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We've been told about its boneless fish head (S$118) steamed with Yunnan ham, so we're eager to find out what this rarely-seen deboning technique that originated in Yangzhou is all about.
Rescue dogs recieve fire and rescue training at a center run by a public security department in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. Photo: Xinhua. "Search!" Hearing the word of command, a dog rushed to the simulated ruins and started searching between ...
He set out on his solo expedition from Bhamo, in northern Burma, and before long passed into Longchuan County, IN Yunnan Province.
Its import and export trade accounts for more than 60 percent of all trade between Yunnan Province and Myanmar. I visited Jiegao Port a couple of years ago and remember seeing a group of around 100 Burmese coming in on scooters.

Reports from Yunnan Province, in far southwestern China have been sparse in relation to the scale of the tragedy, which has left 11 males and eight females dead, four of them children.
The border of the Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture snakes across the lush, mountainous terrain of China's Yunnan Province and its southwesterly neighbor, Myanmar. Historically, the area's inhabitants have always migrated frequently across ...
Lijiang was once a key stop on an ancient network of trails that spread like a spider's web for more than 3400km, linking plantations in southern Yunnan Province to Tibet and Sichuan Province farther north. It earned itself the name the Tea Horse Road ...
The surgical repair of complex congenital heart conditions is prohibitively expensive and children with these types of birth defects cannot be treated within Yunnan Province. Many cases are simply chalked up as lost causes. However, for more than a ...
A giant flower cake made for a cultural festival at the Stone Forest scenic area in Kunming City, the capital of Southwest China's Yunnan Province, Sept. 29, 2016. The flower cake weighed 400 kilograms and was 2.28 meters in diameter. The cultural ...
Chinese state media say a man has been arrested after 16 people were found dead in six village homes. The bodies of the dead, including women and three children, were found yesterday in Huize county in Yunnan Province in the country's southwest.
Officials in southwestern China have launched an investigation after photographs showing two naked men surrounded by a group of onlookers at a tourist attraction were widely circulated online, mainland media reports.
police in China have ruled out terrorism as a motive for the mass killing of 19 people in a remote village in the south-western province of Yunnan. The killings have shocked China, a country where mass murder is rare. The official Xinhua news agency ...
A rescue dog receives training at a base in Kunming City, the capital of Southwest China's Yunnan Province, Sept. 27, 2016.
Hong Kong listed yuan Heng Gas Holdings on September 23 signed an agreement with Qujing Gas for supply of LNG for its Yunnan cooper and zinc industry users in Maguan County, Wenshan, Yunnan Province, China. Qujing Gas will supply LNG to ...
Now, there are also Bible training centers in Baoshan and Yingjiang of Western Yunnan Province. As a result, the Bible Training Center of Longchuan County mainly cultivates pastors of Lisu ethnic group at the present time.
A Chinese version of gold rush is taking place in the historical city of Tengchong in Yunnan Province, thanks to a plan of the local authorities to raze some old buildings under an urban renewal project.
Footage of an all-out brawl at a vocational school in Quijing, Yunnan Province has emerged online. The 30-second clip shows students stampeding through campus, armed with long poles and performing sucker kicks on their fellow classmates.
At the end of 2015, Pepsico donated 1 million yuan to CFPA to launch the PepsiCo Nutrition In Action program to improve the breakfast nutrition of poor elementary students in Zhaoyang district, Yunnan Province. The program also invited nutrition ...
Southwest China's oldest and most comprehensive English-language website is partnering with one of Yunnan's most famous tourist attractions to commence a fully interactive online photography contest.
China is ratcheting up efforts to slash the size of the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy as authorities have ordered monks and nuns from Qinghai, Gansu and Yunnan to leave the Buddhist center, RFA's Tibetan Service has learned. Chinese authorities are ...
A delegation of national political advisors from Macau recently travelled to Yunnan Province to discuss possible inter-regional co-operation between officials in the southwestern region of Mainland China and the MSAR, news agency Xinhua has reported.
Authorities overseeing Fuxian Lake in China's southwestern Yunnan Province are stepping up oversight on the scenic attraction following the "uncivilized behavior" of a group of visitors.
