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Russia's most famous helicopter (albeit not its best-selling -- see below) is growing as well. Owing in part to Russia's recent military buildup, 918 mi-24 hinds are in service globally today, up 21 from last year. The Hind still commands 5% global ...

mi-24 hinds fit their needs perfectly. They are simpler to use than Mi-28s and easier to maintain due to them being less sophisticated than the Mi-28s.
The Ugandan air force has taken delivery of another two Sukhoi Su-30MK2 fighters from Russia, completing the delivery of six aircraft ordered last year.
The Battlehawk would provide the UAE forces with a combat support capability as well as a personnel lift capability, much like the Russian mi-24 hinds, Barrie said. "[The kit] would make it a weaponized utility helicopter, which goes some of the way of ...
'Most of the gunships [Mi 24 Hinds] are being piloted by former SAAF members and they are flying a huge number of sorties, including nocturnal operations, with great success.





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