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updated Mon. April 30, 2018

MOSES LAKE -- The Grant County International Airport will be retaining control over its control tower radar systems following a review by the Federal ... The level of precision and control that the TRACON system provides makes the airport an ideal partner for aeronautics corporations and the ...
Global Military Radar Market report analyses current market bearings along with future market scope from 2018 to 2023. Research study helps to analyze the change in market dynamics of Military Radar, regional market volume, technological innovations and Military Radar business opportunities ...

China is testing an "invisibility cloak" on non-stealth military jets to help them evade radar detection, according to scientists involved in the project. If successful, the technology could quickly boost the combat strength of the jets, the researchers say. But others say the technology was difficult to mass ...
WATERLOO, Ontario - Stealth aircraft in the Canadian arctic will be no match for a new quantum radar system. ScienceBlog reports. Continue reading original article. The Military & Aerospace Electronics take: 24 April 2018 -- Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, are developing ... technology
MOSES LAKE — The Grant County International Airport will be retaining control over its control tower radar systems following a review by the Federal ... The level of precision and control that the TRACON system provides makes the airport an ideal partner for aeronautics corporations and the military, ... technology
Citing a need for “A greater awareness of the potential challenges posed by foreign military and commercial activities in the Arctic region” due to climate change, Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) has invested in several new surveillance technologies. University of Waterloo's quantum radar ... technology

This system includes control of both civil and military airspace: on the civil side, through regular air traffic control for flights inside Bolivian airspace, and the Bolivian Air Force–on the military side–has control over the military radar system. The idea is that, if an illegal flight occurs in the civil system or if the ... technology
Cutting-edge physics has driven military innovation for over a century, from Marie Curie's x-ray machines of World War I to the quest for the atomic bomb during World War II. But these days, government defense departments are funding even more esoteric pursuits. We learned recently that the US ... technology
"Within the framework of joint work analysis was carried out of implementing the concept of military cooperation up to 2020, joint measures for next year were agreed on and the idea was approved of holding a joint computer-simulated command staff exercise of the integrated air defense system Regional ... technology
Finally, France sent its Aquitaine frigate, armed with SCALP naval land attack cruise missiles (SCALP the French military's name for the Storm Shadow), .... Syria's radar network consists of P-40 3-D UHF early warning/target acquisition radar, P-12 3D VHF early warning ground control radar, P-15 2D UHF ... technology
... raced across the Mediterranean to position themselves and at 8:40 p.m. eastern standard time April 6, they fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat Air Base, where the Syrian jets that had dropped chemical weapons on the village had originated from, according to U.S. satellite and radar tracking. technology
Like many cliches, “flying under the radar” has a literal, real-world history. As the new object-detection technology proliferated in the years after World War II, military pilots knew it had trouble seeing things at low altitudes, where buildings and hills severely limit its range. And so pilots would hug the terrain, ... technology
The deployed troops are mainly centered on Gao, but also in two other military bases located near Kidal and Tessalit, 120 kilometers from the Algerian border. What makes this region interesting for France are its natural resources, mainly uranium and other minerals. The region is also a border for the ... technology
Radar of Russia's S-500 Next Gen. Air Defense System Reportedly Spotted on VIDEO. © Sputnik/ Sergei Malgavko. Military & Intelligence. 17:48 02.04.2018 (updated 18:13 02.04.2018) Get short URL. 5993. A video of all-altitude radar, which is part of Russia's future S-500 air defense missile system, at work has made its ... technology
Related: Embedded computing switch for fast radar and SIGINT processing introduced by Curtiss-Wright. The VPX3-534 has the Xilinx Kintex KU115 UltraScale FPGA. This module supports the same dual 6-gigasample-per-second 12b A/D and D/A converters channels as the VPX3-535, and also supports ... technology
China is developing a super-sensitive radar that can detect the wing-flapping of a mosquito up to 2 kilometres away, according to a senior scientist involved in the government research project. A prototype of the device is being tested at a defence laboratory at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), said ... technology
That means one thing for your active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar design--you need a lot more signal processing power. As digital processing speeds increase, data converters are implemented closer to the antenna, driving size and weight reductions. Open computing platforms based on the ... technology

