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updated Sat. April 29, 2017

Cutting federal inspections, which have freed almost 50,000 people, soft-pedaling a public list of transgressive businesses, loosening outsourcing provisions and even lightening the very definition of slavery are, labor advocates say, putting workers ...
Leading TV and film producer, Will Packer, has had eight of his films open up at No. 1 in the box office; Ride Along 1 & 2, No Good Deed, Think Like A Man 1 & 2 ...
R.L. Schreadley recently defended the flags, statues, monuments and songs related to the civil war and to the antebellum south on The Post and Courier's ...
Anderson, who was rescued from the sex trade nearly four years ago, is one face of a problem that affects hundreds of people in North Carolina, a form of ...
A slavery music festival? A "Taste of slavery" street fair? Baxley's not just any lawmaker. He's the chairman of the Florida Senate's government Oversight & Accountability Committee.
Since 1995 Brazil has had one of the world's most celebrated programs to rescue its estimated 161,000 modern slaves and punish the companies that abuse them.
This bipartisan bill reauthorizes the critical anti-human trafficking programs we need to continue fighting modern slavery both at home and abroad.
North Wales police arrested a man for human trafficking offences during Thursday's operation.
But it's an uphill fight with roughly 25,000 Brazilians lured into slavery every year, according to the Catholic Pastoral Land Commission, or CPT.
Elisabeth Dolson, owner of the Santa Eufrasia former slave plantation in Brazil, runs a business giving visitors private tours around her premises.
When a person must be reminded that the United States enslaved and terrorized millions of black people for hundreds of years, that person has probably said something ignorant.
London, April 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The struggle against modern-day slavery in the fashion industry is being hampered by public relations spin and companies that still put profit not people at the heart of their business models, said a ...
A bail bond company and an immigrants advocate settled a lawsuit that focused on the latter's posting of a statement that the firm engaged in ``slavery''
Immuta, a data governance startup in Maryland run by former US National Security Agency technicians, has developed a method to govern how data is used by machine learning algorithms.
In the United States, fewer African-Americans are able to get the recommended six to nine hours of sleep per night than people in any other racial group, and what's more, when African-Americans do get to sleep, less of that sleep is spent in the ...
To respond to the modern slavery crisis, Jocelyn White, a mother and classically trained ballerina, retired from her thriving dance career and started volunteering with International Justice Mission (IJM).
As American universities grapple with their connections to slavery, Harvard University is putting its ties on display. Last year, a plaque commemorating four enslaved people who lived and worked at the school's Wadsworth House was hung outside.
The young men have been killed in battles in Libya while the young women were sold off as sex slaves to terrorist militants and are now struggling to return home.
slavery was not abolished wholesale in the United States until 1867 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment. So ended the great black mark of our republic.
When we study racial inequality, we tend to consider factors that affect people while they are awake. Differential access to safe neighborhoods with good schools, decent jobs and unbalanced treatment by police and the courts surely have much to do with ...
At a campus gathering Tuesday to honor and remember those slaves, one of their descendants, Sandra Green Thomas said: "Their pain was unparalleled.
BERRYVILLE - A traveling exhibit from Library of Virginia opens Sunday at the Josephine school Community Museum: Clarke County African-American cultural Center.
(AP) -- Western Kentucky University's Student government Association has passed a resolution calling for free tuition for black students as reparations for slavery. News outlets report that the resolution, which passed 19-10 with one abstention, also ...
Dozens of men and women whose ancestors were once sold as slaves to fund the nascent Georgetown University gathered at that university for an emotional worship service of remembrance and repentance.
On Sept. 2, University President John J. DeGioia announced a series of efforts to reconcile the benefit Georgetown received from the 1838 sale of 272 slaves. The statement marked the conclusion of a yearlong endeavor to respond to the university's ...
New plaques recognizing that slaves built the University of South Carolina's earliest buildings are coming soon to the school's historic Horseshoe.
A series of fascinating talks in Skelmorlie hosted at Strathclyde House continues on Sunday April 23. Ben Cooley, Chief Executive Officer of the Hope for Justice movement, will share his inspiring story of how they take a practical view to ending slavery.
students at Western Kentucky University voted this week to give their black peers free tuition as a way to make amends for slavery, but administrators say it's not going to happen. President Gary Ransdell issued a statement Thursday after the student ...
Because the best black jockeys had the ability to earn their owners a great deal of purse money in the late 19th century, they were treated better than other slaves and paid for their riding exploits. As an additional source of income, owners would ...
Last year, Georgetown University acknowledged the role it played in slavery when in 1838, it benefited from the sale of 272 slaves to pay off debts. The sellers of the slaves were Jesuits, part of the group of Catholics that helped establish Georgetown ...
About 60 victims of modern slavery were safeguarded by the force in the last year.
( -- Sex slavery cases reported in Louisiana rose by 25% last year. That's according to a report by the state Department of children and Family Services.
Western Kentucky University's Student government Association passed a resolution to give all black students free tuition as reparations, the College Heights ...
The two new Town of Danby Historians, Annie Barr and Alex Pheifer, asked me about slavery in their town. slavery in New York ended in 1827 with the caveat that young persons not be freed to go out on their own until women reached the age of 21, and ...
The Black Belt moniker first referenced the rich, fertile soil that millions of African slaves were forced to work, their labor making the European settlers some of the wealthiest people in the world.
A Dallas man was sentenced to 35 years in prison last week following his 2015 conviction on kidnapping charges. His felony conviction stemmed from the 2012 kidnapping of a victim he planned to sell into sex slavery. According to a statement released by ...
Their memories of slavery and liberation concerned not a distant past in Egypt, but a story set in the United States. Their prophet was an African American man born into slavery. He preached to a Christian audience, telling them to incorporate Hebraic ...
When it comes to white supremacy, Stevenson says he doesn't view recent trend as a resurgence, but an outcome of our practiced denial around America's past.
Introducing modern slavery laws would force Australian clothing companies to clean up their supply chains and catch up with international competitors, the authors of the annual Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report have said.
Two buildings on Georgetown's campus were renamed Tuesday in an effort to acknowledge the university's history of slavery.
The tomb of Paola Clemente. Her death led to soul-searching and an investigation of farming practices in Italy. Credit Nadia Shira Cohen for The New York Times.
Philadelphia -- Margaret Jerrido is the archivist at Philadelphia's Bethel AME church, where stored away in boxes are historical gems.
The government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is so secretive about the country's economy that there is relatively little public available information about its output, the composition of its workforce, or how the government gets and ...
activists are calling for Craigslist ads offering housing in exchange for domestic labor or sexual companionship to be banned. Elizabeth Nolan Brown| Apr. 17, 2017 1:06 pm.
In this undated photo provided by Christopher Cary, Rick Elliott of Bristol Seafood in Portland, Maine, examines a bag of scallops at auction in New Bedford, Mass.
Here on campus, the International Justice Mission group meets on a weekly basis to plan events and discuss topics related to human trafficking and slavery. One of the big events that the organization plans is Justice Week, which occurred in the first ...
BERWICK, Maine - The Berwick Historical Society will present a program on Wednesday evening, based on the book "Eighty-Eight Years; The Long Death of slavery in the United States, 1777-1865," and featuring the author. The program begins at 7 p.m. at ...
Lisa Kristine hopes to promote awareness of modern slavery through her photography, which is currently on display at UNO's Criss Library and Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center.







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