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updated Sat. October 21, 2017

London remains the top European city for venture capital investment in financial technology firms, according to data released by Mayor Sadiq ...
The Guardian turns venture capitalist in hunt for new income ... aim to invest alongside established venture capitalists to reduce the level of risk.
The problem is made even worse by the fact that the majority of venture capitalists are male. The Harvard Business Review estimates that only ...

That means deals between venture capitalists and companies are simultaneously getting both huge and hard to land, according to new data ...
RICHARD NESBITT, a former chief operating officer at the Canadian Imperial Bank of commerce, has long been an evangelist for women in ...
venture capitalists, however, do not appear to share my enthusiasm for breast-pump #disruption, perhaps because the industry is ninety-three ...
Ken McLeod, an entrepreneur in residence at Binghamton University, is developing an air taxi transit system. He says the technology could get you to Midtown Manhattan in less than an hour from Binghamton.
Investment research firm CB Insights has released its latest rankings of the world's top 50 venture capitalists. The top 20 were revealed to The New York Times.
Kirsten Green, of the venture capital firm Forerunner Ventures, on Wednesday in Manhattan. She was ranked No. 12 on a list of the top 50 venture capitalists in the world, but her firm is still relatively unknown. Credit Jake Naughton for The New York ...
Jason Lemkin is investor and Founder Champion at SaaStr Fund. SaaStr Fund is a $70 million venture fund that focuses on early-ish stage investments exclusively in SaaS/enterprise/B2B start-ups.
And entrepreneurial guru and venture capitalist Paul Martino. Applying their insider knowledge as veteran political operatives, Dan Siegel and TJ Hurst are developing a kind of Yelp for politics.
The multi award winning hit maker recently joined the ranks of venture capitalists and music moguls with vested interests in tech startups.
J.D. Vance isn't just moving to Ohio to battle the brain drain - he's also looking to fund a few startups while he's back in his home state.

Benedict Evans is an investor who works at famed silicon Valley venture capital fund Andressen Horowitz. Today, Evans made a tweet snitching to Apple about adult-oriented content on their platform and deleted it shortly afterward.
Monday 20, March 2017 by Jessica Combes. Top venture capitalists extend support to AIM Startup 2017. The Inaugural AIM Startup 2017 is set to take place from 2-4 April, 2017 at the World Trade Centre, Dubai.
You are spot on especially on the funding part. I would call upon all local Rwanda venture capitalists to invest in some of these potential money makers.
Helping to right the ship at Uber is a somewhat fitting role for Mr. Gurley, who for years has warned about excessive risk-taking on the part of start-ups.
On Thursday, Incubator Connect, an event organised for incubators in New Delhi, saw various stakeholders in the ecosystem such as venture capitalists (VC), startups and the government come together to listen to the incubators and share their insights ...
It's not unusual for venture capitalists to move on from their public board seats, focusing instead on earlier-stage companies.
The Social capital founder and CEO usually tips at least 100 percent, he tells the hosts of CNBC's "Squawk Box." "Look, I got lucky, so I feel like I should just pay it forward," says the sharp investor, whose early investments include Slack, Box and ...
FILE - venture capitalist Dave McClure at the 2010 South by Southwest, the tech, music, gaming and film conference and festival in Austin, Texas.
Amazon (AMZN) could be close to a "natural monopoly" in two important markets, venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya told CNBC on Thursday.
Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of venture firm Social capital, is questioning why Snap (nyse: SNAP) is focusing its strategy so narrowly.
One year ago this month, the sudden passing of Brenda Gavin - a pioneer in the venture capital industry - stunned the region's life sciences industry.
Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of venture firm Social capital, questions why Snap is focusing its strategy so narrowly.
Colorado Springs, Colo. - An experienced start-up executive and venture capitalist will speak on the subject of food waste at UCCS Wednesday eveniing.
billionaire venture capitalist J.B. Pritzker on Tuesday filed to establish an exploratory committee for governor as he inches closer to deciding whether he'll try to take on Gov.
At its foundation, the relationship between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs is built on trust. Many VCs estimate that upwards of 90% of early-stage startups are unable to raise a Series A investment.
venture capitalists while looking for the next Minecraft have their eyes set on Roblox Corp, a company that makes a virtual world that looks a lot like it.
venture capitalists come to SXSW to learn about the biggest trends in tech, and meet and mingle with current and potential portfolio companies.
Martino warned that "every venture capitalist you're going to talk to is going to hate it. Almost to the 'T,' he's been correct.
Joel is a long-time venture capitalist and hedge fund manager who addresses audiences from silicon Valley venture firms to Wall Street bankers on matters of capital formation and most recently, on Investment CrowdFunding.
IvyCamp, an initiative of IvyCap Ventures and NASSCOM 10000 StartUps under the aegis of CoE-IoT (Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things) have announced their third season of Rendezvous IoT (RIOT-3), supported by the government of Maharashtra ...
In honor of International women's Day, we've curated a list of 18 women making waves in the tech world. Clearly this isn't a comprehensive list, so be sure to recognize other female founders and venture capitalists in the comments section below ...
Peter Levine, General Partner of the famed venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, stunned the cloud world, claiming that Edge Computing will hasten the end of cloud computing as we know it.
ABC/Randy HolmesJay Z went from rapper to music mogul to sports agent, and now his Roc Nation company is getting into the venture capital business.
It's hard to determine a statistically correct annual global total for new startups. They attribute these hardships to a lack of worldwide ability to keep adequate records of new businesses.
New Delhi: Startups continue to attract highest investment from private equity (PE) and venture capitalists (VC) in 2016, but the deals value declined by more than 50 per cent this year, says a report.
Perth venture capitalist Jeremy Liew snapped up a $2 billion profit in the Wall Street float of Snap Inc, the parent company of social media phenomenon Snapchat.
They concluded the venture capitalist model is "broken" for the cleantech sector. So where did cleantech go wrong?
The 41-year-old venture capitalist, whose early tech bets include investments in Uber, Instagram, Twilio (TWLO), twitter (TWTR) and Kickstarter, congratulated Snap on its successful IPO debut on Thursday.
With an eye on convincing more venture capitalist firms to set up in Connecticut, the commerce Committee of the state General Assembly is weighing a bill to exempt venture capitalist income from state taxes. The Commerce Committee's co-chairs include ...
Within a tech ecosystem, local investors are on alert to find the hottest startup and latest innovation where they can place their money and hopefully strike gold.
Do ethnic minority investors behave differently from more mainstream investors? This study on venture capitalists (VCs) in silicon Valley over the period 1976-2004 found that they were, perhaps unsurprisingly, more likely to invest in immigrant Asian ...
How did you become a venture capitalist? What did you learn at capital One that has helped guide you as an investor in disruptive fintech startups?
At a recent event in New York City, a mix of French startup founders, venture capitalists and media gathered to honor the first U.S.




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