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updated Wed. March 29, 2017

The country's government has blamed its political instability and economic woes on the U.S.. Tidd said that he has to differentiate the Venezuelan people from their government. Whenever a U.S. military official talks about Venezuela, headlines in the ...
The Organization of American States censures Venezuela for abandoning democracy. The African .... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants fewer lectures about extrajudicial killings, but if a typhoon hits his country, the U.S.
It was led by countries like Cuba and Iran at times, and today its chairman is Venezuela, a virulently anti-American state.
British sailors board a Man of war to recapture the British Hermione in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, two years after the crew had mutinied.
On Tuesday, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro denounced U.S. plans to work with right-wing politicians in the region to destabilize Venezuela. The socialist leader also condemned attempts by the Organization of American States to suspend the ...
After we negotiated a reasonable price for a cab with an overly solicitous taxi driver, we took off on our retail therapy expedition with our friend Mili Lopez, a Little Rock native by way of Venezuela, Danville, where her son operates a restaurant ...
The last project in Venezuela I worked on was during the Chavez regime. It was a ... Roland McLean, an Aspen Glen resident, is a University of Colorado graduate, navy veteran and retiree after more than 30 years in international construction. His ...
Caracas, Venezuela (AP) - For the past 25 years, after he immigrated penniless to Venezuela from Portugal, Eduardo dos Santos has personally taken care of the loyal clients at Mansion's Bakery.
At the same time, thousands of new private enterprises, primarily bed-and-breakfasts and restaurants, are allowing many Cubans to forge livelihoods independent of the state.
The decision by the subsidiary of the Venezuelan national oil company coincides with plummeting oil prices and corresponding economic problems in oil-rich Venezuela. Kennedy said hopes of a late contribution have faded with spring's arrival this week.
The navy and the Marine Corps say they're considering new ways to punish inappropriate online activity by service members, including posts of "intimate" images on social media sites.
Watching Team USA's 4-2 comeback victory against Venezuela in the World baseball Classic on Wednesday night, I witnessed an enthusiastic fan dressed in full Revolutionary war garb rooting on the Stars and Stripes.
2010: The first full face transplant is performed by a team of 30 surgeons at Vall D'Hebron hospital in Barcelona, Spain, on a man injured in a shooting accident.
My father was a marketer, just like me. We moved to America when I was 10, then to Venezuela, because he became country manager there.
2010: The first full face transplant is performed by a team of 30 surgeons at Vall D'Hebron hospital in Barcelona, Spain, on a man injured in a shooting accident.
"According to the Department of Energy, three of the top four foreign energy suppliers to the US are located within the Western Hemisphere (Canada, Mexico and Venezuela). ... Its main lines of action, as outlined in an official note by the Latin ...
Before joining the foreign service, he spent nine years as a navy officer. Then after joining the foreign service he held postings in the Ivory Coast, just before the civil war broke out, in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas and back in Addis Ababa ...
Literacy rates, infant mortality and other statistics more resembled Venezuela or Bolivia than the rest of the Union. Change was ... The elder Daniels was a Methodist and a teetotaler who banned liquor from U.S. warships as secretary of the navy. The ...
(AP Photo/Alex Gallardo). Dominican Republic's Gregory Polanco, left, celebrates with teammates in the dugout after he hit a solo home run against Venezuela during the fifth inning of a second-round World baseball Classic game in San Diego, Thursday, M..
(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan). Two men play golf with a tennis ball as a snowstorm sweeps through Times Square, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, in New York.
(AP Photo/Luis Gutierrez). Venezuela's Miguel Cabrera celebrates with teammates after hitting a run against Italy during the ninth inning of a tie-breaker game at the World baseball Classic in Guadalajara, Mexico, Monday, March 13, 2017.
"We have now trained many troops in Spain, Belize, Venezuela, and Ecuador and our force has acquired a very established reputation in terms of capacity building," says Captain Alejandro Velasquez Valdicisco.
WHY THE OAS CHIEF RECOMMENDS Venezuela'S SUSPENSION FROM BLOC. Luis Almagro says President Nicolas Maduro's government has systematically undermined democratic principles, including disavowing a landslide loss to the opposition in ...
A retired navy admiral is among 9 military officers who have been indicted in a burgeoning bribery scandal involving a Malaysian defense contractor nicknamed "Fat Leonard.
