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updated Sun. January 22, 2017

Technology undoubtedly matters, but only rarely in the sense that an isolated technological achievement lends decisive advantage in tactical engagements.
Tokyo -- In an unprecedented show of force, China dispatched its first and only aircraft carrier on an extensive training mission amid rising tensions with the U.S.
The Soviet military combined grandiose vision and global aspiration with a defense-industrial base that had severe limitations. For nearly seven decades, the defense-industrial complex of the Soviet Union went toe-to-toe with the best firms that the ...
The first-ever ATM machine was inaugurated on board aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, the country's largest warship. The ATM on the ship docked at the naval base at Karwar will be operated by the country's largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) and ...
Lego aircraft carrier. Working Lego machines. Lego bricks. Image: Twin design/Shutterstock. Related: education, Entertainment, YouTube, Lego.
The bottom line on aircraft carrier survivability is that only a handful of countries can credibly pose a threat to America's most valuable warships, and short of using nuclear weapons none of those is likely to sink one.
Of all the countries that have aircraft carriers, only two have constructed ships powered by nuclear energy. The United States is one country, but the second one might surprise: France.
New Delhi (Sputnik) - India's Soviet-built aircraft carrier, the INS Vikramaditya, will be India's first warship to have an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) on board.
INS Vikramaditya is a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier which entered into service with the Indian navy in 2013. She was commissioned on 16 November 2013 at a ceremony held at Severodvinsk, Russia.
To that end, probably around 2004, China made up its mind that it must have aircraft-carriers. A second, indigenously designed one, based on the Liaoning but with the latest radar and space for more aircraft, is nearing completion at the northern port ...
The Admiral was quick to add that Chinese aircraft carriers are presently unable to maintain the operational tempo of larger US aircraft carriers which can conduct operations day and night. At the same time, the Indian navy, the Admiral said, ''has far ...
"It's not until you bring them all together on the aircraft carrier that you get to test the fully integrated system, and so with all first-of-class ships we have been in a bit of a test-and-fix mode as we go through the test program.
aircraft carriers, it seems, are all the rage nowadays in Asia. Long written off by some as bulky, oversized "cruise missile magnets," the flattop appears to be enjoying a new lease-of-life as of late.
The U.S. Navy has announced that the lead vessel of its new class of supercarriers, the nuclear-powered Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), will likely be delivered in April. According to a U.S. navy statement from ...
If you are the captain of an aircraft carrier, these are the words you do not want to hear: "Enemy battleship in sight!" Yet on June 8, 1940, the British aircraft carrier HMS Glorious discovered why carriers should need to stay far away from enemy ...
Beijing, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- China's aircraft carrier formation returned to Qingdao port Friday after finishing a drill, the Chinese Navy said Friday.
Last month China reported that its aircraft carrier Liaoning was ready to start operational service. The country's navy provided proof on Christmas Day, sending out its first carrier battle group (CVBG) through the Miyako straits, around Taiwan, and ...
Readers have asked me why 10 of 11 US aircraft carriers are lined up in a row in dock allegedly for maintanence. It reminds them of the battleships at Pearl harbor.
FILE - In this Feb. 27, 2013 file photo released by China's Xinhua news agency, China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is anchored in the northern port in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province.
The navy's most expensive and complex aircraft carrier to date could be delivered by April. Construction of the USS Gerald R. Ford is 99 percent complete with sea trials projected to begin in March, said Capt.
Eastern Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar was given a tour of a Russian aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean today, Russian media reported, a show of Kremlin support for the faction leader who opposes Libya's UN-backed government.
Taiwan's Defense Ministry said Wednesday that China's only aircraft carrier had transited the Taiwan strait amid soaring tensions between Beijing and Taipei.
For the first time in history, the F-35B took off from a ship with a full-load of weapons. Integrating the F-35B will change tactics on-board amphibious assault ships.
The US Navy is having difficulties with its latest aircraft carrier's Electromagnetic aircraft Launching System (EMALS) - the same system which the UK mooted fitting to its new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers.
Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who is in the charge of the Libyan National army (LNA), is accused by his rivals of wanting to install a military regime in Libya.
