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updated Wed. February 22, 2017

The Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment received an interesting patch today that reduces grenade spam and heavily nerfed anti-air cannons among other ...
Karachi: Amid claims of "high alert" and "tight security" by the police authorities and security establishment, miscreants lobbed a hand grenade at a residential building in Lyari leaving one woman injured on Tuesday. police said 30-year-old Gul Nisa ...
A German arms producer has refused to deliver key components for a new US grenade launcher, citing an 1868 convention prohibiting grenades being fired straight at a person. The German company is now facing penalties. Mass production of the US, ...
A mother of two was yesterday remanded to prison after being charged with possession of a smoke grenade, which police say she was going to smuggle into ...
Rural North SNT : Assisting RLC after report of a grenade being found in a loft at Halfway House. All found to be safe #EveryDayIsDifferent pic.
The bomb squad was called out to Ballater after workmen found the unexploded World War II device in a flat on Braichlie Road. police sealed off the road, and the only occupant of the block at the time was evacuated.
Nisa was shifted to Karachi's Civil hospital, where doctors termed her condition stable.
Houses in Wellington were cleared after the discovery of an old grenade in a gutter.
A Pakistani holds a placard that reads 'terrorists should be punished,' during to condemn a recent series of deadly suicide bombings, in Karachi, Pakistan, Feb 19.
Seven people suffered injuries after a disgruntled former neighbor lobbed a grenade at a gate in Sta. Ana, Manila, on Sunday.
The grenades FC ended their 2016/17 Premier Division campaign on a winning note, beating relegated Liberta Blackhawks 1-0 during the football Association's top flight on Friday.
We are currently modernizing our grenade launchers and this involves, among other things, developing a new generation of supplies for close combat with remote-controlled detonation leveraging state-of-the-art electronics and artificial intelligence ...
Specialist bomb experts rush to scene in Aberdeenshire following horror find during renovation works after last year's floods.
Johannesburg - police fired stun grenades to disperse a group of EFF members protesting outside Gauteng Premier David Makhura's State of the Province Address on Monday.
The discovery of an explosive device closed a portion of Old Dunlap Road in Whitwell Monday. Marion County Detective Matt Blansett tells Channel 3, a grenade was found some time between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. in an area off the road. He says the bomb ...
"Eleven people were martyred after two grenades were thrown at their house by unknown gunmen in Laghman's Baad Pakh district," the local governor's spokesman Sarhadi Zwak told AFP.
A civilian was injured in a firing incident today in south Kashmir's Pulwama district, where security forces arrested a former militant and recovered a pistol and a grenade from his possession, police said. Wasim Kuchay, a resident of Barsoo village of ...
Seven individuals in Manila were injured after an unidentified man was reported to have thrown a grenade late Sunday. On his twitter account, dzBB Super Radyo Correspondent James Agustin said that at least seven individuals were injured after a man ...
A single unit on-the-move could much more easily attack a wider range of targets with one weapon, both laying down suppressive fire with a machine gun and also achieving the effects of firing grenades at enemy locations when needed. Meanwhile, the army ...
While the usage of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by security forces is common, the elite force has armed its crack teams with an indigenously made 'munition launcher system' that can carry a pair of 38mm grenades to stealthily drop in enemy ...
Peshawar: The compound of Union Council Nazim in the area of Totalai of Buner district was attacked with a hand grenade in the wee hours of Saturday.
Two policemen have been injured in a grenade attack on the police in Jammu & Kashmir's Nowgam in the outskirts of Srinagar.
A HAND grenade, possibly from the war of Independence era, has been made safe by an army bomb squad in Co Laois. The device, a Mills 36 grenade, was discovered by a member of the public carrying out home renovations in Stradbally this morning.
A Washington County Circuit Court judge gave a one-year suspended sentence to man charged last year with having a hand grenade in his Hagerstown home after he pleaded guilty Thursday to making an arson threat. In addition to the suspended county jail ...
San Diego - A hand grenade found in a South Park garage prompted police and firefighters to evacuate nearby homes for about an hour Thursday.