The military budget of the Ministry of Defense is set to be divided between the 3 branches of the Brazilian armed forces: navy, Air Force and army. RELATED: Brazil Govt's PEC 55 'Historic Error' Against Poor: UN. The changes come after Brazil's ...
Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating hundreds of Marines on allegations they shared nude photos and personal information of female Marines and veterans in a private facebook group.
Harward is a retired navy vice admiral and former deputy commander of Central Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in much of the Middle East and Central Asia.
Italy's Gavin Cecchini, right, tags out Carlos Gonzalez of Venezuela while trying to steal second base during the sixth inning of a World baseball Classic game in Guadalajara, Mexico, Saturday, March 11, 2017.
Italy's Gavin Cecchini, right, tags out Carlos Gonzalez of Venezuela while trying to steal second base during the sixth inning of a World baseball Classic game in Guadalajara, Mexico, Saturday, March 11, 2017.
In contrast, the CIA, the navy and Air Force, which benefited significantly from Obama's lopsided war budgets, pursue a policy of global military confrontations with Russia and China and multiple wars against their allies, such as Iran, regardless of ...
Raised in Pasadena, Joe enlisted during World War II and trained as a navy pilot, then went on to study engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, where he met his wife Nancy.
1, 2016 file photo, a Sucre municipality worker fumigates for Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that transmit the Zika virus in the Petare neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela. Ahead of the annual American College of Cardiology conference in Washington in March ...
MARACAIBO, Venezuela: Brazilian football team Chapecoense on Wednesday promised more surprises after an emotional 2-1 victory in their first international match since a plane crash wiped out their squad.
Ports under its control are located in the Persian gulf-bordering provinces of Bushehr and Hormozgan and on the Gulf islands of Farsi - where the IRGC navy captured and humiliated U.S. sailors after their small patrol boats unintentionally entered Iran ...
He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in mechanical engineering and served in the U.S. Navy, attaining the rank of LTJG and proudly serving aboard the U.S.
Venezuelan film La Soledad is based on the true-story of director Jorge Thielen Armand's family's mansion, its current dilapidated state and impending demolition, and the desperation of its current occupants, his family's former maid and her family ...
New York: A former Honduran drug lord currently being held in the United States said Monday he paid large bribes to his country's ex-president and his son in exchange for protection from prosecution.
According to Kelly, the Venezuelan government detained 19 Trinidadian Muslims for "conducting training with high-powered weapons," an assertion that contradicts standard accusations that Venezuela promotes Islamist radicalization. ... According to ...
Other countries whose claims were challenged are Albania, Brazil, Cambodia, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Venezuela and Vietnam. In Italy, for example ...
-Venezuela: The report warns of "systematic, politicized use of the judiciary" to undermine the legislative branch and to intimidate and prosecute critics of the government.
Tittle returned to The Philippines to look for Nora before leaving the navy in 1974. "I couldn't find a trace, ... He spent part of his years with Chevron in Venezuela, and returned there after retiring for about another eight years until 2014. He now ...
We are blessed to be joined tonight by Carryn Owens, the widow of a US Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William "Ryan" Owens.
Mary M. Clayton, real property; navy Federal Credit Union v. ... J. Jelks, Daytona Beach and Karrine A. Clarke, Jamaica; Stephanie A. Hightower, Jacksonville and Frederick Martin, Bonneau, South Carolina; Fletcher O. Lewis III and Equishea L. Amos ...
During his first address to a joint session of Congress, President Trump acknowledged the presence of Carryn Owens, the wife of William "Ryan" Owens, the Navy Seal who was killed during a raid in Yemen last month. He told her, "Ryan died as he lived: a ...
The father of the Navy Seal killed in a counterterrorism raid in Yemen is demanding an investigation into the operation. Senior Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens was the first U.S.
Lastly, the Burrokeet, a Venezuelan import, portrays a dancer riding a small donkey. 6. Trinidad's ... It reportedly became internationally observed after the 1940s when the US Navy arrived and had heard the percussion sounds being played. The steelpan ...
Iran launched naval drills on Sunday, amid increased tension with the United States after the Trump Administration put "Iran on notice.
While the U.S. Navy is forward deployed - and therefore needs a number of bases to replenish and rest - Russia has easy access to the Pacific from home bases.
I only point out that it is daunting to argue with people who weaponize information for a living - like challenging a Navy Seal to a fight.






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