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updated Wed. April 4, 2018

"A new generation CH series UAVs, the CH-X which is the most advanced in the CH series, will be displayed at Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai this year," Shi Wen, the chief engineer and designer of China's Caihong (CH), or Rainbow UAV made by CASC said at the press conference in Beijing Monday. Military Drones
Westlake University, which is to enrol its first 130 PhD students for the new academic year starting in September, will become "first-class in Asia, joining legions of other world-class institutions", Shi Yigong, a prominent biophysicist who is leading the new institute's preparation team, said. State ...
Chinese-American entrepreneur, actress and producer Amy Shi will represent Los Angeles in the annual Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Competition ( held in Orlando, Florida. In its 11th year, the three-day event will feature workshops, photo shoots and exclusive dinners, ... entrepreneur

The joint operations of manned military aircraft, like fighter jets, and UAVs is the drone's future, Shi Wen, the chief engineer and designer of China's ... China is focused on building a powerful navy, and its first domestically built aircraft carrier is preparing for its first sea trial, and the carrier-based UAV is ...
by Shi Futian. CHINA DAILY/ANN - Gaming may still be considered the enemy by many Chinese parents, but that doesn't mean university students-even those from the country's most prestigious institutes - are missing out on the eSports boom. On Sunday, the final of the 2018 University Cyber ...
Domee Shi, a Chinese-Canadian who grew up in Toronto, is the first woman to direct an animated short for Pixar. And the ... Shi came to Toronto from China with her family when she was two, according to The Disney blog. ... "Bao" is about a Chinese-Canadian woman suffering from empty-nest loneliness.
Mr. Kim told the Chinese leader that he was open to dialogue with the United States, including a potential summit meeting with President Trump, and was ... Mr. Kim rebuffed overtures from China, and purged officials who had previously served as the main channels to Beijing, including his uncle, who ... Xi Jinping Secret
Erzhong — literally “second heavy,” as in China Second Heavy Machinery Group — started life as an offshoot of the Chinese Red Army. .... Shi Changxu, the father of Erzhong's forge, says that before the state economic planning agency gave the project the green light, there was much debate over whether ... Xi Jinping Secret
Chinese President Xi Jinping was the de facto lead of Amazing China, a film released by state broadcaster CCTV to highlight China's achievements over .... Shi Chuan, from the Shanghai Film Association, said the film's box office success was the result of grassroots-level organisation by communist groups ... Xi Jinping Secret
China has almost depleted all possible sanction measures against North Korea. One of the most important consequences of such measures was Pyongyang's growing hostility against China," Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at the Renmin University in Beijing, told Sputnik. After avoiding a ... Xi Jinping Secret
An employee at a Chinese Restaurant in Tampa has been arrested after deputies say he stabbed three other employee's with a butcher knife while at work on Monday. According ... Shi Zheng, the store owner and Qi Zheng's father, walked in and saw what was happening from the rear of the store. Deputies ... Xi Jinping Secret
An employee at a Chinese Restaurant in Tampa has been arrested after deputies say he stabbed three other employee's with a butcher knife while at work on Monday. ... Shi Zheng, the store owner and Qi Zheng's father, walked in and saw what was happening from the rear of the store. Deputies say he ... Xi Jinping Secret
Chinese divers pocketed all gold medals at stake in the iconic Water Cube (10 events). Xie Siyi (550.50) and Yang Jian (539.55) won the individual 3m and 10m respectively, while World champion Shi Tingmao (392.10) and Zhang Jiaqi (439.10) took gold in the women's 3m and 10m respectively. Chinese ... Xi Jinping Secret
A Chinese woman who missed out on a childhood education has reportedly signed up to go to school with her five-year-old daughter. Shi Xiaoqin, a mother-of-two from Guizhou province in southern China, is believed to have joined a class of young new school students last month. The 31-year-old said she ... Xi Jinping Secret

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called for joint efforts to advance reform and opening-up, promote innovation, sustain economic growth and improve ... to act in strict compliance with China's Constitution and the basic laws of the two special administrative regions, support the governments and chief executives ... Xi Jinping Secret
