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updated Mon. May 29, 2017

Hibino is a celebrity musician in Japan who has worked on many video game soundtracks. His most notable tracks come from the Metal Gear Solid series, Zone of the Enders, and Yu-Gi-Oh!
For season 1, Dixon and Stein, who are members of the Austin, Texas-based electronic band Survive, wrote music after reading the script or looking at concept art.
Composer and musician Trevor Coleman and Ika Peuckert, of Dunedin, sold and gave away everything but the kitchen sink on Saturday.
Early childhood music educators have long cited the piece as a type of music which can be used with children to promote musical education. "Happy Birthday To You" is part of a body of songs that most people "could likely sing with a fair degree of ...
I mean anything John Williams does is classic, and I think he's going to go down in history as one of the most important composers - and strictly composer, not just film - of all time. I love his stuff. It affected me. I mean, we watched STAR wars like ...
"Dialogues with Pedja Muzijevic" features four 18th-century Haydn sonatas, paired with pieces from 21st-century composer Jonathan Berger and 20th-century composers John Cage and Morton Feldman. Muzijevic explores how these pieces interact, he said.
THE tenth National Centre for Early music Young Composers Awards in York have been won by Dominic Wills in the 18 years and under category and by Frederick Viner in the 19 to 25 age group.
Famous music composer Wajahat Attre died of cardiac arrest, here on Friday. He was 68 years old. Attre was admitted to the Jinnah hospital a week before his death.
ASTORIA - Dan Schutte, a popular composer of sacred music for two generations, will perform in a special concert at St. Mary Star of the sea Church (1491 Grand Ave.
Zbigniew Wodecki, a Polish musician and composer whose career spanned almost five decades, died on Monday at the age of 67.
BUFFALO, N.Y. - June in Buffalo, the University at Buffalo's internationally celebrated new music festival that helped establish UB as a creative center for music, will take place June 5-11 at various locations on the university's North Campus. ... for ...
Though the artistes and music aficionados slowly trickled in, the celebration picked up impetus in no time. In all more than 600 artistes from diverse genres of Carnatic classical idiom of music paid rich musical tributes to saint composer Tyagaraja ...
I really like what you said about music being a type of branding (signature sounds) in gaming and in general- I mean how many theme songs or commercial jingles can we automatically finish if we hear the first few notes?
French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre answers questions during an interview with Agence France-Presse in New York on May 12, 2017.
Composer Michael Giacchino decided to drop a little gift for the Spider-Man fans on twitter today with this fantastic arrangement of the classic TV Spider-Man theme song.
"I'm the luckiest composer on the planet," Leiderman says. "It's the perfect storm of being in the right place at the right time, with the right bunch of chords and a good melody ... It all just came together." Hear Leiderman's full conversation with ...
Editor's note: with Cascadia Composers bringing Cuban contemporary classical music to Portland for a Friday concert performed by FearNomusic, we're sharing Cascadia Composer Christina Rusnak's experience exploring the Havana music scene and ...
Melissa Carper, a music teacher at Edward Stone Middle school, plays William Leander Sheetz's "Take Me Back to Burlington" on the piano while, from left, Piper Cole, Graceanne Strabala and Abby Voyles, all 14, perform in a classroom at the school.
The BMI Jazz Composers Workshop, a prestigious creative forum for musical exploration and development, will present the best new big band and jazz orchestra compositions created during the past year at the 29th Annual Summer Showcase Concert.
Bonding for Life - An Irishman's Diary about David Arnold, a music composer uniting two very different worlds ... Another memory of his Dublin visits was how musical his relatives all seemed to be. Maybe you needed big voices to be heard in such a ...
"The recording of 'Elegy II,' released on the Aerocade music label, is available in all digital audio formats worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, and all major music retailers. "Anthony Paul Garcia 'Wait for Solo Viola and ...
"It's an unusual way to work, but he talks to me," Badalamenti says of his collaborative relationship with Lynch, "and I translate that language into music. It's effortless." Lynch elaborated in a 2001 interview at the American Film Institute. "I sit ...
Broadway and film composer Stephen Schwartz received the Founders Award of the American society of Composers, authors and Publishers (ASCAP) at its annual Screen music Awards Tuesday night at Los Angeles' historic Wiltern Theatre. The "Wicked" and ...
