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Superhero movies have proven to have a diversity problem, yet somehow the conventions that celebrate the subcultures which birthed this media have become celebrations of body positivty, racial and sexual diversity, and feminism.
As happens regularly in our world, we've taken something that a small group of people genuinely enjoy, blown it out of proportion, made a million memes about it, and created a subculture rife with snobbery, entitlement, and exclusivity. It happened to ...

Mascots enters a market well versed in the conventions of the form: fake interview segments, handheld photography, furtive glances toward the camera.
I challenge you to consider a social group or subculture that you belong for your own example. This may be your involvements in a workers union, the color of your skin, your education, etc.
After two minutes of rather unsettling noises of grumbling and squeaking, the old freight elevator landed with a thud on the ground floor of the industrial tower, ...
For the last month, a twitter bot named "Liz," with the handle @arguetron, has been quietly engaging with the internet's seediest subculture. Well-versed in internet bigotry of all stripes, the bot makes simple statements (five or six per hour ...

It has its own subculture from other bands, and it's as aggressive as football itself. There's physicality to it, high intensity for the performers and the music.
When it comes to discussion about expressive subcultures, sneakerhead culture has become more ubiquitous in popular, mainstream culture than most others will ever be.
By highlighting the subcultures and cities from which they have emerged, streetwear brands anchor their roots in authentic subcultures. This type of marketing targets millennials in particular, who, it is said, respond well to brand authenticity. In ...
It only took me a few weeks to realize I wasn't really a Christcore rocker, and it would take another few years, and movement through the peripheries of several other subcultures before I truly moved past my identity crisis. I don't believe the social ...
When it comes to discussion about expressive subcultures, sneakerhead culture has become more ubiquitous in popular, mainstream culture than most others will ever be.
The story soon attracted national attention, after it was revealed that Jennifer and Katlynn were part of Southern California's furry subculture - dedicated fans of anthropomorphized animals who typically flock to cartoons and fan fiction depicting ...
Matthew isn't stopping subculture's baristas from throwing on their tees and showing up to work this morning. In an Instagram and twitter post published last night, the specialty coffee shop announced they will open at 7:00 a.m.
Black says the 2 Tone movement, which is still prominent today, is like an umbrella that welcomes different subcultures like mods, punks, skinheads, rude boys and rude girls, "as long as we're all fighting against racism and looking toward a ...
The contemporary subculture made up of young people who value independent thought, non-mainstream and progressive food and lifestyle, hipsterism is often ridiculed for being elite and consumerist.
MANVEL, Texas - The gospel has come down to a small Texas town, and this time the messenger didn't come in on great white wings - but a Harley Davidson.
The documents, published by the Orange County Register, shed new light on the shotgun killings in late September of 39-year-old Jennifer Goodwill-Yost, a woman local media described as popular among the Orange County furry subculture, her husband ...