China will announce the development plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to be implemented this year and aims to coordinate this regional development, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang said on Monday in Beijing, cited by the China Daily newspaper. Li, presenting the report ... Xi Jinping Secret
"Picking a movie to submit was an 'act of State,' while the Oscar has its own standard for evaluation, a standard that does not focus on whether the product bolstered national image or promoted national policy," Shi said. "China has its own prizes, so there's no need to sigh (that Chinese pictures did not win) ... Xi Jinping Secret
Combined photo shows Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie (C) and vice finance ministers Shi Yaobin (R) and Hu Jinglin anwsering questions at a press conference on reform of fiscal and taxation system and financial work during the first session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing, capital of ... Xi Jinping Secret
Tulufan Shi, China. Tuyoq. Natives of this mud-brick desert village use an ancient irrigation system to grow sweet, seedless grapes. Edit Entry ... Hallstatt, China. A Chinese mining company has created the world's first cloned village in this perfect recreation of an Austrian town. 23.1775, 114.3264. Xi Jinping Secret
HANGZHOU, March 2 (Xinhua) -- Students in east China's Zhejiang Province recently received the good news that elementary schools have been required to delay school start times. ... Like Shi, other students in the school have more time to develop their own hobbies, rather than struggling with homework. Xi Jinping Secret
There are presently 2,980 deputies who have been elected by people's congresses of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions of China for a period of five years. These deputies will be deliberating a draft revision of the Constitution. AP adds: A top Chinese ... Xi Jinping Secret
Shi worked as a quality control inspector based in China, overseeing parts made for Boeing aircraft. During his inspections, Shi says he found that parts outsourced to another third party Chinese supplier were made with inferior materials that were not "baked" long enough to harden appropriately during ... Xi Jinping Secret
Mr. Xi appears to share the view of many Chinese analysts and military officials that the United States is a superpower in decline — and that China must step into ... “Xi is exploiting the space that America voluntarily abandoned,” said Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University. Xi Jinping Secret
Following the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1958, tensions between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC, now known more ... Faced with potentially devastating artillery bombardments from the hostile Chinese mainland, President Chiang Kai-shek of Taiwan ordered the construction of ... Xi Jinping Secret
The medical hospital was originally founded in 1931 in the Southwestern province of Jiangxi under the name Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army Medical School. The institute was reestablished outside the city of Yan'an in Shaanxi province in 1935, after the Chinese Communist Party fled eastern China and was on ... Xi Jinping Secret
However, Zhao and Shi agreed one certainty was that the meeting would not take place on Chinese soil. “Trump is not on the Chinese side,” said Shi. “He will not give China this credit.” Zhao said: “Somewhere in Russia might have a better chance.” Japan, which has repeatedly cautioned the international ... Xi Jinping Secret
President Xi Jinping's efforts to indefinitely extend his rule as China's leader, announced on Sunday, raised fresh fears in China of a resurgence of ... Washington policy makers are preparing plans to impose tariffs on some Chinese imports, limit Chinese investments in the United States, particularly in ... Xi Jinping Secret
This landmark initiative is based on natural geographical conditions, intended to link nine cities in Guangdong's Pearl River Delta – Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing – together with the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and ... Xi Jinping Secret
Hence the efforts of Chinese scientists – led by Shi Zheng-Li and Cui Jie of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China – to trace the source of the outbreak. Scientists initially suspected that civet cats, sold in markets in China, were the source of the virus but later turned their attention to bats, which they realised ... Xi Jinping Secret