Hong Kong - Taiwan scrambled F-16 fighter jets and dispatched a frigate to the Taiwan strait on Wednesday after China sent its sole aircraft carrier into the waterway, Taiwan's official Central news agency reported. The transit of the aircraft carrier ...
Had she ever sailed, the Soviet supercarrier Ulyanovsk would have been a naval behemoth more than 1,000 feet long, with an 85,000-ton displacement and enough storage to carry an air group of up to 70 fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, heading to English Channel again. aircraft carrier will retrace its trip as it heads back to Severomorsk on the Arctic coast.
The navy is preparing to accept delivery of the new USS Gerald R. Ford later this year. The Navy may consider alternative aircraft carrier configurations in coming years as it prepares for its new high-tech, next-generation carrier to become ...
China has so far deployed Liaoning, its sole, aircraft carrier - an import from Ukraine - whose prime purpose is to impart training, so that a skilled core of personnel is developed, capable of marshalling more combat-worthy aircraft carriers of the ...
As part of the aircraft carrier Alliance, Rosyth and other yards across the rest of the UK are currently manufacturing the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, with commitments to maintain the vessels ...
China has so far deployed Liaoning, its sole, aircraft carrier - an import from Ukraine - whose prime purpose is to impart training, so that a skilled core of personnel is developed, capable of marshalling more combat-worthy aircraft carriers of the ...
The People's Liberation army navy's (PLAN) sole operational aircraft carrier, the 60,000-ton Liaoning, a retrofitted Soviet-era Admiral Kuznetsov-class multirole aircraft carrier, is conducting military drills in the South China Sea this week ...
A Russian top commander informed that the Russian Navy's airborne arsenal would undergo major enhancements. The navy would receive developments ranging from drones to combat aircraft.
A naval formation consisting of aircraft carrier Liaoning has conducted take-off and landing drills in the South China Sea on Monday, a military source said on Tuesday.
The Liaoning, China's first aircraft carrier, recently completed its first live-fire exercises before sailing from the Bohai sea to Hainan Island.
While there is currently no American aircraft carrier in the Middle East, there are several ships with thousands of Marines on board as well as helicopters and aircraft ready to respond to any possible threat.
China's sole aircraft carrier conducted drills in the South China Sea, the navy said, days after neighbouring Taiwan said the carrier and accompanying ships had passed 90 nautical miles south of the island amid renewed tension between the two sides.
Russia plans on keeping its naval fleet in operation throughout 2017 to ensure that the country's interests in places like the Arctic and Mediterranean are supported by their forces on the water, an official with the Russian Navy said Monday.
It is a rare enough occurrence as a civilian to have the opportunity to visit a military ship in port much less go to sea on one of the largest and most powerful ...
In March 2015, one of the largest nuclear-powered warships in the world was "sunk" by one of the smallest. The Saphir, a French nuclear attack submarine, reportedly penetrated the defenses of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and scored ...
China's aircraft carrier group, Liaoning, the first such warship in People's Liberation army navy (PLAN), has ventured into the West Pacific for the first time, IHS ...
No U.S. aircraft carrier in Mideast for Next Few Months. The USS George H.W. Bush, which was supposed to replace the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, is being held up in the shipyard.
Both supported Hillary Clinton, while the majority of the ship's crew voted for President-elect Donald Trump, said Runge, an aviation electronics technician on the aircraft carrier. "With the election, it was kind of rough there for a while," Runge, 27 ...
A decade ago, a far-sighted navy chief, Admiral Arun Prakash, posted his most talented engineering officer, Commander CD Balaji, to develop the Naval Tejas ...
Sailing on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lara Runge placed a rare phone call to her wife Jessica in Chesapeake, Virginia, on election Day.
But the carrier George H.W. Bush, which is set to relieve the Eisenhower, has not left the U.S. due to delays in the maintenance yard, Defense News reported.
India is the leader with 50 years of experience in operating sea-borne aircraft carriers while Japan, for the first time since World war-II, has made flat-deck warships but doesn't call them 'aircraft carriers'; For India, China's intension to station ...
The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower returns to Norfolk Naval Station, Va. on Wednesday, July 3, 2013. The Ike returned to Norfolk after completing an unusual, split ...





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