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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

Brazil's leftist former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been grilled by a judge in a trial over corruption allegations for nearly five hours, later announcing ...
... and set fire to dumpsters, torched a car and vandalized other parked vehicles. About two hours later, a group of hooded youths attacked a riot police unit on Harilaou Trikoupi Street, pelting them with stones. There were no reports of injuries, and ...
anti-government protests ripped through downtown Rio de Janeiro following President Temer's refusal to step down amid an ongoing corruption crisis which has ...
A small number of masked youths broke out from a crowd of about 15,000 people protesting peacefully outside parliament and threw gasoline bombs at riot police, who responded with tear gas. No injuries or arrests were immediately reported. The evening ...
The protests outside of Parliament turned violent when, according to the AP, several dozen of protestors of a crowd of around 12,000 people hurled rocks and fired flares at riot police resulting in the Greek riot police firing tear gas at the crowd ...
In the wake of two months of massive violent protests throughout Venezuela, the nation's riot police has been stretched to the breaking point, with many seeking a way out, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal.
Disgruntled residents of Matholesville and surrounding areas on the West Rand have caused chaos on Main Reef Road since early this morning (May 12), Roodepoort Record reports.
Disgruntled residents of Matholesville and surrounding areas have caused chaos on Main Reef Road since early this morning (12 May).
(CNN) This time it was the "abuelitos" -- Venezuela's grandparents -- who took to the streets. On Friday, the face of the latest in an almost daily series of sometimes deadly protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro changed from the ...
We've heard of water cannons, stone and tear gas being used during a riot, but there's one weapon used in Venezula that has stumped people across the globe.
Johannesburg: South African police have fired rubber bullets at rioters in a poor Johannesburg neighbourhood who are demanding housing and other government services.
Opposition boycotts meeting over President Nicolas Maduro's new constituent assembly, choosing street power to back demands for new elections amid rocketing political and economic crises.
riot police in full body armor clashed with thousands of unarmed protesters in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong on Monday as angry local residents poured onto the streets to oppose plans to build a waste incinerator plant near their homes.
Thousands more were gathered in Rotterdam city centre and some supporters turned on police after the match, throwing beer bottles, fireworks and chairs before riot police forced them out of the area. Local media reported that 30 people were detained ...
riot police have clashed with masked protesters in eastern Paris following Emmanuel Macron's presidential victory. By Vincent Wood.
Hundreds of balaclava-clad and hooded protesters could be seen dispersing as riot police advanced. They are believed to be from Anti-Fascist and anti-capitalist groups, who would have been likely to protest against the election result regardless of the ...
Venezuelan women protesters bring roses and face riot police. Source:Reuters Published: 2017/5/7 23:18:39. Dressed in white and chanting "Liberty!
anti-government protesters poured into the streets of this once bustling commercial and residential hub, their young faces obscured by tear-gas masks and bandanas.
Venezuela's opposition rallied again this week against President Nicolas Maduro's plan to rewrite the Constitution, accusing him of delaying elections to cling to ...
Officers armed with riot gear are called to Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre, south of Perth, after a group of youths went on a destructive rampage at the ...
Several students from the Central University of Venezuela have been injured during protests in Caracas. Opposition supporters use a shield reading Justice as they clash with security forces during a rally.
TRAINING FOR RIOT RESPONSE - Officers hold a training exercise in a simulated riot situation at the former West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville.
On May 4, 1886 at about half past 7:00pm there was a planned rally of workingmen, predominantly of German descent, that met for speeches and "peaceful" protest of the Chicago police Department's response to the striking workers at the McCormick ...
Photographer Zakaria Abdelkafi's shocking photograph of a French anti-riot policeman set ablaze by a Molotov cocktail has quickly spread to every corner of the world.
A May Day march in Portland, Ore., "devolved into a full-scale riot with random acts of vandalism" by anarchists late Monday, police say.
The photograph is commanding. As anti-riot police officers patrol the streets of Paris, one of them is hit by a Molotov cocktail during the May Day protests in Paris.
25 arrested in downtown May Day riot, police say. by Staff. Monday, May 1st 2017. Portland police released the mug shots of most of the people they arrested Monday after a peaceful May Day protest devolved into a riot.
Turkish riot police detained dozens of people during the Labour Day demonstrations in Istanbul on Monday, local media reported.
Despite plenty of recent evidence to the contrary, Mayor Ted Wheeler presented an upbeat front when asked Monday morning whether he was concerned about conflicts between demonstrators and police at today's May Day march.
French CRS anti-riot police officers are engulfed in flames as they face protesters during a march for the annual May Day workers' rally in Paris on May 1, 2017.
Kiev, May 1. /TASS/. riot police from the Ukrainian cities of Kiev and Dnieper (former Dnepropetrovsk) alongside local police officers started patrolling Odessa's streets on the eve of the third anniversary of the fire in the Trade Unions House ...
Three riot police officers were injured in Paris Monday when they were hit by Molotov cocktails at a protest against French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.
About 2,000 workers marking International Labor Day in central Phnom Penh on Monday met barricades and riot police who kept them from marching on the National Assembly with a list of demands, including higher wages and an end to union busting.
Winthorpe Road was closed off and fire, police, including riot police with shields, and representatives from the electricity board attended when the fire broke out at around 5.15pm.
Three teenagers brought a quiet street in the west end of Newcastle to a standstill after becoming locked in a nine hour stand-off with police.
Three teenagers are involved in a dramatic stand-off with riot police on a rooftop after they reportedly hurled bricks and bottles at officers.
Moscow (Reuters) - Several hundred Russians lined up in central Moscow on Saturday under the gaze of riot police to hand over handwritten appeals for President Vladimir Putin to quit, as similar protests took place in other cities.
There were also sessions on different types of weapons and gear used by riot police, as well as control and arrest techniques.
riot police moved in on counter protesters in downtown Pikeville, Kentucky, on Saturday, April 29.police separated white nationalist and anti-racism demonstrators by metal barricades, as seen in the video.
Srinagar: police burst teargas shells to disperse polytechnic college students, who were protesting against alleged use of disproportionate force on them and professors here this afternoon.
By Andrew Osborn Moscow (Reuters) - Hundreds of riot police deployed in central Moscow on Saturday ahead of an opposition protest calling for President Vladimir Putin not to run for what would be his fourth presidential term next year.
When Kendall Jenner handed a riot police a can of Pepsi in her now infamous canned commercial, the policeman takes a sip, the crowd cheers and everyone goes home full of the joys of life.
police are seeking a 28-year-old Pakistani national in connection with an attack by anarchists on a riot police unit outside the 1930s refugee housing blocks on Alexandras Avenue in Athens last October, Kathimerini has learned.
Paris (Reuters) - French riot police clashed with youths in central Paris on Thursday when a demonstration against far right leader presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and her centrist rival Emmanuel Macron turned violent.
riot police secure the entrance of the High Electoral Board in Ankara, Turkey, on April 18. Credit: Umit Bektas/Reuters. Turkey on Wednesday detained more than 1,000 people and suspended over 9,100 police in a vast new crackdown against alleged ...
riot police were deployed in the area after residents set shops and houses on fire in the maize town on Tuesday, demanding the arrest of the farmer.
Thousands of Brazilian Indigenous tribe members clashed with riot police Tuesday while demonstrating in the capital, Brasilia, for greater rights.
Can Pepsi Really Bring Together protesters And riot police!? By Interrobang Staff on April 26, 2017. This guy is fully committed to making Pepsi's controversial protest ad a reality.






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