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updated Mon. April 24, 2017

To do this, the data analysts calculated the average crime rates from 2010 to 2012 and 2013 to 2015 and then compared the percent change between the averages to identify where crime has increased over the last six years.
Uganda's police chief Kale Kayihura is under pressure to explain the increasing crime rate, which was worsened by the recent killing of police spokesperson ...
Juvenile crime rates in Faulkner County have significantly dropped since a risk assessment program was initiated. Circuit Judge Troy B. Braswell Jr.
A wise decision, apparently. Awards and accolades continue to pour in: Gilbert has been deemed the second safest U.S. city, the best city to raise a family, the best Phoenix suburb and the #1 place to live if you're trying to save money.
Fairfax County police collects arrest and crime statistics in accordance with the Virginia state police Uniform crime Reporting (UCR) Incident Based Reporting (IBR) system, which divides offenses into Group "A" and Group "B" categories, with more ...
Yuba City police Chief Robert Landon says there were eight homicides -- the most the city has ever seen. There were zero homicides in 2015.
Abu Dhabi // The capital is the safest cities in the world, according to a 300-strong online index. Compiled by, a database of user-contributed information, the crime Index Rate puts the capital in 288th place among 288 cities in terms of ...
The RedZone Map app users in London will be more aware of their surroundings and avoid higher crime locations and the addition comes at a time when London is seeing sharp increase in crime rates. "It has always been our goal to enhance personal safety ...
The overall crime rate in Springfield has dropped significantly in the past year, according to a report from the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System (TIBRS), released earlier this month.
President Donald Trump plans to collect a lot more data about crimes committed by immigrants. This will inevitably give him a weapon to use against them, thanks to a peculiarity of crime statistics: If you look for something, you'll almost always find ...
Figures just released show for the year 2016 crime rates in Victoria increased by 10.2 per cent compared to NSW crime rates which increased by just 0.41 per cent. Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said in less than two ...
1 Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. 2 Don't Threaten.
Tyler police Chief Jimmy Toler said the department monitors crime statistics throughout the year in order to identify and address any trends that develop.
In 2016, the number of recorded robberies in Victoria increased almost 25 per cent, while assaults and burglaries climbed 12 per cent and 10 per cent respectively, according to the crime statistics Agency in Victoria - a continuation of a steady rise ...
A new study found a connection between lower heart rates and the crime rate, linking men's lower resting heart rate with the fact that they commit crimes in far greater numbers than women.
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The updated crime states from January 1 - March 31, 2016, compared to January 1 - March 31, 2017, for the whole of Shelby County are as follows: Overall crime rate/ Group A Offenses - 4.9 percent increase. Major Violent crimes - 0.3 percent increase
Philadelphia's police department is not asking City Council for much more money.
There's "no evidence of a national crime wave," and crime rates nationwide remain near long-time lows, according to a new study by the Brennan Center for Justice.
Wake County school officials are required to give crime statistics to the state each year. During the 2015-2016 school year, about five incidents per thousand students were reported, which is below the state average.
police investigate the scene of a shooting in January that involved a patrol officer being shot multiple times by a man in West Philadelphia.
Officials said the city continues to experience historic low crime rates. "The decreasing crime rate reflects well on our community and the hard work of the employees of the Alexandria police Department and our partners," explained Alexandria police ...
At a protest Tuesday, March 21, University of Georgia students gathered at the Arch to oppose the 2017 campus carry bill that passed the Legislature and is now on the governor's desk.
Our ANC commissioners share timely information that may be of interest to all Capitol Hill and Ward 6 residents, even if it pertains to a smaller geographical area.
Campbell felt the 2015 crime rate was the result of determined work from deputies and detectives, community outreach programs and education initiatives that discourage and prevent crime.
Malden and most communities around the country use the FBI-based National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) to assemble and disseminate detailed information on crime statistics in that specific city or town. Overall, according to statistics ...
Every month Devon and Cornwall updates its crime statistics for every neighbourhood in the city. And they reveal the stark contrast between neighbourhoods.
Presentation of the crime statistic 2016 was held at the Joint Operations Center in Tbilisi. The event was attended by non-governmental sector and journalists.
youth crime levels in Denmark have decreased year on tear since 2006, says a report by the Danish Ministry of Justice. The amount of people between the ages of 10 and 17 years old either on suspicion or charged with crimes has more than halved over the ...
That's a flimsy excuse, and it is not the agency's job to determine whether crime statistics on MetroLink properties present a skewed safety picture.
At a time when the capital has recorded a significant increase in crime rate, the Delhi police in outer Delhi have formed special teams to search for four missing buffaloes.
crime statistics in Young have fallen or remained stable over the last two years with stealing from a retail store the only major non-drug- related offence to have increased in number.
Duty-free Labuan, despite being an international financial centre, continues to enjoy one of the lowest crime rate in the country.
Statewide, the NSW police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the crime data highlighted the "proactive efforts by officers to drive down crime across NSW".
Half of Louisiana's adult residents think the state's criminal justice system is fair, but among black residents seven in 10 say it's unfair, according to The Louisiana ...
The statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia, provided by the non-governmental organization Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads, show that in January-February 2017, 905 traffic accidents were recorded, which left 84 people dead ...
crime in the city was at an all-time low for the first three months of 2017, making it the safest first quarter in modern history and continuing the trend of crime dropping, city officials said on Monday.
St Julian's continued to register the highest crime rate, at five times the national average, according to the Malta crime Report 2016 launched this afternoon.
New data released by the Bureau of crime statistics and Research (BOCSAR) shows Domestic Violence and indecent assaults are up by more than a fifth in the two years from January 2015 to December last year while breaking and entering a dwelling ...
Somerset ward had Ottawa's highest crime rate in 2015, with 11,240.4 crimes per 100,000 population. By comparison, West Carleton-March had the lowest, with 1,273.5 crimes per 100,000 residents.
Janata Dal (Secular) MLC Basavaraj Horatti has expressed concern over the growing crime rate and traffic problems in Hubballi city and urged the government to initiate corrective steps.
Also, Delhi police crime data show alarming instances of suspected rapists below 18, most of them teenagers caught for the first time.
crime rates across New South Wales have fallen to their lowest levels in 40 years, new data has revealed, which according to analysts may be a surprise to most.
"There's not room for celebration yet, but I am encouraged by the numbers that we saw," said Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.
CHANDRAPUR: It is time for the Chandrapur district police department to pat its back for "successfully" implementing the liquor ban in the district for two years, leading to substantial decrease in crime rate and accidents. Chandrapur was declared a ...
What was not explained is that looking at crime trends it is atypical for Spencer's crime rate to be higher than Salisbury's.
Reported crime rates are far lower than the actual crime rate in the country, as to this day there is a very strong social stigma on reporting rape, or spousal abuse.
"In the past four decades, our nation has won great victories against crime. Overall, crime rates remain near historic lows.
At the end of 2015, Greeley's number of Part One crimes was down 19 percent from the preceding year. (Part One crimes as defined by the FBI include murder, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, arson, burglary, theft and motor vehicle theft.
crime rates in and around residence halls jumped by almost 50 percent last September, according to records of all UT police Department calls in the last seven months.






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