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updated Sun. April 29, 2018

Massimino disputed a survey cited by Ingraham indicating that the vast majority of people who leave Honduras do so for economic reasons, not to ... Ingraham said the standard advocated by Human Rights First would mean a virtually unlimited number of foreigners could claim asylum in the United States.
That's what's happening in Honduras, following the reinstallation of Juan Orlando Hernandez as president following an election "filled with irregularities." ... Anti-government activists have been routinely targeted by the Honduran government, some of which have been jailed indefinitely in violation ... government

Today, human rights abuses and government corruption remain major concerns in Honduras, despite millions of dollars in U.S. aid and pledges by Kelly and ... Drug Enforcement Administration and national security officials who worked closely with Kelly, as well as human rights activists, former Honduran ... government
Hernandez's election to a second term in December led to stormy demonstrations in Honduras, after international observers reported on corruption in the balloting, which Hernandez won by a very narrow margin. According to data from human rights groups quoted by The New York Times, at least ... Israel
Zandberg said that settling an internal Likud feud in Netanyahu's favor was a poor excuse for Regev bestowing upon a human rights violator one of Israel's greatest honors. In her letter, she recounted visit reports of Honduras's “corrupt and dangerous police forces” and military, which have been charged ... Israel
On 9 April 2017, four months into Donald Trump's presidency, a group of men, women, and children, mainly from Honduras, began a march through Mexico to the United States border and requested asylum there. Many were turned back or detained, but the goal — primarily — was to bring attention to the ... Israel

Based in the north of Honduras, Radio Progreso is run by the Catholic Order of Jesuits - an organisation that does extensive work with some of Honduras' most neglected and least heard communities. The independent station reports on human rights violations, police and military abuses and election fraud. journalists
Trump warns of migrant caravan following Fox News report, but organizers say reality far from their portrayal ... Hundreds of Central Americans attend a mass before they begin a Via Crucis on Palm Sunday demanding respect for their human rights, asylum and reports of violence in their countries in ... journalists
Activists say the law, which was introduced in February, shortly after Juan Orlando Hernandez was re-elected as president of Honduras in a dubious ... A December petition published in Honduran journalist Dina Meza's Pasos de Animal Grande, outlining Hernandez's human rights violations and that he ... journalists
The report, “Human Rights Violations in the Context of the 2017 Honduran Elections,” published on March 12, outlines how the parameters of the ... The U.N. report confirms what social movement organizers and civil society groups on the ground have been saying for weeks. ... He left Honduras on Feb. journalists
When scattered protests broke out in Iran at the end of December, Donald Trump took enthusiastically to Twitter to interpret the events for the rest of the world: “The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime. The people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. journalists
The Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH), the human rights group that helped Urbina leave Honduras safely and has advocated on his behalf, confirmed Wednesday that Urbina was in the care of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as an asylum seeker in ... journalists
Two masked gunmen fatally shot the activist at her home in La Esperanza, northwest of the capital Tegucigalpa on March 3, 2016. She was 44. Her murder sparked international outrage and highlighted threats to Honduran activists. At least eight other people have been arrested in connection with the ... journalists
According to local human rights groups, more than 60 activists and protesters are at risk nationwide after their names and faces circulated on social media or in ... In an interview in late January with Radio Progreso, a former Honduran army captain, Santos Orellana Rodriguez, said that Honduras' military ... journalists
Nevertheless, the organization found that a growing resistance movement of both first-time and seasoned activists provides real hope of reversing the slide towards oppression and fear. Amnesty International´s annual report, The State of the World's Human Rights, assesses the human rights situation in ... journalists
A spokesperson said that the State Department is “aware of a number of serious allegations of human rights violations by members of Honduran security forces in the post-election period, and has called upon the government of Honduras to swiftly and thoroughly investigate all such incidents and bring the ... journalists
MEXICO CITY — The leader of an international anti-corruption panel in Honduras has resigned, delivering a blow to the campaign against the country's ... in a case that has become emblematic of the violence in Honduras against human rights defenders, political activists, journalists and environmentalists. journalists

