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updated Tue. June 27, 2017

I agree with letter writer Bob Gustafson that profit is a great motivator. That is until the quest for profit is overcome by naked greed.
Acting on the principle of what they called "The Paul Ryan Defense," Charles Manson and Bernie Madoff have petitioned for retrials.
Bernard Madoff has had eight years in prison to think about what went wrong. He's concluded that a few of his investors were partially to blame for his fall from a legitimate securities trader to the biggest Ponzi schemer in U.S.
Bernie Madoff didn't invent it, Gordon Gecko didn't perfect the "greed is Good" philosophy, the regulators won't end it.
Here are some events that have happened on this date, June 24.
Kentucky sports Radio published a two-page letter sent to Louisville fans and donors from Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino Wednesday, in which the embattled ...
Bernie Madoff's financial crimes were so notorious they received a special 2010 episode of CNBC's popular show. This New York investor pocketed $20 billion as part of a $65 billion Ponzi scheme - the biggest financial con in history.
Finally tonight, a small degree of justice for the victims of one of New York City's most notorious slum lords. Steven Croman, also known as the Bernie Madoff of landlords, has pleaded guilty to grand larceny, tax fraud and falsifying business records ...
The U.S. Justice Department's $4 billion fund for victims of Bernard Madoff's epic Ponzi scheme is getting closer to making its first payout, more than four years after it was set up.
He'd lost money investing with Bernie Madoff; he was reeling from the implosion of the record industry; he was at the end of a volatile marriage.
It has been almost four years since a $4 billion government fund was created to compensate the victims of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, and those hurt by the former Wall Street mogul's deception may be receiving compensation this year, Reuters reports.
The U.S. Justice Department seems to be getting a little closer to compensating the victims of Bernie Madoff's huge Ponzi scheme.
Celebrity President Trump, as expected, has withdrawn the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. He claims climate change is a hoax. In fact, the Trumpster is a hoax.
China's central bank made the largest single-day cash injection into the financial system since mid-January on Friday, in a move widely deemed to be aimed at easing a seasonal funding squeeze induced by corporate tax payments and regulatory ...
The U.S. Justice Department will review what has halted the distribution of $4 billion in a Ponzi scheme fund for the victims of Bernie Madoff, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan announced this week. Buchanan, R-Longboat Key, sent a letter to Attorney General ...
"What happened is pretty similar to what Bernie Madoff did with his Ponzi scheme. This was a true affinity scam." Horsely said one of Hatch's investments, a 40-acre parcel in Queen Creek, looked like a good financial move, since it had only $2 million ...
Let's call the just announced Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather fight the scam of the century. Even Bernie Madoff might blush at such daylight robbery.
Matt Schwader as Laertes and Nathan Darrow as Hamlet in the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival's 2017 production of 'Hamlet.
Davis was included in a list of purported Madoff accountants, agents, customers and lawyers compiled by a court-appointed trustee and published by The New York Times.
Such behaviour led to numerous counts of fraud, Bankruptcies and scandals over the years notably the collapse of Barings Bank, the Enron bankruptcy, the collapse of the Lehman Brothers and Bernie Madoff's largest Ponzi scheme. The Wizard of Lies is a ...
President Donald Trump poses for an Oval Office portrait in April. The Town of Jackson's mayor, Pete Muldoon, decided to remove official portraits of Trump and ...
Last week, Steven Croman, a major Manhattan apartment building owner dubbed the "Bernie Madoff of landlords" by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, agreed to serve one year in the Rikers Island jail and pay $5 million after pleading guilty to ...
Michael Devito talks to reporters about the money he says he lost investing with Bernie Madoff outside the U.S. Courthouse in New York where Madoff was sentenced in this June 29, 2009, file photo.
Harry Markopolos, the investigator who exposed the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, has uncovered a new fraud. The unfunded status of the pension fund of the Boston Transit Authority (the "MBTA") is $500 million bigger than previously thought, according to ...
Case in point: Bernie Madoff, of Wall Street Ponzi scheme infamy. In the Democratic milieu of Gotham City, he was good ol' Bernie, right up until the cuffs were finally clapped on him and he was perp-walked to the slammer through a hyena-pack of press.
As one of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme victims in this Funny or Die sketch, West was a little "strapped for cash," so he decided to sell some of his old Batman paraphernalia at a garage sale and maybe get a free trip to Arby's out of customers if he ...
JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) - A portrait of President Donald Trump has been replaced at one town hall in Wyoming because the local mayor disapproves of Trump's politics.
Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme has been well chronicled since his 2008 arrest, so the movie needed to unravel the more personal threads in his tale.
HBO has long been an awards juggernaut when it comes to telefilms, and this true-crime financial drama about con artist Bernie Madoff has a remarkable pedigree, directed by Oscar winner Barry Levinson and starring Oscar winner Robert De Niro, along ...
Diana Henriques wrote the book on Madoff. She says Donald Trump is no con man.
On December 11th, 2008, New York Times financial journalist Diana Henriques was enjoying a rare quiet day following the advent of the global financial crisis.
The $65 billion (Dh238 billion) Ponzi scheme run by Wall Street luminary Bernie Madoff claimed many victims. Widows, in-laws and even holocaust survivors were bilked out of their life savings in one of the largest financial frauds in US history.
Madoff, and his assistant, or assistants, who handled the investment arm's administrative affairs, knew funds being channeled through Bernard Madoff Investment Securities (BMIS), formed in 1960 as a broker-dealer, were deposited in a separate account.
Q1 2017 run-rate EBITDA is down over 50% versus FY 2015. Intangible assets have fallen by only 15% over that time frame. Intangibles of $35B are 11.7x run-rate EBITDA.
The sums of money being flung around in The Wizard of Lies (Sky Atlantic), which charted the spectacular fall of financial fraudster Bernie Madoff, were ...
NEW YORK - A U.S. appeals court on Thursday closed another avenue for Bernard Madoff's victims to recoup money they lost, saying the trustee liquidating the swindler's firm can ignore transfers of fake profits between customer accounts when determining ...
The Bernie Madoff Saga is back in the public eye. A movie dramatizing the 2008 collapse of Madoff's empire premiered on HBO last week.
Years after Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff's investment scam was discovered and he was sent to jail, his victims - including roughly 2,000 Florida residents - continue to wait for payments from the more than $4 billion recovered so far.
Bernie Madoff was a trusted advisor for some very wealthy names. He has now become the icon of a wealth advisor who should not have been trusted.
Eminiano Reodica, the "ego-driven" Filipino fraudster jailed in the US for 10 years and accused of fleecing a grieving widow and other victims in Australia in a Ponzi scheme, remains defiant in his Los Angeles jail cell.
He earned the nickname "Brisbane's Bernie Madoff" by allegedly defrauding 27 victims out of $A7 million in illegal tax preparation, insurance and business deals in an apparent Ponzi scheme.
He earned the nickname "Brisbane's Bernie Madoff" by allegedly defrauding 27 victims out of $A7 million in illegal tax preparation, insurance and business deals in an apparent Ponzi scheme.
The film follows the infamous events of the largest financial fraud in U.S. history, which were carried out by Bernard Madoff, played by the wonderful Robert De Niro ("Taxi Driver"). It follows Bernard Madoff and his wife Ruth, portrayed by Michelle ...
Something about the Bernard Madoff investment scandal, which occurred almost nine years ago alongside the near-unraveling of the American economy, is still too big to fathom or, at least, remains too raw to produce a satisfying TV movie.




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