Management at a freshwater lake in Yunnan will step up monitoring to prevent "uncivilised behaviour" after photos of a group of women taking a bath in the lake appeared online.
The Sheng Heng brick kiln is located in Yangchang Township in hilly Yunnan Province, home to many such factories. According to police, the mentally disabled men were frequently beaten and scolded, and were restricted in their freedoms.
18 (Xinhua) -- A delegation of national political advisors from Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR), headed by former chief executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah, has discussed possible cooperation fields with officials in southwestern Yunnan Province.
Li Dengzhong, one of the family members, said his sister had brought the mushrooms back to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, from her holiday in southwestern Yunnan Province, local newspaper Xian Dai Jin Bao reported. What a whopper! - Chinese artist finds ...
Old soldiers Never Die: A portrait photography exhibition of the aged preachers of the church in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture was held from Aug. 27 to Sep.11, Beijing.
As the only ethnic township of Lisu in the Prefecture of De Hong, Yunnan Province, Sudian Town has a large Christian population, and as the only person who has graduated from a seminary, besides bread and ministries, Mr. Kong has to face a challenge of ...
Along with her husband and 5-year-old son, Ms. Gao wanted to see some of the province's stunning scenery, learn more about its many ethnic groups, and sample the cuisine that has made Yunnan a food destination. "We didn't want to have lunch and dinner ...
They include Spicy House, a Chengdu-style hotpot chain which has about 30 outlets in China. It will open its first overseas outlet in Riverside Point on Friday.
Deck of the road bridge, to open later this year over valley in southwestern China, is 24 metres higher than top of New York's rebuilt One World Trade Centre.
Embraer Executive Jets has signed an order with Colorful Yunnan General aviation Co. for two Phenom 300 light business jets.
In order to enhance China-Botswana bilateral relations and celebrate Botswana's golden jubilee the Embassy of China will bring a famous arts troupe from ...
Erasmus: Absolutely. Our business mix at the moment is roughly 30-40 percent leisure travelers. It is still high travel season in Yunnan. So people are using the hotel as a base. They stay for a few days, maybe see the Stone Forest, and then head off ...
Dr. Alan Wildeman's recent signing of a Memorandum to create the Sino-Canadian International Institute for Plateau Lakes Research between the University of Windsor and Yunnan University - during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's trip to China ...
Walmart is optimistic about their development in Yunnan Province and will continue to enhance investment and construction to open four new outlets in the province, including one in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan, by the end of this year. Meanwhile ...
Launched in January, Colorful Guizhou airlines currently operates four EMB-190s on scheduled flights to twelve airports around China.
Wang Wei works on a spotted bronze ware in Huize county, Yunnan Province, Sept. 3, 2016. (Photo/Xinhua). Craftsman Zhang Wei, 28, inherited the spotted bronze craft, a traditional skill to make spots and figures on bronze wares.
Nuofu Church locates on a hill, northwestern from Nuofu Village government of the Lancang Lahu Autonomous County. It was founded in the eleventh year of the Republic of China (1922) when a priest called Yong Weili from American Baptists first came here ...
Tang Xuefan, Chairman of Colorful Yunnan General aviation and President of Yunnan Airport Group, said purchasing two Phenom 300s is the beginning of a win-win journey for both sides.
Yingjiang County is located in Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, bordering Burma's Kachin State to the west, where many national minorities reside.
Pyongyang - Sono trascorsi dodici anni da quando si sono perse le tracce di David Sneddon, giovane statunitense che aveva scelto di studiare in Cina per un periodo. Il ragazzo era scomparso durante un'escursione nella provincia dello Yunnan e tutti ...
The selection, which recognizes the importance of rock art some 16 millennia old, may have ramifications for younger but archeologically important sites in northwest Yunnan. Beginning with Sumerian cuneiform script, recorded human history goes back ...
1 (SMM) - Yunnan Copper Die-casting technology reported sharp growth in its copper rotor motor orders as of August 20, based on www.
In line with the concept that "Where there is a church, there is a school," Pastor Sam Pollard and Frank Dymond once built a school in the Huize county, a border town in Yunnan Province. Its predecessor was Xinghua primary school, now called Dongfeng.






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