But as much as Schwartz's work was applauded, so too was his contribution to the greater musical community and the influence he has had on generations of artists.
One of the most seductive is the idea that each of the great composers somehow 'died at the right time' - that however short their individual lives, they achieved such great things, often in such quantity, that their contribution to music was beyond ...
When freelance composer Herb Smith is working on a new piece, he tries to answer one overarching question: "How can I take a thought that's internal and make it so that someone else hears it and then feels it internally?
In July 2015, when then-President Barack Obama announced that the United States would begin normalizing relations with Cuba, Portland composer David Bernstein thought about music. Not the usual ... But they'd never attempted anything as ambitious as ...
Brett Campbell, co-author of a new biography called Lou Harrison: American musical Maverick, says the composer is considered the godfather of world music. Although Harrison died in 2003, Campbell says his influence ... "All young composers [at the time ...
A Dutch amateur musician has given up his day job after seeing his self-released recordings streamed online more than 85 million times.
... but he hopes it will take you somewhere interesting. Many have taken notice of Brown as a composer-musician; he was a winner, among others, of a 2015 Avery Fisher Career Grant and has been commissioned by musicians for chamber festivals and recital ...
'children' went to number one in the charts in more than a dozen countries around the world in 1995, and is still recognised as one of the biggest dance tracks in music history. The Italian musician, born Robert Concina in Switzerland, later explained ...
The EHS Pioneer Marching Band performs for the annual Spring Concert at the Elyria high school Performing arts Center on May 9. The Marching Band played a special selection written for Elyria High school and the celebration of Elyria's Bicentennial.
The inspiration for this weekend screening came out of Jason's night of horror music at the end of last year in which he talked about the musical history of classic films such as Dracula, Psycho, The Curse of Frankenstein and Theatre of Blood. Jason ...
CCP musicians will play a series of miniatures by Russian composers dating from 1900 through the 1940s, interspersed with readings from period texts.
Then Goldsmith wrote a noir score for four pianos, four harps and solo trumpet for 1974's Chinatown - in only 10 days, after the original composer's work was thrown out. Robert Towne, who wrote the Oscar-winning ... The film's director, Richard Donner ...
Jason Yarde, Gemma Nash and Joanna Ward are among the composers selected by Sound and music for its New Voices initiative.
Kay spent the summer of his junior year traveling in Europe and the U.S. to participate in summer programs, writing music and meeting top music professors and composers, performing and recording. This, too, is unheard of for an undergraduate, Serghi said.
Patterson has mentored McAninch as a composer, McAnich said. McAnich wrote music to some of Patterson's poems. And McAnich wrote "Triptych" for the women in Pro Musica.
Then Goldsmith wrote a noir score for four pianos, four harps and solo trumpet for 1974's Chinatown - in only 10 days, after the original composer's work was thrown out. Robert Towne, who wrote the Oscar-winning ... The film's director, Richard Donner ...
Bergen composer Knut Vaage joins Seattle pianist Angelo Rondello for the U.S. premiere of two of his piano works at Benaroya Hall on Thursday, May 11.
Composer John D. Georgeson leads the Kearney high school orchestra, band and choir during a rehearsal at the KHS Auditorium.
West Hartford educator and composer Robert Hugh visited choir students at Irving A. Robbins Middle school, in Farmington, to work with them on a song.
I love classical music, but sometimes getting kids and young adults interested in learning about the lives and legacy of some of the great composers can often be seen as a daunting, and sometime dreary task. That is, until we remember these great ...
The series - each concert is an evening-long exploration of the work of a single living artist - has developed into one of the most important habitats in New York's new-music ecosystem. This year's series, announced on Tuesday, will feature newly ...
Last but not least, the night will be capped off with a DJ set from multi-talented musician and composer Chris Perren (Nonsemble, Mr Maps), appearing under the moniker for his electronic-music project, Software Of Seagulls, while audience and ...
The first trailer for the Gravitas Ventures film Score: A Film music Documentary has landed online, and this thing looks like a must-watch for cinephiles.
And with the growing eclectic taste for inspiration from around the world, the range of composers with unique music styles is also growing.
This afternoon, composer Molly Herron and the Tigue, an ensemble of three percussionists, will perform Herron's composition, "Assembly" - on instruments that were invented under six months ago.




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