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updated Mon. July 21, 2014

On 12 July, unidentified gunmen killed the PDF coordinator of Tulus area, Ali Adam along with his bodyguard, and three others in Assalaya locality in East Darfur while they were riding vehicles heading South Darfur capital, Nyala. The commissioner of ...
According to delivery notices, the wildlife firm first delivery to Lusaka Park was on September 2, 2012 where 50 blesbok, 28 Nyala and 98 wildebeest were translocated from South Africa. The documents further revealed that the second delivery of animals ...

Nyala - militia elements in Nyala city stole a mini-bus belonging to the joint UN-AU Mission in Darfur (Unamid) and the mobile phones of the staff on Wednesday.
Firing gunshots in the air, as customary during wedding ceremonies, has been prohibited at night in the capital Nyala. Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of South Darfur, Mahdi Bosh assured that the abducted International Organisation for Migration worker ...
The recent $130 million sale of the 53-acre Nyala farms corporate office park by Florida-based Nyala Farms Inc. to Stamford-based 60 Nyala Farms Road LLC produced $325,000 in conveyance taxes, according to documents filed in the Town Clerk's Office.
Here you will find most of Malawi's elephant population and if you are lucky, will be able to spot the secretive Nyala, a spiral-horned antelope, native to the area but very shy.

Westport, CT In the largest real estate transaction in Connecticut in 2014, Building and Land technology (BLT) acquired Nyala farms Corporate Center, a 372,207 s/f office park on 53 acres, according to Carl Kuehner III, CEO of BLT, a privately held ...
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The Governor of Sudan's South Darfur State issued an order on Tuesday imposing emergency measures, in a bid to curb insecurity in the capital Nyala. General Adam Mahmoud Jarelnabi banned the movement of vehicles without number plates, tinted glass ...
It also banned driving of shaded cars in Nyala even for government officials unless permission is being obtained from the traffic police.
The Governor of South Darfur State issued a number of "emergency measures" on Tuesday, in an attempt to combat the rampant insecurity in the capital Nyala. Governor Maj. Gen. Adam Mahmoud Jarelnabi ordered the strict control by security and police ...
It also banned driving of shaded cars in Nyala even for government officials unless permission is being obtained from the traffic police.
gunmen on Monday stole SDG33,800 in cash from the Teens Company for Health Products in El Nahda district in downtown Nyala, capital of South Darfur.
... killing of Katila commissioner, Abdallah Yassen, last week. The commissioner of Katila county, 156 km south west of Nyala, was killed in ambush while he was travelling from Nyala to his county on 6 July. The assailants stole the salaries of ...
Minister of culture and Information of the DRA, Abdul-Kareem Musa revealed that SDG 17 billion has been allocated by the DRA to provide electricity services to Nyala, capital city of South Darfur which regularly experiences power cuts. Musa stated that ...
Khartoum - Unidentified gunmen killed the coordinator of the Popular Defence Forces (PDF) in one of South Darfur counties on Saturday while he was heading to Nyala from the neighbouring East Darfur state. The PDF coordinator of Telass area, Ali Adam, ...
The Nyala farms coroprate center, a 50-acre office complex that is the town's second-largest taxpayer, was sold June 27 for $130 million -- largest real estate transaction in town history -- to Building and Land technology, a Stamford developer that ...

