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updated Fri. April 28, 2017

Naturists from across the UK are set to flock to a village near Doncaster next month for a week of fun. Nudestock 8 will feature activities such as naked barbecues, body painting and Yoga.
Public Protector spokesperson Oupas Segwale said on Tuesday the report on irregularities in Ray Nkonyeni's authorisation of Mpenjati beach as being nudist friendly was being drafted, however, a Section 7(9) notice would be issued to the municipality ...
nudist Posts "Bury My Innocence" Video. posted Apr 27, 2017 at 3:07 PM by xFiruath. (0 Comments). Italian noise rock crew nudist has unveiled an official video clip for "Bury My Innocence," which can be seen below. This song is the title track to the ...
The couple appeared in the Paris Match magazine in August last year, but the public's attention wasn't drawn to the cover picture, seen here.
From the NBC 7 Archives, a piece from Ken Kramer that originally aired in 2003 looking back at the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935.
After all, I've come to Star ranch, a nudist park about 10 miles east of Elgin in McDade, for the Bare Buns 5K. ... "A lot are not nudists, but they're willing to get naked and run and think it's cool and different," says park manager Rod McClanahan ...
A woman has finally put her nudist dad behind bars for sexually abusing her from the age of six after her mum died of cancer.
Daredevils have been stripping off at scenic hotspots and publishing the images on an Instagram account dedicated to "making the world happier through butts".
NATURISTS have naughty nudists in their sights, with Surf Coast naturists set to go head to head with deviant nudists plaguing clothing optional beaches.
This comes as the Public Protector was approached by pastors from the Concerned citizens' Group as they complained the municipality had approved an application in 2014 to have Mpenjati beach declared KwaZulu-Natal's first official nudist retreat.
There used to be a nudist colony near Fair Grove, and unfortunately it was not called Bare Grove. The city plans to allow "cruising" on Kearney Street again, and we suggest mandating everyone dress like the people in these old photos.
"While it's linked to a movement of nudists who promote wholesome and unashamed acceptance of the human body, the day is meant to be funny, lighthearted and non-political, founders say.
The introduction of a dress code at two new family beaches in Dubai is a great idea (swimwear alert at new Dubai beaches, April 19).
Another individual who is sitting on the other side of the fence and is very against the beach being declared a nudist haven is Pastor Reggie John, who is from Gate Ministries in Port Shepstone.
While it's linked to a movement of nudists who promote wholesome and unashamed acceptance of the human body, the day is meant to be funny, lighthearted and non-political, founders say.
There are over 70 naturist beaches, 35 bed and breakfasts, and 24 nudist swimming pools. But a word of warning - if you're planning to head to France for a naturist jaunt, be sure to read these golden rules first.
Just like there are different "camps" when it comes to parenting styles - from attachment, to helicopter, to hippie - there are different "camps" when it comes to nudity and parenting.
In de rubriek In de Kantlijn verzamelt de redactie van opmerkelijke voetbalberichten, leuke filmpjes en opzienbarende uitspraken.
Isaac Cuenca's selfie hilariously photobombed by a nudist. Former FC Barcelona winger is now with Tony Adams at Granada. See the picture.
Durban - Organisations supporting and opposing a South Coast beach officially being declared a nudist site have vowed to draw their legal guns should the public protector's keenly awaited investigation not rule in their favour.
The sexy, simple nudist sandal is available in three heel heights and a variety of luxe materials, including white satin, argento noir, platinum gold noir and rose gold patent leather.
Hey, after reading Steve's article, I was just thinking ... spring is here, summer is coming ... the "free the nipple" people will be showing their stuff again ... what better place than a "nudist Camp"? Do you think THEY might get the message? After ...
Over time, he says, a favorite prank among young people was to direct pilgrims in search of the nudist colony farther down the road to a large parcel of land - a Roman Catholic retreat where fully clothed nuns stayed during summer months.
He did not appeared to be embarrassed and was really convinced that in Betina is was normal to walk naked down the street and also go shopping," said Malec.
Judah and the Lion are a genre-bending band out of Nashville, Tennessee. After meeting in college they combined their influences of Folk, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock to create their debut album Kids These Days.
