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updated Sun. April 22, 2018

An American woman who planned a mass shooting has been sentenced in a Canadian court to life in prison. Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, 26, of Geneva, Illinois, was arrested in 2015 at the Halifax airport. Along with two Canadians, she plotted a mass shooting on Valentine's Day at a mall in ...

Students, mostly from Herron High School, gathered at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument to protest on the anniversary of Columbine. by Taboola by Taboola. AD CONTENT. IcePop · Michael Oher Tells A Whole Different Story About 'The Blind Side'IcePop. Undo. Tophatter · It's Like Ebay, but ...
There are always two elements necessary to pull off the mass murders we've witnessed in America and around the world: hatred and a weapon. ... Average Americans are not equipped to address the mental health problems that may result in mass murder, so we need to advocate for increased funding ... Teacher
AUTISM research pioneer Hans Asperger 'actively assisted' in the murder of disabled children by the Nazis, a new report claims. The Austrian paediatrician -- who gave his name to Asperger syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism -- is said to have been 'complicit' in the regime's ... children
The families of those five victims will now be able to see this case move forward. Since last seeing Peacock in court, he has gained a new attorney on his case. Former attorney Burt Baker resigned from the case after taking a different job. Baker withdrew from the case in October. According to court ... children

Accused mass murderer Jeffrey Peacock is expected to be in court soon. This comes after a year of not many updates in the case. Peacock is accused of fatally shooting five people in May of 2016 at a Colquitt County home on Rossman Dairy Road. Police also said he killed three dogs and set fire to the ... children
Assault weapons like this are mind-boggling in their lethality and their potential for committing mass murder. They have no legitimate use in a moral ... This would stop, or at least inhibit, mass murders, especially when combined with sensible gun ownership regulations. Nobody, except killers and gun ... children
German prosecutors have charged a 94-year-old former SS guard at the Auschwitz death camp as an accessory to murder. Prosecutors in Stuttgart said the unidentified suspect, a German national born in Serbia, was charged as a juvenile because he was 19 at the time of the alleged offences. They say he ... children
KAGOSHIMA – Police found two more bodies Sunday after a man was arrested Saturday following the murders of three people in Kagoshima Prefecture. The suspect, 38-year-old Tomohiro Iwakura, has said he killed all five people, according to police. The two bodies are believed to be those of his ... children
The United States is an advanced industrial society. Yet we have the highest murder rate and the most frequent mass murders among this group of nations. Our normal response is shock followed by noise about gun control and mental illness. Then it is another day, unlike the ongoing conversation about ... children
29, 2017, spent hours searching online for videos and references to mass murders in the weeks before he gunned down the worshippers, it was revealed Friday at a court hearing. Alexandre Bissonnette, 28, also entered online search terms for mass murderer Dylann Roof 201 times between Jan. children
Officially, more than 4,200 people have been killed by police in the Philippines during anti-drug operations, which began in July 2016. Human rights groups count as many as 12,000 deaths—many of them at the hands of the Philippine National Police or unknown gunmen, who often have connections with ... children
Fontaine says Jones and InfoWars compounded the defamation by calling the mass murders a “false flag” event orchestrated by the government as a pretext to create resentment of conservatives and gun owners. As a result, even though mainstream news showed the Florida shooter to be Nikolas Cruz, ... children
“When Efrain Rios Montt, the former Guatemalan dictator, held power in the early 1980s, thousands of civilians were shot, tortured and 'disappeared' in the most violent episode of the Central American nation's history,” The Independent reported in 2003. Montt at the time was making another bid for power ... children
... Florida, is unimaginable — except to parents, siblings, other family members, and friends who have lost a loved one in a previous senseless mass murder in the United States. The key to reducing the odds that these mass murders will occur again in our schools and other public places is for Democrats in ... children
President Trump expressed support Tuesday for the mother of a police officer killed in a fatal car crash involving an illegal immigrant, telling her "we're with you" after she said there was a quiet mass-murder happening in the U.S.. "This is actually a mass murder happening in the United States by illegal ... children

