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updated Tue. April 25, 2017

Labeling the NYT as an "ever dutiful shill for the left," Loesch destroys Murphy's claims of honesty, citing the NYT's "fake news" reporting on Benghazi, refusal to cover how emails showed Hillary Clinton told her daughter it was a terror attack, as ...
Sure, the marketing on this thing is way off (the kids will never want this, Walmart) (never), but the execution is on point, turning even the most ardent hater of all things contrived to be "cute" and "a fun novelty item" into a helpless Walmart shill ...
"The USDA needs a champion who will support small family farmers, food safety standards and healthier food - not another shill for big Agribusiness," Finck-Haynes said. Perdue's new position gives him oversight of the country's farm, nutrition and ...
Why, how dare any of you neo-liberal corporate shills say that the hard left has purity tests?! That's just lie ... Elizabeth Warren, one of the most progressive people in all of Congress, will be disappointed to learn she's just another establishment ...
The Trump administration is dipping into a very familiar well in order to fill one of its vacancies. According to Bloomberg, Fox & Friends anchor Heather Nauert will now officially shill for President Trump in her new role as State Department spokesperson.
Which isn't just a list of unlawful behaviors, but in social media alone, a booming industry. Reality-TV figures, YouTube stars, recording artists and others with huge followings among Millennials use their social media platforms as paid shills for ...
social media has taken to saying Nye is a shill for Monsanto. However, it misses the bigger argument. It's not whether GMOs are good or bad, they've been around for a lot longer than most people realize, but whether or not Monsanto should force it on ...
Though dulled in our American context by sportscasters and Prosperity Gospel shills, "miracle" is a word without synonym.
Nobody needs some paid scientist shill to tell them they have symptoms! Common sense tells us we've got trouble with a capital T right here in Albert Lea.
WASHINGTON (CNN) - surgeon General Vivek Murthy resigned at the request of the White House after assisting in the transition to the Trump administration.
You must sign up for the one-on-one sessions via email to Shauncey Hill at Preferences will be given in the order in which the requests are received.
I'm no Polartec shill. Hardly. Given that all these pieces are designed and constructed by different manufacturers, I wouldn't have even guessed that they were from the same textile company.
Ann Coulter is a publicity-seeking shill for the far right. Richard Spencer is a self-identified white nationalist. Charles Murray has written about the alleged genetic inferiority of blacks.
Annoying sponsored posts by Instagram influencers are getting out of control, and the Federal Trade Commission has noticed. This week, the FTC issued a warning to celebrities, Athletes, and other folks with a gazillion followers who are getting paid by ...
"What does Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have in common with Democratic-leaning plaintiff lawyers, including Lisa Blue, Mikal Watts, Bob Hilliard and Wayne Fisher?
The recipe for pizza is simple: flour, water, yeast, salt, time, tomato, cheese and heat. But the Internet has a way of taking the simplest ingredients and making a ...
Annoying sponsored posts by Instagram influencers are getting out of control, and the Federal Trade Commission has noticed. This week, the FTC issued a warning to celebrities, Athletes, and other folks with a gazillion followers who are getting paid by ...
These days, Mark - who backed Bernie Sanders in the most recent election - views Jones as "a major shill for Trump and the alt-right.
When I questioned the veracity of the story, I was informed by a woman who promotes this "fulvic acid" and other stuff, how I was just a shill for big PhaRMA, who, if you've followed my blog, is accused of putting down these "natural" therapies because ...
Weber shill - He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of University Orthopedics, or in other words, dozens and dozens of oh-so-confident docs.
She has also called ProPublica and democracy Now shills for Russian president Vladimir Putin and alleged that the Russian government was secretly operating public wifi in her neighborhood.
Trump, who attacked Ossoff in recent days as a liberal shill and mocked him for living outside of the district, crowed on twitter about the outcome in Georgia following Democrats' failure to win a different special election in Kansas last week.
shill later learned that Looney had threatened to run over one of the Winterville officers when backing up. The Athens officer followed the pickup along several side streets, including Gordon Circle, where the truck fishtailed while rounding a curve ...