China has developed radar systems with similarly advanced features to track missiles and stealth aircraft, but some scientists working on these military projects believed the technology could also be used to fight mosquitoes – and they convinced the government to fund their research. The team, led by Long ... technology
Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology, part of the State-owned defense giant China Electronics Technology Group Corp, is the country's largest and strongest developer of military radar. Its products have been sold to more than 20 nations in Africa and Asia. The JF-17, known as the FC-1 in ... technology
Internal assembly is with a chip and wire approach by expert certified assemblers. For more information contact Integra Technologies online at Ready to make a purchase? Search the Military & Aerospace Electronics Buyer's Guide for companies, new products, press releases, and ... technology
MILITARY REPORT: Defense contractor gives missile radar update. By Julia Laude |. Posted: Wed 9:21 PM, Mar 28, 2018. FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Yesterday members of the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce learned about a new initiative heading to Clear Air Force Base. In this week's 'Military Report', we hear from Director ... technology
Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology, part of the State-owned defense giant China Electronics Technology Group Corp, is the country's largest and strongest developer of military radar. Its products have been sold to more than 20 nations in Africa and Asia. The JF-17, known as the FC-1 in ... technology
Snapshot: The demand for radars is expected to be driven by the growing importance of unmanned platforms and the modernization of existing military radar systems. Moreover, the advent of technologically enhanced radar systems such as Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), coupled with ... technology
Global Military Radar Market Report provides important information related to the overall market and price forecast over a five-year period, from 2017 to 2022. In this bit, the experts have offered essential figures which relates to the production and consumption forecast for the major regions that the market is ... technology
The U.S. Military is facing an unlikely new threat: Drones, including commercially available ones, are capable of spying on and attacking U.S. forces. ... Such an intercept is very tricky, because a radar and fire control system would have to detect, track, and fire a microwave or laser beam against an ... technology
An F-35A fighter plane cuts across the sky, dead-set on destroying an enemy bunker protected by a network of radar and antiaircraft missile batteries. A flock of wingmen tag along to help the pilot defeat these defenses. But none of those companion planes have a person inside. They are semiautonomous ... technology
“Me and two buddies decided we'd join the military. We knew the draft was coming up for us, so the three of us went to the Mansfield recruiting office. One joined the Marines and the other fellow the Navy, so I decided I'd go in the Air Force.” The three friends enlisted at the height of the war in Korea. technology
As the F-100F in which he was flying raced through the skies over North Vietnam, Donovan detected a signal from enemy radar known as a Fan Song. He notified the pilot, Captain Allen T. Lamb, who began maneuvering the plane to help locate the radar. Lamb took the plane down until the signal ... technology
On March 14th, less than a month into a federal military intervention that is supposed to fix the security crisis in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the brutal assassination of a Rio de Janeiro's Councilwoman, Marielle Franco, has dragged new actors into an already intricate political situation – and this time they are ... technology
Those included Clear Air Force Station in Anderson, Indian Mountain Long Range Radar Site, Point Barrow Long Range Radar Site, Fort Greely and Deadhorse, among others. The Deadhorse component, called Arctic Pegasus, modeled securing and defending an Arctic airfield in an emergency situation. technology
Then He Praised Over-Budget Military Projects ... The more than 2,200-page bill includes nearly $700 billion for the military and $591 billion in non-defense spending. At least ... The radar-evading fighter jet, manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp., has been beset by problems since it first began in 2001. technology
Global Military and Civil Aviation Passive Radar Market Analysis of Growth, Trends, And Forecast 2018 to 2025 report presents a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry validated market data. It also contains ... technology
Defense Secretary James Mattis said he dismissed a veteran national security lawyer who served as the “convening authority” of the military commissions, Harvey Rishikof, because he asked military personnel to capture fresh images of the complex and then took his request to the U.S. Coast Guard when ... technology
Military Embedded Systems · Articles · Blogs · News · White Papers · Products · McHale Report · Radar/Electronic Warfare · CyberDefense Rpt. Embedded Hardware · Embedded Software · Signal Processing · Unmanned Systems · Cyber · Avionics Design Newsletter …more. Obsolescence/EOL · Radar ... technology
