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updated Tue. June 27, 2017

A Colorado orthopedic spine surgeon has helped two children from China stand up straight and tall.
The horrific images of men, women and children mown down on Westminster bridge shocked and stunned the nation, and now one surgeon who operated on some of the victims reveals how he and his team coped seeing it all in the operating theatre.

Peter Stock, MD, PhD, a transplant surgeon at UC San Francisco, considers himself a representative specimen of his profession.
He joins pediatric surgeon Nathalie Kremer, MD in the Pediatric Surgery of Maine practice at the main hospital campus on State Street.
On this month's IMA Doctor's Show, Fargo Mayor, Dr. Tim Mahoney. Tim is a surgeon at IMA healthcare , focusing on General, vascular and advanced laparoscopic procedures.
Andy Warhol was not an early riser, and he was tight with a dollar, his plastic surgeon recalls. Dr. Pamela Lipkin, who recently divorced Barclays Center developer Bruce Ratner, spoke at the fundraising gala for Les Couleurs, a charity founded by two ...

And, she explains that's why students have to spend several years in surgical training. "Nonetheless, surgery is a male-dominated field, and perhaps the favorable test results may encourage more women to choose a career as a surgeon," Furnas concludes.
San Francisco - A brain surgeon charged with sexually abusing children sought to impregnate women to create more victims and had been suspected of molesting youngsters for two decades, Northern California prosecutors said Monday.
Famed shoe customizer/restructurer The Shoe surgeon and adidas have some big plans for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week, collaborating on a special ...
San Francisco (AP) - Northern California prosecutors say a brain surgeon charged with sexually abusing children had been suspected of molesting youngsters for years and sought to impregnate women to create more victims.
surgeons at the major burn center serving Arizona are urging people to be aware of the danger of severe burns caused by excessive heat blanketing the southwestern United States.
Any doctor or surgeon will tell you that their favorite patients are the ones who are invested in their health and recovery.
Sheila Hynes died a week after suffering massive internal bleeding during a heart operation.
Representative Steve Scalise, wounded by a gunman on a baseball field on Wednesday, is likely to endure multiple operations as surgeons try to stanch bleeding and repair the damage to his internal organs. Officials at MedStar Washington hospital Center ...
The investigators' report describes patients wheeled out of the hospital's single operating room in mid surgery.

WASHINGTON - U.S. Representative Steve Scalise, the No. 3 House Republican, has shown improvement over the last 36 hours after being shot by a gunman who opened fire on Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice earlier in the week, his lead ...
One of Britain's most high-profile cancer surgeons is under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC) and could be struck off following concerns at his methods.
Doctors want parents to know that a vaccine for kids helps fight more than one kind of cancer.
Why an oil tycoon or brain surgeon could end up president. Rex Tillerson, once of ExxonMobil and now decretary of State, is fourth in line, followed by former banker Steve Mnuchin.
How many lifetimes does it take to become a soldier, pilot, doctor -- and an astronaut?,
Ask Spine surgeons is a weekly series of questions posed to spine surgeons around the country about clinical, business and policy issues affecting spine care.
An 89-year-old Miami orthopedic surgeon was arrested Friday afternoon after police say they discovered he downloaded pornography depicting children as ...
"It makes you more cognizant of what's going on." Staff members at the hospital have grown used to working with the father-and-son duo, they said.
Researchers from the University of Luxembourg, in cooperation with the University of Strasbourg, have developed a computational method that could be used to ...
It's called TAVR, short for transcatheter aortic valve replacement. It's a way to replace a diseased heart valve without opening the patient's chest.
"It's surprising how many patients have been sitting at home waiting for the advent of the procedure here in St. George," said Intermountain cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Jason Bowles. "While they could travel to Salt Lake City, a lot of people prefer not ...
Boston - For three months this past winter, one of the top hospitals in the country was missing its director of transplant administration.
First, he said he severed and then reconnected the spinal cord of a dog. Less than a year later, he published a paper detailing how he created a series of two-headed rodents.
It also captures data on things like procedure time and precision that can be used as learning feedback for surgeons. "Osso VR's vision is to improve patient safety and outcomes by addressing the critical training issues facing the modern surgeon ...
The 11-hour operation was led by neurosurgeon Dr. Gregory Heuer and plastic surgeon Dr. Jesse Taylor. Both are also on the faculty of the Perelman school of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.
After a routine mammogram revealed that she had breast cancer, Jenene Davis was scheduled for a lumpectomy to remove the tumor. But to be able to locate and remove all the cancer, doctors had to place a wire into the tumor to mark its location.
A new U.M. student-led research group hopes to start doing the type of analysis and research that simply does not yet exist in Miami-Dade when it comes to understanding the causes and networks around gun violence from a public health perspective.
Last October, Deven Desai was in the middle of his senior season playing soccer for Rome Free Academy. A young athlete in prime condition, Desai could not have imagined that a slight misstep on the field would mean an abrupt end to his high school ...
This dude's Intestines needed a little help from docs.
Tens of thousands of people could be undergoing unnecessary operations because of a lack of research around a "placebo component" which makes patients feel like their symptoms have improved after treatment, a leading surgeon has said. Professor Andy ...
As Hughston Clinic was expanding, many physicians would rotate through the practice for the opportunity of working with Dr. Jack Hughston, the founder and one of the most prominent orthopedic surgeons in the nation, said Columbus surgeon Leland ...
With the NBA Finals underway, Chambrone unveiled today a custom sneaker he made for a client, executed on one of the first shoes King James wore on a pro court: the Nike Zoom LeBron 2. The shoes, according to The Shoe surgeon, were designed with a ...
We are a small field with just 700 members in our Society (American society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons). We perform eyelid surgery for cosmetic problems (such as blepharoplasty) or functional problems such as drooping eyelids, ...
MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( - It's been one year since the deadly attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Monday, the victims were remembered.
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Fort Wayne oral surgeon Dr. Mulokozi Lugakingira works to offer his patients and others hope and happiness.
Certain types of elective surgery only benefit patients because of placebo effect, says Prof Andy Carr.
Orland Park, Ill. -- A woman claims her plastic surgeon posted photos of her new breasts against her wishes. The suit names the New You Plastic Surgery and laser Center in Orland Park and surgeon Dr. Rejandra Shah. The woman alleges the center ...
A woman is suing her south suburban plastic surgeons after they allegedly posted before-and-after photos of her breast augmentation surgery on their website without her consent.
Though many surgeons schedule operations to overlap by a few minutes - letting trainees close the surgical wound of the first operation while the surgeon moves on to the second - the debate at Mass. General focused on surgeries that overlapped for ...
His father, a colonel-rank officer, works as a surgeon at INS Ashwini hospital at navy Nagar. The police said that the incident took place at Nofra at 12.30pm when Kumar was walking on the road and talking on his phone.
Arthritis & Total Joint Specialists Welcome New Orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Jeffrey P. Garrett brings over a decade of diverse experience, including previous service as a clinical faculty member in Atlanta.
People of a north Mizoram district blocked a highway that is seen as the state's lifeline after the government decided to transfer out the only surgeon in the region. Zothansanga Zadeng was the sole surgeon for some 85,000 people in northern Mizoram's ...
From Emory St. Joseph's hospital: Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital cardiothoracic surgeon Douglas Murphy, MD received the E. Napier "Buck" Burson, Jr.