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updated Sun. April 21, 2024

Former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos said the court's decision was "bad news for democracy in Brazil and Latin America… Lula is the leader with the most popular support and I hope and trust that democratic institutions in that great nation correct these serious decisions." A group of Argentine senators ...

Join AS/COA's Women's Hemispheric Network as we host our first conference in Panama City on April 3, 2018. The program will include panel discussions on maximizing your impact and inclusive leadership. Conference participants will also have the opportunity to network and join in the conversation ...
Argentine senator and former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has requested a public trial be held "immediately" to “expose the arbitrariness of the accusation (against her) to the whole society.” Fernandez is being prosecuted for an alleged cover-up of Iranian officials and citizens accused of ...
“A Journey to the Fumigated Town” is the latest documentary by Fernando Solanas, a documentary legend in Argentina since his 1968 anti-colonialist milestone “The Hour of the Furnaces.” Awarded an honorary Golden Bear in 2004, and now an Argentine senator, his “Journey” is “a pamphlet against the ...
Argentine senator and former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, charged with money laundering and corruption, insists the trial is a right-wing witch-hunt. Argentine senator and former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has called for her forthcoming corruption trial to be conducted in public.
A block of opposition Argentine senators from the Front for Victory-Justicialist Party, FpV-PJ, have rejected the criminalization of peaceful protests in the country by president Mauricio Macri. RELATED: Argentina: Macri Govt. Sues 11 Opposition Legislators. Speaking on Saturday, the senators described ...
Rousseff praised the Argentine senator, calling her a strong political leader and a timeless hero and defender of human rights. "I came to bring my solidarity and talk to the former president of Argentina, a dear friend of many years," said Rousseff. “She is willing and firm in resisting, like all of us," she said.
Argentine senators enjoy immunity from detention, but the protection does not shield them from prosecution. A Senate committee has 60 days to consider whether to lift her immunity, and then the full Senate would have up to 180 days to vote. The request must be approved by two-thirds of the senators ...
Argentine Senator-elect and former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has appeared in a Buenos Aires court over an investigation involving alleged money laundering. RELATED: Argentine Labor Unions Denounce Macri Reforms to IACHR. Her family is being accused of receiving kickbacks from ...
Argentine senators debate the approval of a settlement with creditors over the country's defaulted debt at the Senate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ... that acts in the country's best interest and not on behalf of some short-term calculation,” Daniel Lovera, an Argentine senator from La Pampa, told the Wall Street ...


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