The mass murder at a Parkland, Florida, high school precipitated a national outcry for more gun restrictions lead by many of the teenage survivors of the massacre. Defenders of the Second Amendment have pointed out that many of the provisions being proposed would not have stopped the Parkland ... children
The news media has assigned much blame for the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla., including inadequate gun laws, parents, the local sheriff's department, the FBI, and mental health. They all share some of the blame, but I think mental health is a significant factor. There was an interesting article in ... children
It doesn't matter how many violent video games someone play. They cannot go out and easily commit mass murder if they do not have a gun designed to commit mass murder. It does not matter how many violent movies someone sees. They cannot easily go out and commit mass murder if they do not have ... children
We commend the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights for recognising that “[t]he ethnic cleansing of Rohingya from Myanmar continues”. The violent eradication of the ethnic minority is ongoing despite a wall of denial by the Myanmar government as its seeks to evade international punishment ... children
Wall Street started the financial crisis, and Congress was right to enact Dodd-Frank in 2010 to reign in the “too big to fail” banks. Credit unions in Maine, like Maine State Credit Union, where I serve as the CEO, had nothing to do with the Great Recession and continued making loans to our members. children
The horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and the resultant media coverage have caused all of us here at TheBlaze to re-examine how we cover these tragic events. We want to make sure that we are not in any way contributing to the incentive someone might ... children
High school students demonstrate at the entrance to Florida Gov. Rick Scott's office and deliver boxes of petitions for more gun control on Feb. 21. (Gerald Herbert / Associated Press). To the editor: In the 1990s, public school educators did not think or need to say, "We are not warriors, we are teachers. children
If there's one clear point that's emerged from the Parkland shooting, it's that change in gun-control policy is not going to come from Washington politicians. Exhibit A: even as he was being absolutely flayed by teenagers during a town-hall debate on Wednesday night, Senator Marco Rubio, whose ... children
Both the perfunctory offerings of "thoughts and prayers" and the childish jokes that follow them trivialize mass murder. They're distractions from any sensible political and social dialogue and they needlessly expend the energy of both the people who spread these memes and those who read them. Everyone ... children
EVERETT, Wash. — Joshua O'Connor, 18, was charged Friday with attempted murder, robbery, and possession of an explosive device in what prosecutors said was a plan, outlined in his journal, to commit “mass murder of as many students as possible” at Aces High School in Everett. He is being held in ... children
Accused mass murderer Jeffrey Peacock is expected to be in court soon. This comes after a year of not many updates in the case. Peacock is accused of fatally shooting five people in May of 2016 at a Colquitt County home on Rossman Dairy Road. Police also said he killed three dogs and set fire to the ... children
AUM once hosted Holocaust Remembrance programs for several years and showed films that were enough to upset just about everyone who watched them. Rabbi Barry Leff didn't have any films to show at the Alabama State Capitol on Tuesday, but he did almost as much with words. How else to describe ... children
But by far the silliest idea of the week was the notion of arming schoolteachers to prevent the all-too-common shooting sprees and mass murders in US ... Arm these men and spree shooters will either be deterred from committing mass murder at schools or stopped dead in their tracks if they persist, the ... children
On Sunday I was watching my two-year-old play with a plastic bucket at the local playground in Berkeley, California. He was wailing because he believes every toy and play structure is “mine!” And then the fire alarm in the community centre next to the playground sounded. Actors who had been rehearsing ... children
It was Canada's worst mass murder, yet it is barely remembered in this country. Today, Canadians commonly regard the bombing as an Indian tragedy, or at most an Indo-Canadian tragedy. They typically dwell on the terrorism, but rarely on the grief and hardship of fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, ... children
But guns are common in our population. And then there are all of the personal and social circumstances that surround these particular individuals that commit these crimes. Many people go down these paths, I believe, but most are diverted at some point onto another path that leads away from mass murder. children
Doesn't exist. You may think that it does. We're bombarded by our media whenever tragedy strikes, filling the airwaves and flooding our news feeds with horrific violence. Mass murder sells. It keeps you glued to the screen or clicking every article that appears in your news feed, speculating about the ... children
