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updated Sat. March 25, 2017

It's generally accepted information on the internet that people who play League of Legends competitively are too serious about it, and at least one incident supporting this happened today.
Aokai Cable has also won bids to supply cables for high-speed railways, including the Lanzhou-Xinjiang line, which is up and running, and the Baoji-Lanzhou line, which is still being built, according to Beijing youth Daily. Tender documents showed the ...
Air New Zealand has expanded its codeshare partnership with Air China to include seven routes within China. They are Beijing to Lanzhou,Taiyuan and Yantai; and Shanghai Pu Dong to Changchun, Harbin, Lanzhou and Xi'An. This takes effect on February ...
A trade fair focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative will open in Lanzhou, capital of northwest China's Gansu Province, early July, the provincial government said Friday.
In March, the State Council issued a rule requiring all local governments to remove the restrictive policy by May. So far, only a few provinces, including Guizhou and Sichuan, and the cities of Lanzhou, Dalian, Fushun and Huludao, had eliminated the ...
Born in Lanzhou, capital of Northwest China's Gansu Province, in 1988, he majored in environmental engineering in college.
According to the Lanzhou Morning News, the shop owner confirmed that the event occured last Thursday. The images have gone viral on Chinese social media site Weibo - where some netizens weren't exactly sympathetic.
In the air, the American and Japanese pilots reigned supreme. Chinese fighters proved no match for American fifth generation F-22 and F-35 fighters.
Global Recoiling Machine market key Manufactures are CNR Yongji Electric, Zhuzhou CSR Electric, Lanzhou Electric, Dalian Tianyuan Electric, Dongfeng Electric, Shanghai Nanyang Electric.
As TASS reported earlier, citing The Guardian, the authorities in the Chinse city of Lanzhou have drawn up proposals to pump water into the chronically dry region from Siberia's Lake Baikal.
It is located about 40 miles north of Gansu's gritty capital, Lanzhou - a smog-choked industrial hub carved in two by the meandering Yellow river.
The government is promoting measures to eradicate desertification, one of the most-pressing problems facing China's western regions, and looking to reclaim vast areas of land.
children playing in Rainbow Town, the busiest part of Lanzhou New Area. China correspondent Tom Phillips revisits the former 'ghost city' as part of The other China week.
According to, frustrations over a four-game loss streak led to a violent incident in Lanzhou, China. Four players were queueing up for games with each other, but the lack of skill one player stoked the ire of another, leading to the upset ...
JMM merupakan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang telah dilantik khas sebagai wakil ASEAN bagi Pusat Hab Halal ke Lanzhou, China. Presiden JMM, Datuk Azwanddin Hamzah berkata, langkah itu susulan kejayaan JMM setelah hampir dua tahun ...
Giant panda Shu Lan eats bamboo at Lanzhou Zoo in Lanzhou, capital of northwest China's Gansu Province, March 16, 2017.
The mushrooms come from Yunnan, the lily bulbs from Lanzhou, all used to create a truly special range of dishes. With some many different tastes and ingredients to choose from, the spring menu is sure to please diners of all ages and palates.
Chang Shana made her debut as a painter in 1945, at age 14, when she held a joint exhibition with her father, Chang Shuhong (1904-94), hailed as the "patron saint of Dunhuang", in Lanzhou, in northwestern Gansu Province. They were showcasing dozens ...
"The Lanzhou Zoo was built back in the 1970s," reads the investigator's report, which was released Sunday. "The habitat is cramped and the freshness of the bamboo is questionable.
Chen Fahu, research director of Key Laboratory of Western China's Environmental Systems at Lanzhou University, discovered that a high level of man-made aerosol - a colloid of particles or droplets in the air, such as smog - has weakened the summer ...
Global Serum market report 2017 is an in-depth research on the current situation of the Serum industry. The Scope of the Serum research report: The Global Serum Market primarily includes a basic overview of the Serum industry.
PetroChina (601857 CH): Lanzhou refinery to process more crude this year. Poly Property (119 HK): Jan-Feb contract sales 5.7bn yuan.
Lanzhou, March 12 (Xinhua) -- A snowstorm hit west China's Gansu, Tibet and Qinghai over the weekend, causing road closures and power blackouts but no casualties, according to local authorities.
The bone-dry sand dunes of the Gobi desert stretch towards Xinjiang from Duhuang - an oasis along the ancient Silk Road - famous for its beautiful Buddhist cave-art.
A visitor walks past the statues of the characters from the Chinese novel 'Journey to the West' Thursday March 15, 2007 in Lanzhou, China. Lanzhou was an important town along with the ancient Silk Road connecting China and Europe. VOA. Republish
The bone-dry sand dunes of the Gobi desert stretch towards Xinjiang from Duhuang - an oasis along the ancient Silk Road - famous for its beautiful Buddhist cave-art.
