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updated Sat. June 24, 2017

The information reached me yesterday," said Salai Lian Hmung, vice chair number 2 of the Chin National Front (CNF), the political wing of the Chin National Army. "We are considering meeting from February 22-25, though these dates are not yet confirmed.
Over a dinner of rice, chicken curry, a salty, vinegar soup and Myanmar Beer, the head of an international development agency working in Chin state says he has recently spoken with the head of the separatist Chin National Army (CNA). Right now, he says ...
She recalled a time when members of the resistance army, Chin National Army, came to her house looking for food. Sang fed them, making him an enemy of the state.
We came up with a report called "Unsafe State" released in 2007, which documented human rights abuses by the Chin National Army [armed wing of the Chin National Front] and the Tatmadaw. One thing that always came up was religious oppression. Then I ...





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