Caroline Young defines a subculture as anything outside of the mainstream, and her new book Style tribes: The Fashion of subcultures, pays homage to thirty notable alternative trends of the last one hundred years, including, but not limited to ...
subculture-support_local_music_MBC VANCOUVER - An unsettling and never-ending battle is raging on between promoters and bands.
An example of a parallel to me is Eddie Peake, he gentrifies London subcultures so that they can be digested by the art crowd from the safety of a controlled gallery environment.
"The John Varvatos brand is firmly rooted in rock 'n' roll and the punk subculture really shaped my own love of music and creative direction," said the designer.
It seems like wizards in North America are part of its subculture. We spot Newt and Tina at what looks like a speakeasy during the time of prohibition.
As a business owner, you want your product to stand on its own," says Sean Scott, subculture co-owner and coffee roaster.
Ah, YouTube, the inspirational and terrifying video-streaming portal of the Internet. Only here can you find a step-by-step guide to eating on three dollars a day, then fall down a rabbit hole and find yourself 45 minutes deep in a video of a Korean ...
Tulpamancers are people who imagine companions, called tulpas, into being through meditation-like practices. While the word tulpamancer is derived from a Tibetan word for "incarnation," one ethnographic study found that tulpamancers are mostly young, ...
"I'm fascinated by how much of a role social media now plays in forming these subcultures and tribes," he continued.
FULLERTON ( - A triple homicide that shocked the community of Fullerton over the weekend has brought added attention to the little-known subculture of "furries" - enthusiasts who dress in colorful animal costumes and take on animal ...
In an era still dominated by men, Brooks leaned into the subculture to which she belonged and painted largely her own friends and lovers.
Los Angeles, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Two men were charged on Tuesday in the triple murder of a Southern California couple and their friend in what local media reported may have been a crime among the so-called "furry" community of people who dress up in ...
The veil on the underground subculture of drag kings is pulled back in a new documentary that introduces performance artists who dress in masculine drag.
Featuring crows, black widow spiders, pentagrams, coffins, and crypts, and making references to Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Smith, and Friedrich Nietzsche, the book often only makes a passing reference to the goth subculture. Some pages are funny and ...
The culture of movie geeks has its plusses and minuses. Like any subculture, they can be insular, dogmatic, and obnoxious. But what binds together film geek culture - and what redeems it from all its shortcomings - is the genuine love these people ...
The mothers were asked to do problem-solving with their children. Universally, the blacks were impatient, the whites encouraging. Immediate achievement is rewarded in black subculture but not long-term achievement where you have to forgo immediate ...
It's important to understand that the core concepts in this subculture have been folded into uncountable layers of irony.
Young and fiction author Tim Maughan imagined the story to explore the "drone as a cultural object" -- one that can be both oppressive and liberating as it eventually breeds new urban subcultures. While the film may not be the first drone-shot sci-fi ...
Unfortunately, there isn't much photographic evidence of this once-prominent South Side subculture. Historians often point to the fashion in the 1975 blaxploitation film Cooley High as the closest pop cultural representation of the Gouster.
That subculture, was taken away from them. But LUCKBOXES exists entirely in an innocent pre-Black Friday bubble, in the time and place, perhaps, that Firpo was happiest.
"It was about creating a voice for this subculture and a queer community that was under siege," she explains. While Opie does not believe her photographs directly influence social change she does believe that it can have important effects: "It allowed ...
These video game subcultures owe much to the national and religious culture that spawns them, and you can learn a lot about people from how they buy and play games.
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Having already written a book on classic Hollywood style and the costume design during this golden age of film, Caroline began to see a pattern of how subcultures merge, change and inspire one another. Immersing herself in photos and historical records ...
subcultures have existed for a long time: the greasers of 1950s America, the mods and rockers of the 1960s and 70s in England, the grunge of the 1980s and 90s, to name a few.
Where Postdoctoral Senior Research Associate in Urban Studies Stefano Bloch comes from, a Brown University sweatshirt means something else.
In fact, when we questioned actual VICE readers in the recent VICELAND UK Census, the majority said they did still identify with a subculture. I needed to find the truth. So I headed out into 21st century Britain with two goals: to see if style tribes ...
Short for magazine, a zine is a do-it-yourself publication that usually serves a niche subculture. Depending how much money the publisher has, it's typically handwritten, photocopied and slapped together with staples or a rubber band.
The aesthetic cues for Jacobs' spring seemed to have risen mainly from the '90s rave party scene, a contrasting, but not dissimilar subculture from the same era. Sky-high platform shoes and boots, feathered shoulders, sequins, metallics and other gleaming.
Are your company's expectations about employee hours of work unrealistic, so that employees feel they have to cheat to meet them?
"I already had the dream that everybody hated it and I woke up," he said during an interview at the Variety Studio presented by airbnb.
The subculture that thrived in those safe places was incredible, and impossible to accurately describe with words. Pent-up energy resulted in giddy social discourse.
"I learned very early on in my life as a gay man that I am what many think of as a bear or part of the gay subculture," Coffey said.