A new bullet train loops between the region's capital Urumqi and Lanzhou, in the neighboring Guangxi province. From the train window, passengers can see open mines, factories or desert, so they tend to pull the blinds shut and choose to sleep instead.
Researchers at Lanzhou University and Lanzhou University of technology fabricated the ultraflexible transparent film TTP heater by embedding conductive silver (Ag) nanowires into a thin polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film (AgNW/PVA).
Provincial capitals and special administrative cities such as Chongqing, Hangzhou and Tianjin are usually classed in the second-tier, while prefecture level or county-level capitals including Lanzhou, Guizhou and Sanya are generally considered to be in ...
Chinese nurses attend newborn infants at a hospital in Lanzhou city, northwest China's Gansu Province. (AAP). Previous Next Show Grid.
Folk artist Li Haiming makes an enamel drawing of the Four Great Beauties, four ancient Chinese women renowned for their beauty, in Peking Opera costumes in his studio in Lanzhou City, the capital of Northwest China's Gansu Province, March 7, 2017.
"I love their style, which promotes patriotism and the socialist core values in a lively and light-hearted way, as well as people and their actions that deliver positive energy," Sunny, who majors in politics studies in Lanzhou, Gansu province, told ...
... ordinary villager in northwest China's Gansu Province, Zhou Zhixiu, 44, is now a successful entrepreneur, employing many other women from her home county.
Traffic authorities in a city in northwestern China have hired several zebra mascots to raise public awareness of road safety. Five traffic inspection volunteers were last Friday sent out on the streets of Lanzhou, Gansu province, dressed in full-body ...
The northwest Chinese city of Lanzhou has a serious water shortage problem. To address the issue, its urban planners have sketched out an ambitious plan to deliver water from Siberia's Lake Baikal to the city along a 1,000-mile-long pipeline.
According to reports in the Chinese media, urban planners in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province, have drawn up proposals to pipe water into the chronically parched region from Russia's Lake Baikal, the deepest freshwater lake on earth.
According to the scheme, a pipeline starting from the southwest point of Lake Baikal, stretching some 1,000 kilometers, will be able to divert pure water from the deepest lake in the world to Lanzhou through the Hexi corridor, a narrow east-west route ...
"For instance, we have flights connecting (Chinese cities such as) Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province with Nagoya in Japan, and Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province and Lanzhou in Gansu Province, with Bangkok. In addition, we have flights connecting Chengdu in ...
Sweet scented osmanthus lilies from Lanzhou were also served. Dried ice and water were added below the main serving dish to create a Chinese "Fairy" effect akin to Chinese drama serials when you enter the heavenly palace.
A copy of the Great Sphinx in Lanzhou, in the northwestern province of Gansu. Credit Visual China Group, via Getty Images. Advertisement.
Some of the dishes include Lanzhou-style noodles and pork and chive dumplings. Closer to downtown, Chuan Lu garden opened in 2013 in a small spot on Colonial Drive and has since expanded to overtake its neighbor Ginza Japanese Steak House and ...
... the cell cytoskeleton and ECM mechanics, and mechanotransduction. He received a BS in semiconductor devices and microelectronics and an MEng in microelectronics at Lanzhou University in China, and an MS in physics and a PhD in biological physics ...
The team, led by researchers at Queen's University and Lanzhou University in China, says their research highlights how the current Anthropocene period represents an important departure from prior natural warm periods in Earth's history.
The authors acknowledge funding from the Natural science Foundation of Gansu Province, the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Processing and recycling of Non-ferrous Metals, Lanzhou University of technology and the scientific research Foundation for ...
Gao Fei shows his handmade wooden and mechanical book based on the King of the Undersea City in Lanzhou City, the capital of Northwest China's Gansu Province, Feb. 24, 2017.
Lanzhou lamian, from the capital of Gansu Province, Lanzhou, enjoys nationwide fame in China and can be found in every neighborhood.
Ren gained his master's in economics at Lanzhou University and joined state-run chemical Machinery Research Institute. He was headed for a career as an anonymous rural bureaucrat when, in 1984, he borrowed 10,000 yuan ($1,400) from his employer to ...
Ren gained his master's in economics at Lanzhou University and joined state-run chemical Machinery Research Institute. He was headed for a career as an anonymous rural bureaucrat when, in 1984, he borrowed 10,000 yuan ($1,400) from his employer to ...
New Delhi: The Indian and Chinese armies have decided to further work towards establishing the long-pending hotline between their top military commanders, on the lines of the DGMO-level one between India and Pakistan, as well as establish additional ...






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