The study surveys studies of three groups of cancer patients from the military and industrial sectors – in Israel, Poland and Belgium – who were exposed to similar radiation. All three studies found a particularly high rate of cancers of the immune system compared to other types of cancer. The researchers ... technology
With coastal sea ice shrinking in the Arctic, the U.S. Air Force is creating new models to better predict erosion threats to Alaska radar sites that have played a critical role in national defense since the ... Baker said the military wants a better understanding of potential solutions and costs, as well as timelines. technology
Global Military Radar Market Research Report 2017 to 2022 tracks the major market events including product launches, technological developments, mergers & acquisitions, and the innovative business strategies opted by key market players. This research report offers in-depth analysis of the market size ... technology
When it was first designed, the AGM-114 Hellfire missile was intended to give the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter a way to kill the Soviet tanks of World War II, replacing a combination of the AH-1 Cobra and the BGM-71 TOW missile. But the Hellfire has proven to be far more versatile. Don't get us wrong, the Hellfire was ... technology
Military operation in Riverside helping keep nation's skies safe. Email ... One radar screen showed the U.S.-Mexico border along California. Another screen showed ... Meanwhile, they watch -- staring at computer screens and trying to figure out which radar tracks should be there and which ones shouldn't. technology
Court records show that Mr. Posobilov and other smugglers were accused of providing at least $50 million worth of advanced microelectronics — which are frequently used in military systems for radar, surveillance and missile guidance — to Russian military and intelligence agencies over a decade. technology
And then in June 1960, the U.S. Navy put the first electronic surveillance into space: Named Galactic Radiation Background Experiment, the satellite had a public, scientific mission to measure solar radiation and a covert military mission to detect signals from Soviet radar and transmit them back to earth. technology
The global Military Radar Systems Market to reach USD 14.46 billion by 2024, driven by the rising need for improving safety and security on the borders and rising conflicts among neighboring nations. North America was the largest regional market commanding the highest revenue share in 2016 and is expected to maintain ... technology
The Polish Inspectorate of Armed Forces Support announced on 2 March that Poland's PIT-Radwar company (part of the Polish Armaments Group) has received a three-year contract worth PLN41 million (USD12 million) to service Polish mobile and stationary military radars. Want to read more? technology
This week the National Armed Forces of Latvia will finalize the delivery of the first Multi-Role radar TPS-77 MRR by testing its air surveillance capabilities, the Ministry of Defense said in a news release, adding that the new radar will significantly boost the air surveillance capabilities of Latvia's armed forces. technology
HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. —The Office of the Secretary of Defense singled out the COBRA DANE System Sustainment Team at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, for an award for maintaining, sustaining and repairing the stationary COBRA DANE radar. The team won the 2017 Secretary of ... technology
The Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) covers Australia's coastal approaches through a network of three remote radars in Queensland, Western ... The radar arrays play a major role in supporting the Australian Defense Force's air and maritime operations, border surveillance, disaster relief, and ... technology
The Mi-28NM will feature an innovative helmet-mounted target designation and display system as part of its onboard radar equipment. The helicopter is furnished with the N025 all-round surveillance radar and a new electronic warfare system. The gunship is designed to search for and destroy low-speed ... technology
ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey's government and military leaders look determined to boost a multitude of unmanned vehicle programs in hopes these indigenous systems .... The UKAP's missions include search and reconnaissance, radar-based target tracking, personnel rescue, mine sweeping, and towing. technology
After leaving the military, he settled in North Carolina for a brief period. He returned to Arizona to visit his family and eventually found employment near Deming, N.M. He worked on an aerostat radar system near the border. He traveled all over the United States and internationally with the various jobs he ... technology
This is the AN/FPS-120 Solid State Phased Array Radar, whose electronically steered beams can spot and track multiple targets. .... Hundreds of missiles, each now configured to carry multiple warheads, will make sure those silos as well as other U.S. military command and control centers are out of ... technology


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