GQ noted that because of these testy exchanges with Trump and some of his closest aides, some Republicans allege that Tapper is a "liberal shill." But as recently as January, Tapper hearkened back to calling out Obama for his administration's treatment ...
... unusually zeroed in on their writing ("disingenuous 'makeover' food books ... fatphobic, cruel, self-serving 'foodies' dominating the food press"), presumably with the aim of boosting her own Flavour above the "diet industry shills" and "superfood ...
Celebs sent 'reminders' by FTC to disclose when they're paid to shill on Instagram. 781. Shares. 781. Share on facebook Share Tweet on twitter Share Share.
But while politics have changed, the cantankerous and curmudgeonly Jordan has not. In the first three months of the Trump presidency, the Ohio conservative has demonstrated that he's no shill for the administration. Leading the charge against the ...
And keep in mind that this idiotic strategy never would have come close to working if not for Fox News and Breitbart and folks like Devin Nunes, who are willing to shill for Trump regardless of the circumstances. Finally, the Associated Press reports ...
I think, more than anything, corporate shills like Lamborn want to prevent another Mapplethorpe being funded. Mapplethorpe's art, funded by the National Endowment for the arts, helped shape the change of public opinion that led to legal gay marriage ...
... paid the big bucks to participate. Advertisement. Advertisement. According to The Ashley, the mom of three earned a whopping $90K (!!
Many are irritated by the obvious "paid by PhaRMA" shill, the unwieldy list of risks and the fact that she's not even pregnant this time.
'8 out of 10 food bestsellers are diet books. help me knock 1 of these superfood shills off their perch: buy my book,' her rant began.
In the first three months of the Trump presidency, the Ohio conservative has demonstrated that he's no shill for the administration.
The cast of silicon Valley are all very functional shills. But this is the world of commercialism we're talking about, and they don't give out participation trophies.
There was no truth to this story, which originated with the clickbait fake news site "America's Last Line of Defense" and was widely spread online by a network of shill sites. Newly confirmed justice Neil M. Gorsuch's first day on the high court did ...
My ego was deflated when Bob's former players, coaching colleagues, and club coaches made up the majority of the group because they knew I was from Delaware and were only there to ask me to pass on their regards to "shills." I have had the pleasure of ...
... professional practitioners from print journalism such as Jim Hagerty, and by television newsmen and women such as LBJ's Bill Moyers and George W. Bush's Tony Snow, has now fallen into the hands of the Sean Spicers, shills in the political ...
(CNN) -- Reports have it that President Donald Trump will assemble his advisers on Tuesday to decide on whether to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
They have no fidelity to Trump per se and did not sacrifice intellectual integrity to shill for him during the campaign. And they allow no amateurs (i.
In a rant asking fans to help her "knock one of these superfood shills off their perch" by purchasing her book she accused them of "swinging from 'comfort food' to 'superfood' and back again whenever the price is right.
Father John Misty poked fun at songs that shill for Corporations in 2016's "Prius Commercial Demo No. 1," but he had no issue lending his dreamy stand-alone track, "Real Love baby," to Discover LA's new #EveryoneisWelcome tourism campaign.
twitter users who are unable or unwilling to engage with the content of Dutt's reporting often resort, as a child might, to name calling.
I am on a mission to knock one of these superfood shills off their perch," she said. She is no fan of Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, the sisters whose gluten-, grain- and refined sugar-free recipes have proved a hit with the fashion crowd; or of Joe ...
"Let's spend $66 million in taxpayer money to replace this!" - Idiot Florida politicians. Photo credit: Justin K. Aller/Getty.
Otherwise, we're left to assume that Hensarling was being the world's biggest corporate shill and hypocrite when he accused the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of "abusing his authority.
He mentioned a few early birds that had left with a binder or folder, and noted that Eichenwald himself was showing up to sign books and shill his estate later that afternoon. It's possible I missed the truest weirdos, but I don't blame anybody for ...
NRA lobbyists and their political shills have made sure of that. Related: 8-Year-Old Boy Dead After San Bernardino school shooting.
The tune is played to the iconic acoustic duo's "I Am a Rock." Heidecker released his version that addresses the current political climate with lyrics like: "I am gay, and I voted for Obama, I am a shill for the Clinton campaign and the left-wing ...






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