Out of the bag, the woman revealed a grenade, and told working officer Sergeant Shane Gleeson she'd been carrying it around all day without realising.
INDIO, Calif. - A man is under arrest for public intoxication after he was found passed out in a car with an explosive device. Coachella police were called to Rancho Del Oro park Sunday evening and found 48-year-old Armando Rangal passed out in a ...
ANYONE who found a grenade or a rifle with a grenade launcher should report the discovery to the nearest police precinct, the Cebu City police said yesterday.
The navy is investigating the disappearance of 20 concussion grenades from the San Diego-based destroyer Pinckney, according to a Navy official briefed on the incident.
Gill ACP Gurjeet Singh said the ammunition comprised 26 tank shells and four hand grenades. "The Ludhiana police have written to the deputy commissioner, requesting him to ask the army unit at Dholewal Chowk for a bomb disposal squad to collect the ...
Out of the bag, the woman revealed a grenade, and told working officer Sergeant Shane Gleeson she'd been carrying it around all day without realising.
Internet news agency with daily news from Macedonia, the Balkans and Around the world. Information on Health, economy, politics, Environment, sports.
Mogadishu, Somalia- At least one person was killed, and two others including a policeman were wounded in grenade attack in the capital Mogadishu on Monday, Garowe Online reports.
Chris Sutton says Rangers chairman Dave King is criticising former manager Mark Warburton because he knows he cannot currently respond and questioned why the Englishman was not sacked sooner if his performance was not up to the mark.
A CACHE of ammunition, including 26 live bomb shells and four hand grenades, were found in a vacant plot near Delta City Colony at Alamgir of Ludhiana Monday.
A 32-year-old "habal-habal" (motorcycle-for-hire) driver was killed after a rifle grenade he found on a vacant lot exploded past 9 a.m.
The bombs were first noticed by some locals who informed the police. The police immediately cordoned off the area. "The bombs and grenades look old. We are trying to find from where these have come and how they reached this place," an officer said.
Buner: Two brothers were killed and their sister suffered injuries in a grenade explosion in Kotkay area here on Sunday. The deceased were identified as Gulzada and Sultnzeb.
Two children were killed and another critically wounded in an accidental grenade explosion near Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Swat Valley on Sunday, officials said.
Explosion Urdu TV channel 24 News said the two shepherd brothers aged between six to 10 years old and their seven-year-old female cousin were playing in the mountains when they found the grenade in Khaista Baba area of Bajaur, a semi-autonomous ...
Peshawar: Two children were killed and another critically wounded in a grenade explosion in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, officials said.
Karachi: At least six people were injured in a hand grenade attack in the restive Lyari neighbourhood on Saturday. The hand grenade attack occurred at Usman Brohi Road in Chakiwara. police and witnesses said that at least two unidentified men riding a ...
The CTDE, a semi-automatic grenade launcher that fires grenades set to explode in mid-air or near a target, targeting enemies with shrapnel, was supposed to revolutionize the US Army, its manufacturers said last year.
A SWANSEA humanitarian worker has been dodging grenades dropped by drones as he delivers aid to one of Iraq's most war-torn cities.
An explosive found in Amsterdam's In The City Cafe on Kleine Gartmanplantsoen on Wednesday was a hand grenade, the police confirmed, according to NOS.
HAMTRAMCK, Mich. - Hamtramck City Hall was evacuated Friday after a woman walked in with two hand grenades that she found in her basement, police said.
A road has been closed following the discovery of what is believed to have been a hand grenade this morning. Ferry Road in Pennar is currently cordoned off following the discovery at Pennar beach.
HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Hamtramck city hall has been evacuated because of a potentially explosive situation. Sources tell 7 Action News that a woman walked into the police department with World War II era hand grenades that she had found at her ...
A cache of anti-tank grenades from World War Two has been destroyed in a controlled explosion after being found on a building site in Wiltshire.
Resident Evil 7 enemies are unlucky to begin with (they used to be human), so you're really going to ruin their day when you blow them up with grenades. The grenade Launcher is found in the Supplies room of the Main House. Before you can enter, you'll ...






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