Given the Kremlin's mass murder agenda for Eastern Ghouta, it made sense for it to downplay the deaths of Russians so as not to stir up Washington. What Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime count on is the Trump administration addressing mass homicide in Syria just as the Obama administration did: with ... children
Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., said Wednesday that Democrats were more likely to be mass murderers in comparison to Republicans in an interview discussing the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla. "It's interesting that so many of these people that commit the mass murders end up being Democrats," ... children
Many good and decent Americans simply don't believe that tinkering around the edges of gun control will stop these mass murders in our schools, any more than tinkering around the edges of the First Amendment will — or the Fourth, Fifth and Six Amendments. Let's start with the freedom of the press, ... children
A couple of years ago now I wrote the book “Mass Murders in America.” It details every mass murder in America starting with Howard Barton Unruh who on September 6th 1949 randomly murdered 13 people then up to and including December 3, 2015 when Syed Rizwan Farook and Tachfeen Malik killed ... children
The Florida shooting has a whirlwind of criticism toward President Trump. If my grandchild were a victim, I would be equally distraught. This problem came, long before Trump. We have created a country of no moral core. There were 461 killings a year in Chicago alone during every year of Obama's ... children
Researchers at Arizona State University have studied mass murders (particularly school shootings) and found that each new episode does inspire copycats. We also know that some of the mass shooters have expressed fascination with their predecessors. The Oregon shooter, for example, had written of ... children
Anyone that blindly supports the NRA is an accessory to all of the mass murders of the type that occurred in Florida yesterday. I've had of enough of all these cowardly politicians with sanctimonious platitudes expressing sorrow while avoiding the real issue. Ban assault rifle type rifles, bump stocks and big ... children
There have been so many school shootings, since Columbine, that it's hard to keep track. Mass murder at schools, through the use of guns, ought never to happen anywhere. And now when we first hear “breaking news” that there has been a school shooting, our initial thoughts are “that's terrible. I wonder ... children
The tragic south Florida school shooting that's left 17 dead has left many wondering what exactly were the signs pointing to mental illness when it comes to shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz. UNC psychiatrist Dr. Jim Bedford said it's impossible to know what mix of mental traits may make a mass murder. children
Both the perfunctory offerings of "thoughts and prayers" and the childish jokes that follow them trivialize mass murder. They're distractions from any sensible political and social dialogue and they needlessly expend the energy of both the people who spread these memes and those who read them. Everyone ... children
A 19-YEAR-OLD man wearing a gas mask and toting an assault rifle rampaged through his former school in Florida on February 14th, killing 17 pupils. Local television stations reported that the slaughter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High appeared to be the worst mass murder in the history of Broward ... children
DelCo State Rep. Davidson visits fugitives wanted for mass-murder in Greece,… With no apparent indications of a breakthrough in the Senate to avoid a government shutdown, ... children
130 years ago, the largest mass murder in Georgia history happened right here in Bibb County. A man was convicted of killing 9 members of his own family. Many Georgians have never heard of the case, and others are still debating who the killer actually was and the motive. Chelsea Beimfohr investigates the Woolfolk ... children
The Harris County man who helped sadistic serial killer Dean Corll lure more than two dozen young boys to their torture and death was yet again denied parole. Following a parole board decision issued last week, David Owen Brooks will stay behind bars for at least another decade - the longest parole ... children
In utter betrayal of the good faith that Bangladesh, and indeed the world, has placed upon Myanmar to safely repatriate the Rohingya population, Myanmar continues its brutal cleansing operations in Rakhine state. According to new reports pouring in from international organizations such as Reuters and ... children
One by one, 12 defendants pleaded not guilty and denied allegations Friday morning in a Santa Maria courtroom for a case connected to 10 slayings leading to 50 felony charges that authorities say were committed by members of a violent international criminal gang. Judge John McGregor presided over ... children


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