"The smooth payment and settlement serve as an essential precondition and fundamental guarantee for unblocked trades and monetary circulation worldwide," said Shi Wenchao, President of China UnionPay. UnionPay is supporting the realization of international payments interconnection through ... Xi Jinping Secret
Chinese scholars traditionally have considered the Han fu-rhapsody, Tang shi-poetry, Song ci-song lyrics, and Yuan qu-drama, as the highest literary ... Two of China's standard histories, the Han shu (History of the Former Han) and Shi ji (Records of the historian) are rich sources of information on literature, ... Xi Jinping Secret
China's adoption of circular economy principles and industrial symbiosis arose simultaneously, each reinforcing the other, Shi said. To cope with excessive landfilling, environmental harms and resource insecurity, public and private interests worked together to find circular solutions. While the Chinese ... Xi Jinping Secret
Wang Zhimin, director of Beijing's Liaison Office in Hong Kong, has said that the first article of the Chinese constitution on socialism also applies to ... Article 5 of the Basic Law stipulates that “the socialist system and policies shall not be practised in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the ... Xi Jinping Secret
Gambling is illegal in China, except in the special administrative region of Macau, and foreign companies aren't allowed to market their casinos specifically, although they can advertise their resorts more generally. Still, perks to entice VIPs could include free food and drink, Chinese-speaking service staff ... Xi Jinping Secret
HONG KONG -- Police of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Monday were investigating a robbery of a shop in downtown Hong ... BEIJING -- Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Monday called on all parties concerned to abide by relevant UN resolutions on the Korean Peninsula issue. Xi Jinping Secret
Its ornate temples and intricately carved monuments perfectly preserved, a peculiar time capsule of Imperial China. The city ... Its name loosely translates to “Lion City” but since the regal city was drowned and forgotten about until recently, Shi Cheng has come to be dubbed the “Atlantis of the East” (after the ... Xi Jinping Secret
Shi Tingmao of China gives a speech after receiving the trophy of FINA Best Female Diver 2017 during the FINA World Aquatics Gala in Sanya, south China's Hainan Province, Dec. 2, 2017. (Xinhua/Guo Cheng). SANYA, China, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Chinese diver Shi Tingmao was named the Best Female ... Xi Jinping Secret
“Different countries have different levels of development, so in the process of opening up, achieving absolute reciprocity ... can't be achieved. In the whole world it doesn't exist,” Shi told reporters. Chinese vice premier Ma Kai made similar comments in opening remarks, noting that the Chinese economy ... Xi Jinping Secret
The Chinese government on Friday criticized U.S. opposition to granting Beijing market economy status in the World Trade Organization as reminiscent of the Cold War. A U.S. document released Thursday in Geneva supports the European Union in opposing giving China market status, which would make ... Xi Jinping Secret
Trump has been extremely critical of China, but he has made progress with ... in a "reversal of an ineffective and costly policy on the part of China," Shi Yinhong, ... Trump welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping at Trump's ... Xi Jinping Secret
A stern-looking Chinese judge asks if the contestant could say ... “Wode mengxiang shi Zhongguo” or “My dream is China,” she says. China is ... Xi Jinping Secret
When U.S. President Donald Trump makes his first visit to China next week, a key ... Chinese officials have voiced confidence the trip could bring some ... said Shi Yinhong, a political scientist at Beijing's Renmin University. Xi Jinping Secret
HONG KONG - Sale of China's first US dollar-denominated debt in 13 ... said Chinese Vice-Minister of Finance Shi Yaobin here on Friday. Xi Jinping Secret
HONG KONG, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Monetary authorities of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and Singapore signed ... Xi Jinping Secret
Shi's experience offers a glimpse into the inner workings of Qudian, ... entrepreneur Luo Min in the Chinese capital, serves China's young, ... Xi Jinping Secret
The first merger gets under way among China's bike-sharers as cash ... under the protection of bigger ones can survive the game,” said Shi. Xi Jinping Secret
The letter urged the president to return Guo Wengui, a Chinese ... Macau is a so-called "special administrative region" of China that operates ... Xi Jinping Secret


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