Human rights abuses in Honduras have been endemic ever since a 2009 US-backed coup overthrew democratically-elected left-wing president Manuel Zelaya and installed a repressive, pro-US government. The conservative National Party has been in power since January 2010. Its control of the country ... journalists
According to human rights groups in Honduras, he became the 38th fatality at the hands of security forces or national police over weeks of protest since the ... But a number of the fatalities were the result of apparently targeted attacks on community and political organizers and eco- or social activists, acts ... journalists
The Committee to Protect Journalists, along with more than 50 international and local digital rights organizations and media outlets, joined calls on Honduran lawmakers this week to reject a proposed law that would regulate online speech. Under the proposed law, internet service providers, online ... journalists
Plus: Russia keeps backing Syria's Assad despite chemical weapons use; Egypt's abuses; Azerbaijan set to reconfirm its dictatorship; Hungary's ruling party deepens crackdown; Koreas summit; Iranian authorities fear human rights activists; Online censorship threat in Honduras; and Iraq "execution room.". journalists
Sikkink's book defends a powerful thesis: Human rights work, and they will continue to work. The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice, as long as we keep fighting the good fight for human rights. And, crucially, Sikkink aims to show that this optimism needn't rest on faith alone. It can be ... journalists
The administration deferred their decision on Honduran TPS holders until the summer. On Wednesday in New York City, activists and experts warned against ending TPS status for Honduran Americans, given the country's current situation. They joined Alianza Americas, a transnational network of ... journalists
In particular, the life of Jesuit priest and native Honduran Father Ismael Moreno, known as Padre Melo, is in danger. Possibly as well known as the assassinated Berta Caceres, Melo is the director of Radio Progreso, an independent station that reports on human rights violations, police and military abuses, ... journalists
According to human rights groups in Honduras, he became the 38th fatality at the hands of security forces or national police over weeks of protest since the ... But a number of the fatalities were the result of apparently targeted attacks on community and political organizers and eco- or social activists, acts ... journalists
Delegates join Honduran human rights advocates in calling for an immediate end to the state-sponsored violence, bloodshed and arrests that have been ongoing since the elections; a halt to Honduran military and police attacks on human rights defenders, land activists, journalists and other advocates; ... journalists
Activists in Honduras have been targeted in a wave of surveillance, intimidation and violence since the country's security forces cracked down on a wave of social ... According to the human rights group Cofadeh, reports have emerged of security forces entering communities with lists of people to detain. journalists
Activists demand an independent investigation into the murder of slain Honduran activist Berta Caceres. ... Of the 312 human rights defenders murdered across the world in 2017, 212 of them (67.9 percent) were from Latin America, according to a new report by Ireland-based non-profit Front Line Defenders ... journalists
Causing even greater alarm, the blatant assassination of human rights defenders and movement leaders has recently become commonplace. A report released earlier this year found that Honduras is the deadliest country in the world for environmental activists, with 120 having been killed since 2010. journalists
By 2016, Hernandez's 3rd year in office, Honduras recorded the highest number of killings of environmental and land rights activists, most of whom were killed by state security forces or domestic corporations that back Hernandez. An independent commission recently revealed that the Honduran military ... journalists
Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has said that 2018 will be the “year of liberation” for the Honduran people. ... says that the government is falsely accusing Moreno, and several other human rights activists in Honduras of having ties to “narcotrafficking” in order to “detract” from Moreno's work. journalists
Israeli activists are protesting exports of Israeli-made arms to Honduras, citing human rights violations by Honduran security forces. ... made by Israel-based surveillance company, the NSO Group, which was used by a customer in the United Arab Emirates to target human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor. journalists
While serving as head of the Honduran Congress in 2012, Juan Orlando Hernandez orchestrated the sacking of four out of five Supreme Court justices ... Dozens of journalists and human rights activists, including the indigenous rights activist Berta Caceres, have been killed — almost always with impunity. journalists
