul before being killed.
The queue at the Galaxy is an echo of a time before the Taliban's dark era, when Afghan men, women and children openly attended films, theatre and concerts.
FILE - An Afghan man rides his bicycle in front of the office of the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR) in Kabul, Afghanistan, Nov. 6, 2016.
The 25-year-old Afghan man, who attorneys declined to name, is being held at the Elizabeth Detention Center as his expedited appeal is heard.
[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit [official website] on Wednesday granted a temporary restraining order to an Afghan man trying to enter the US on a Special Immigration Visa, which are granted to those who have assisted the US ...
"You treated that Afghan man with contempt and murdered him in cold blood," judge Jeff Blackett told Blackman at his court martial in 2013.
NEWARK -- A federal appeals court late Wednesday temporarily blocked the imminent deportation of an Afghan national who arrived in Newark Monday on a special visa reserved for those who risk their lives to protect America troops abroad.
Dubai // A Pakistani man was sentenced to five years in jail for transferring millions of dirhams from a person's account after posing as him to access his mobile banking.
According to one such recorded case, an Afghan man committed suicide in one of Kabul's villages because he could not afford to provide for his family.
Afghan man Rahmat Kahn arrived in Germany in 2010, seeking asylum from the Taliban who he said killed his father. The young man found an apartment, learned German, volunteered in a Catholic youth club and found work as a trainee stone mason.
Reza gestures to a tall, Afghan man in his late 20s. "My friend talks to himself, we don't understand .... He talks about two friends he lost - both Afghan men - who fell ill but did not have money to seek medical help. Both died, he said. One was ...
... empathy infrastructure: The shipping containers have been set up in over 20 locations across the world, where they've facilitated conversations between an American drone pilot and an Afghan man, and a Washington, D.C. woman who left Cuba as a child ...
The Afghan national, who was found to have stuffed 110 grams of heroine in seven capsules in his stomach, was interrogated by police on Friday on the hospital premises.
Al served overseas with Nadi, an Afghan man who helped his unit gather intelligence on impending threats and attacks. Over time, their relationship evolved into a real friendship.
Two Afghan men weep for their relatives in front of the main gate of a military hospital in Kabul on March 8, 2017, after a deadly six-hour attack claimed by the Daesh group.
The 55-year-old Afghan man Abdul Ali admitted to Metro hospitals and Heart Institute here on February 28 with complaints of pain in the abdomen and loss of consciousness was carrying heroin concealed in his body, police officials said today.
This is the third and final installment in a series of stories exploring the life and experiences of Zalmay Niazy, an Afghan man who worked as an interpreter with U.S. soldiers from 2007 to 2009. He came to Iowa Falls in 2015 and has been working to ...
An Afghan man cries outside a military hospital at the site of blast and gunfire in Kabul, Afghanistan March 8, 2017. Reuters/Mohammad Ismail Afghan commando troops watch outside a military hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan March 8, 2017.
Members of the Landi Kotal bazaar committee told Dawn that about 100 Afghan men and women who had not been allowed to go back to their country returned to the under-construction building in the bazaar.
This is a national obligation and it is our responsibility, women and men in Afghanistan will not learn about their genuine rights unless all of them are educated," said Nazari.
Now Tariq Stanikzay sleeps alongside six other Afghan men in a freezing metal shed behind the main train station in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, with blankets and strips of cardboard pressed against the walls for insulation.
Surgery on Afghan man reveals packets with white powder inside abdomen. India Updated: Mar 02, 2017 22:54 IST. PTI Noida. Drugs.
Afghan men who were among the 40 injured in twin suicide bomb blasts receive medical treatment at a local hospital in Kabul on March 1. Share.
And last October, a U.S. soldier and an American civilian contractor were killed when an Afghan man in army uniform opened fire on them inside a military base in the capital, Kabul.
Nine days after former Emergency Services Minister David Elliott announced the laws at La Perouse in December, a 29-year-old Afghan man - who could not swim and was not wearing a life jacket - drowned after being swept into the water while rock fishing ...
And in October, a U.S. soldier and an American civilian contractor were killed when an Afghan man in army uniform opened fire on them inside a military base in the capital, Kabul.
[for example] the problem of lack of schooling for girls is not a global problem. It is not a developing world problem, it's a problem in the poorest 2 billion.
A NATO security ballon is seen in the sky as Afghan men rest on a hilltop in Kabul, Afghanistan February 23, 2017. (Reuters Photo).
Iowa's Chuck Grassley was challenged by two constituents. An Afghan man, who worked as an interpreter with the U.S. military, questioned what would be done to aid him as the Trump administration rolls out its unconstitutional Muslim ban.
Photos depicting Syrian refugees, wounded survivors of war in Iraq and limbless men in Afghanistan hang next to each other as if it is all one territory with one shared history, or more accurately, lack of history.
BERLIN - Just hours after the German cabinet approved tapping cellphones and attaching electronic bracelets to illegal migrants who might be deemed a threat, a group of Afghan men were put on a plane at a Munich airport Wednesday night and deported.
Thoroughbred trainer David Donk will be the guest speaker at the 11th annual Breakfast at the Gallops on March 17. The event will be held from 8 to 10 a.m.
It seems like no small coincidence that the current average size of a combat battalion is 600 soldiers. And that the historic Charge of the Light Brigade involved 600 warriors, along with their horses, riding into the very "mouth of Hell," according to ...
... wants to retrofit 392 more of them. "A lot of the team is in place today," Moraco said at Tuesday's event, citing the Charleston office's "engineering staff and the expertise over the decades of modernization.
... for blue light; and driving under suspension, according to jail records. He was arrested at his home Monday and taken to the Aiken County detention center.
Federal Prosecutors signaled their opposition Tuesday to Dylann Roof's request for a new trial, maintaining that the Emanuel AME Church shooter is relying on failed legal arguments that have already been hashed over by the court.
Lawmakers across the country have headed back to their districts during the congressional recess. Many, like Sen. Chuck Grassley, are facing tough questions from their constituents.






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