"Koran sheikh Abdel Razeg Adam Ahmed, and his brother Ahmed had left the camp early on Sunday with their donkey cart, to sell straw at the Nyala market", camp sheikh Mahjoub Tabaldiya told Radio Dabanga. "When they were on their way, gunmen ...
Aliran sungai Batanghari mulai deras sejak hujan turun selama beberapa hari terakhir. Namun anehnya, aliran air dari PDAM TM masih saja macet.
S. Darfur HAC Announces IDPs Return to East Nyala. Khartoum - Commissioner of the Humanitarian Aids Commission (HAC) in South Darfur, Jamal Yousif on Sunday emphasised the stability of the humanitarian situation in Internally Displaced Persons ...
Khartoum - Food and shelter items were distributed on Saturday by the Commission for Voluntary Return and Resettlement in the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Buram and Sunta localities in South Darfur State.
"Tadinya satu Bali mati listrik, terus daerah lain udah pada Nyala, Denpasar belum Nyala-Nyala nih sampai sekarang, udah 1 jam lebih," kata pengguna twitter @Thya_bria95.
... and Christopher J. Brady Trusts to Rosemary Hallgarten, 97 Compo Road South,$765,000. Eleanor J. Hoyt Trust to Mingjia Wang and Jia Zhou, 7 Mallard Lane, $985,000.
On 9 July 2014, as part of the Mission's quick impact projects (QIPs) programme, UNAMID in South Darfur presented computers to Nyala University. The computers, which are designed to help increase student productivity and learning, are going to be used ...
Nyala - More than 3,000 school teachers in Nyala, capital of South Darfur, have requested to be transferred. The teachers submitted their transferral requests because of the rampant insecurity in the city.
... sources also reported that a large group of paramilitary Rapid Support Forces in 45 armoured vehicles passed their areas on Tuesday evening.
London, (PRLM).- Inggris mengikuti kebijakan pemerintah AS untuk memperketat keamanan bandara yang mewajibkan semua gadget/ perangkat elektronik milik penumpang pesawat seperti ponsel, tablet, dan laptop, harus bisa meNyala.
El Salam Camp - A sudden high fever has caused the death of three displaced in El Salam camp, near South Darfur's capital of Nyala. The causes are unknown. Speaking to Radio Dabanga, camp sheikh Mahjoub Adam Tabaldiya reported that a baby girl ...
Defense attorneys Patrick Collins and A.J. Roop are seeking to have all drug evidence against Irwin and Nyala tossed out because of the scandal at the Medical Examiner's office and Carpenter has designated it a test case for some 200 pending drug ...
On Sunday, gunmen stole SDG70,000 in cash from the Mamoun El Bireir distribution centre in Nyala, South Darfur's capital.
F: 30 Hari Nyala, Mesin Yamaha GT125 Tetap Normal (Septian P / Okezone) Jakarta - Saat gelaran Jakarta Fair 2014, Yamaha Indonesia melakukan tantangan dengan membiarkan mesin skutik GT125 hidup selama 30 hari.
South Darfur - In El Salam camp, located south of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, the more than 6,000 new displaced are in urgent need of food.
"The Commissioner was on his way from South Darfur's capital of Nyala to Katila town, with the salaries of the locality's staff," the witness added.
Sebelumnya pendukung jokowi di petemon dan kaliasin menemukan pembagian beras yang kemasannya bergambar la Nyala mataliti dan jadwal salat serta imsak bergambar prabowo-hatta.
Two school students were shot at the market of Deleig in Central Darfur on Sunday. On the same day, militiamen raided the Jukhana market, near Gireida town in South Darfur, killing a displaced man and injuring others.
Sudan's annual inflation rate jumped to 45.3 percent in June, reflecting a 10 percent rise in prices of consumer goods on the month, the Central Statistics Office said on Monday.
The commissioner Abdallah Yassin was returning to his county from the state capital Nyala when his vehicle was ambushed by the armed men, said the governor in a short statement released after the incident.
"Rapid Support militiamen intercepted Abdel Majid Abakar Abdallah, when he was on his way home at the camp, returning from school", a sheikh of the Otash camp in Nyala locality told Radio Dabanga. "The gunmen demanded his mobile phone. When he ...
INILAHCOM, California - Para ilmuwan telah menemukan bagian di otak manusia yang bisa menghidupkan dan mematikan fungsi dari organ penting tersebut.
Sebelumnya pendukung jokowi di petemon dan kaliasin menemukan pembagian beras yang kemasannya bergambar la Nyala mataliti dan jadwal salat serta imsak bergambar prabowo-hatta.
(Updated 23:50) Militiamen abducted a staff member of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Nyala, capital of South Darfur at midday on Sunday.
Khartoum, July 6 (KUNA) -- Unknown gunmen ambushed and killed Abdullah Yasseen, head of the Katila municipality, South Darfur state, in the western area of Towal Umm Jamal on Sunday.
By Brian Van Slyke and Taliesin Nyala, Truthout | Op-Ed. Death and Number-Crunching in Corporate America. By Thom Hartmann and Sam Sacks, The Daily Take | Op-Ed.
Mengupgrade tampilan besutan bisa dilakukan dengan beragam cara, dari airbrush, pasang aksesori aftermarket dan lainnya. Selain itu, sakelar Bajaj Pulsar 135LS (P135) juga bisa menambah tampang besutan kesayangan jadi eye catching, lo!
"We deployed a platoon in El Fasher (the headquarters), Kapkabia and Nyala. We also deployed sections (about 15 men), each at Al Janeina and Tine.
Purcell and Anne Brooksbank adapted their screenplay from "Leave No Trace," the first of two novels by Hannah Nyala West centered around the adventures of search-and-rescue worker Tally Nowata.
3 July 2014. El Fasher/Nyala - Throughout Darfur, camps for internally displaced people suffer from water shortages, caused by low groundwater levels and a lack of fuel to operate the pumps.
An 18-year-old student in Nyala city, South Darfur, was shot dead by two persons in military uniform on Wednesday afternoon.
MSF, whose French name is Medecins sans Frontieres, said it planned to send three experienced staff to "launch initial life-saving emergency activities" for people in "particularly terrible conditions" at El Sereif camp near the South Darfur state ...
Nyala farms is a 372,207-square-foot office park on 53 acres. The purchase announcement was made by Carl R. Kuehner III, CEO of BLT.


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