He did not appeared to be embarrassed and was really convinced that in Betina is was normal to walk naked down the street and also go shopping," said Malec.
If you have ever wondered what it is like inside a nudist club, this could be your chance to find out. Members of the Oakwood Sun Club, set just off the M25 between Brentwood and Romford, are inviting people interested in naturism to an open day to ...
Different islands cater for everyone from campers, to nudists and all-night parties. Our favourite was the much quieter island of Korcula, where we found the clearest water we've seen outside the Maldives, and only two other people on the entire beach.
Just read your Q&A about outdoor sex, and while it's hardly as convenient or cheap as walking outside, my gf & I just got back from a Bliss charter cruise for nudists/swingers/etc. clothing was required inside the ship, but the pool area and a couple ...
The new organisers of Cambridge's third world naked bike ride have defended the event, saying there is "nothing wrong with being naked in public".
But the maid becomes curious about what's going on behind an enormous hedge and, when she finally takes a peek, she discovers a nudist community that welcomes her with open, naked arms. Life there is not exactly about sex - although it's not not about ...
At other times they are a definite no-no, especially if you have nudist tendencies. That doesn't deter the odd English wag from streaking, many of whom have suffered physical consequences of years of English ale.
There are a number of nudist beaches in the UK but the nearest to Birmingham is Morfa Dyffryn Naturist Beach, in Gwynedd, north Wales.
We had a guy back then called the Naked Guy, who was just this guy who was a nudist who was a student who would go to class with like a little sheet around his midsection and that was it.
And this isn't the nudist's first run in with trouble in the nabe. Two days prior, the man was spotted - clothed - harassing a young girl in a McDonald's on the corner of 73rd Street, said a local who recognized the nude man's mug.
THIS is the dramatic moment a topless woman sunbather shamed who she claims was a "man performing a sex act on a nudist beach".
The dramatic moment a topless woman sunbather shamed a pervert who she claims was "performing a sex act on a nudist beach" was captured on Camera.
He has caused a storm with comments he made over nudist swimming sessions at Ely's Paradise Pool. Paradise Pool, Ely, has hosted the first of three sessions in April and May organised by the Mildenhall Naturist Swimming Club.
The dramatic moment a topless woman sunbather shamed a pervert who she claims was "performing a sex act on a nudist beach" was captured on Camera.
Detective Johansson's wearing a skin tight, flesh colored jumpsuit, giving the illusion she's searching for the nearest nudist beach. You'll have no illusions that "Ghost in the Shell" is anything other than a muddled underworld thriller about one ...
It's not only potential nudists who are having problems accessing Mpenjati Beach at the Trafalgar Beach Reserve on KwaZulu-Natal's picturesque lower south coast.
Mr Whelan called on police to crack down on misbehaving nudists. "The only way we're going to clean up these deviants from the beach is through some action," Mr Whelan said.
As a BareFOOT leader, you can bear your sweaty, naked bits with a community of like-minded nudists in the beauty of the Berkshires - at least, that's what the email in my inbox suggested.
If you were wandering along the sea wall in Lowestoft, you'd be forgiven for not realising you're at Ness Point - the UK's most easterly place.
In a somewhat conversational manner, she functioned as a ghost-story teller by the campfire, depicting the tale of an actress' run-ins with fame, a demon lover, and a missing nudist colony. The audience was held captive by her words, laughing on cue to ...
A video game sale led to child pornography charges against a Lancaster County man. GameStop employees told Manheim Township police Matthew Neil, 25, sold his Nintendo 2DS to the store and they found a SIM card in the game with inappropriate ...
MANHEIM TWP., Lancaster County, Pa. - A Lancaster man is facing charges after child pornography was allegedly found on a gaming system he sold.
In 1953, Fisher wrote an article for the Davenport Democrat, a predecessor of the Times, about a nudist camp in Hillsdale, Illinois, that "created a furor.
It ends with an image of a much different tone: a 1968 snapshot by Elliott Erwitt of two nudists on a bench, one of whom is steadily stitching - an intriguing act for someone wearing no clothes out in the open.
A council swimming pool has raised eyebrows after announcing it will be hosting NAKED swim sessions. Paradise Pools in Ely, Cambridgeshire, will allow users to go au naturel throughout April and May.