The Committee to Protect Journalists, along with more than 50 international and local digital rights organizations and media outlets, joined calls on Honduran lawmakers this week to reject a proposed law that would regulate online speech. Under the proposed law, internet service providers, online ... journalists
Castillo is among Honduran activists now under threat of personal danger because they are calling for new elections, claiming that incumbent ... had certified that the Honduran government has been combating corruption and supporting human rights, paving the way for Honduras to receive millions of ... journalists
Front Line Defenders, which aims to protect human rights activists at risk, published the report on Thursday. It said the ... There were 480 protection grants given in 2017, costing just over €1 million with most applications received from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Turkey, Kenya and Honduras. journalists
Gustavo Castro Soto, a Mexican environmental activist, was injured in the attack. ... land rights in Honduras – the deadliest place to be an environmental activist, ... More than 120 activists have been murdered for trying to protect the land or ... At the same time, there has been a crackdown on human rights. journalists
These Women Nobelists Are Fighting for Grassroots Activists in Central ... Amalia Lemus, an indigenous Xinca organizer with the Diocese ... through Honduras and Guatemala with a group of women activists ... human-rights cocktail circuit over the gritty work that the Honduran ... —activist Patricia Gregorio. journalists
Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle, an organizer with La Voz de los de Abajo, interpreted the ... And I witnessed that when I went to Honduras in 2011. ... But I don't believe that the police or the military are in any way on the side of the Honduran people. ... I think we owe it to ourselves as organizers who still have a lot of ... journalists
WASHINGTON — Continuing the battle against the Honduran elite, ... her mother, an internationally known human rights activist, championed. journalists
Honduras has long been one of the unfortunate countries to have a “special ... that has astonished the Honduran oligarchy and coup supporters, ... of human rights and activist organizations including COPINH as well as ... journalists
GAIPE: Challenging the Impunity Present in Human Rights Defenders' Deaths ... projects on indigenous lands authorized by the Honduran government. ... gunning her down and injuring fellow activist Gustavo Castro Soto. ... Unfortunately, this story is all too common for human rights defenders in Honduras ... journalists
The Agua Zarca dam project, approved by Honduran officials in ... survival of Honduras' Indigenous Lenca community and the health of the Gualcarque River. ... to neutralise Berta and other Lenca activists opposing the Agua Zarca dam. ... against human rights defenders in the wider context of violence that ... journalists
Co-founded in 1993 by Honduran human rights activist Berta Caceres, ... education and indigenous rights of the Lenca people in Honduras. journalists
On Tuesday, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a team of international lawyers ... and details its findings in her article, “Who Ordered Killing of Honduran Activist? .... ELISABETH MALKIN: Well, these are human rights investigators, they're not ... is really the kind of Nobel Prize for grassroots environmental activists. journalists
Dutch bank accused of complicity in Honduran activist's murder ... plant in Honduras, protests around which ultimately resulted in the activist's murder, the ... And the situation escalated into violent clashes between soldiers and activists. ... On Tuesday, the human rights lawyers published the results of their ... journalists
... agents conspired to kill renowned Honduran activist Berta Caceres last year. ... The panel made several trips to Honduras to interview more than 30 ... evidence and reports from international human rights organisations. journalists
In Honduras : State agents, power company, involved in activist murder ... the threat to Honduran activists and sparked international outrage. ... well as study evidence and reports from international human rights organizations. journalists
The Honduran activist had led mobilizations against the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Gualcarque River. ... who traveled to Honduras Friday to participate in the Nobel Women convention which strives to uphold human rights. ... The delegation of rights activists from the Nobel Women's initiative, ... journalists
The activist carries the struggle to defend the environment and the ... which have virtually become part of everyday life for activists. ... The mechanism to protect human rights defenders was a response to .... They lobby for the “renewable energy” producers in Honduras, part of the Honduran oligarchy that is ... journalists


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