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Last week's visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, to Thessaloniki, Greece, marking the construction of a new holocaust museum, turns the page in the city's once thriving Jewish community. Thessaloniki was nearly wiped ...

Houston will soon become the fourth largest in something other than population. Later this evening, the holocaust Museum Houston will reveal the master plans for a $49.4 million expansion that will more than double its current space at 5401 Caroline ...
Mike Bornstein, Tova Friedman and Sarah Ludwig were all small children when were sent to Auschwitz. All three survived and were pictured in an iconic photo taken at the concentration camp's liberation.
About 74 years later, in 2015, the French government acknowledged its railroad's part in the holocaust with the creation of a $60 million restitution fund for French survivors and their heirs.
Clearwater, Fla. - At 85 years old, Betty, a holocaust survivor, can recall the horrific images she witnessed at the age of nine years old.

(AP) - A Southern California teen raised about $15,000 to send an 89-year-old holocaust survivor to Israel so the man can meet his last living relative and finally receive his Bar Mitzvah, according to a newspaper report Monday.
"The field has been concerned about what's going to happen to holocaust education when survivors are no longer present.
In this picture taken Dec. 8, 2014, and released by Yad Vashem, holocaust historian Jan Grabowski gives a speech at Yad Vashem, the Israeli holocaust research center, during a ceremony in which he was awarded for his scholarship, in Jerusalem, Israel.
For that, Abrams turned to Abby Weiner, another holocaust survivor who lives in West Hartford and has put a human face and an individual's story on the holocaust for students at the high school. Weiner has spoken at the high school at least six times ...
While forming a friendship with a holocaust survivor he met through school, a Westlake Village teen raised about $15,000 to send the man to Israel to meet his last living relative.
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (AP) - The holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus will host a program on current efforts to prevent genocide.
Prior to the summit, Netanyahu attended the unveiling of a plaque to mark the construction of a holocaust museum in Thessaloniki.
Roosevelt Middle school students listen to holocaust survivor Freddie Myerson during a historical first-person account reading in memory of the victims and in honor of the survivors of the holocaust held at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Dartmouth ...
Strip's brother's journal is one of more than 200 diaries written by holocaust victims and survivors the museum hopes to digitize and make available to the public with the help of its first crowd-funding campaign.
They aren't just any children. They are Jewish children who died in the holocaust. Their faces exude happiness, though, for the photos that Burkett worked from were taken when the children were with their families, before being sent to the horror of ...
The state Senate passed holocaust education legislation sponsored by state Sen. Elaine Phillips (R-C-Manhasset) on Thursday, in hopes of curtailing rises in anti-Semitism.

After giving testimony in the film Destination Unknown 72 years after liberation, one of the last holocaust survivors discusses why he never really left.
teachers from South Florida recently learned different ways to incorporate Shoah studies into their teachings from a variety of speakers during the annual week-long University of Miami holocaust Teacher Institute. This year's institute drew 200 ...
This week the film Destination Unknown is released, a documentary that mixes testimony and archive to tell the stories of twelve holocaust survivors who hid, fought as partisans, and endured camps such as Krakow-Plaszow, Mauthausen and ...
"Their articulation is not as good as it used to be, and students don't retain their stories because they can't follow them," said Leon Weissberg, a veteran South Florida Jewish educator who has taught the holocaust for 30 years. "high school kids see ...
When the death camps and ghettos of Europe were liberated at the end of World War II, a psychologist from Chicago visited former prisoners and recorded their ...
A 97-year-old holocaust survivor was in Spokane Wednesday night to share her incredible story of survival, endurance, and strength.
Boston (AP) -- It was a simple act of kindness by a complete stranger, but it left a lasting impression on a young Polish boy escaping the horrors of Nazi death camps.
"My family members were picked up in the streets of Paris in the very same way." By Kate Abbey-Lambertz. A hearing over legislation that would ban sanctuary cities in Michigan prompted fiery testimony from a holocaust survivor, who likened the ...
"As the events of the past few months have shown, we need a robust and active U.S. holocaust Memorial Museum more than ever, and it would be a mistake to cut funding to the museum," Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said Friday.
violins of Hope, the soul of holocaust music, will visit Birmingham next spring Jeffrey and Gail Bayer say they are starting the Fund and supporting the concert to ...
Anita Edwards, 63, of West Carrollton and her son, Bellbrook resident Erik Edwards, want to find a home for holocaust images photographed by Anita's father, Robert Leroy Fry, during World War II.
"Israel is completely overrun by the past," he explained. "The holocaust is part of everyday life. We seem to move forward as a country, but [the trauma] holds us back.
Using a grant she received three years ago to support holocaust education, Warren Central school Reach teacher Jill Zimmer purchased a classroom set of "I Never Saw a Butterfly" and, working with fifth-grade teacher Jennifer SanAntonio, the two came up ...
holocaust 2 In this undated World War II-era photograph provided by Many Hats Productions, holocaust survivor Steve Ross wears a Nazi prison camp uniform.
Without the holocaust there never would have been a partition of Palestine, there would have been no al-Nakba, 1967 war, and occupation.
SOUTH PORTLAND - A high school teacher has been awarded a holocaust educator Professional Development grant that will help bring history to life for her students.
Ann Arbor, MI - Does Ann Arbor have a "hate group" that denies what happened during the holocaust? Yes, says The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit based in Alabama dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry.
Story reporting on Shelly and Billy Himmelrich of Delray Beach donating an artifacts cabinet to the new David and Fela Shapell Family Collections, conservation ...
Area law enforcement officers say they are investigating anti-Semitic comments posted on a local social media event page, as well as phone harassment of a local rabbi who is hosting the visit of a holocaust survivor at the Spokane Convention Center ...
And occasionally, when someone asks, he'll tell his story as a holocaust survivor. "I don't really advertise my life," he said.
A fancy dress item described as a 'holocaust wound' was removed from sale on Amazon this week following a number of complaints - including one from the ...
Amazon Removes Fancy Dress "holocaust Wound" From Sale. A spokesman for the Auschwitz Museum called the fancy dress item "inappropriate, disturbing, and disrespectful to the memory of the victims of the holocaust". Originally posted on June 6, 2017, ...
Two years ago, a German court ruled that because of serious illness he could leave prison, where he was serving a 10-year sentence for holocaust denial and anti-Semitic incitement. Late last year, he was ordered to return to prison in the eastern city ...
In the midst of the holocaust, a Japanese stranger saved my family and thousands of other Jewish refugees. Over a half-century later, I found myself fumbling for the right way to give thanks.
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The Jewish community Center of Staten Island recently welcomed 19 holocaust survivors for a celebration of their life with singing and dancing at "Cafe Europa.
A vigil in Nyack Tuesday night honored holocaust victims and present-day refugees seeking asylum from their war-torn home countries.
An item called a "holocaust wound" is no longer for sale on Amazon UK after the British arm of the online retailer was criticized for listing it.
The students in the spin-off group exchanged memes and images mocking sexual assault, the holocaust and the deaths of children, sometimes directing jokes at specific ethnic or racial groups, according to screenshots of the chat obtained by the Crimson.
AN EXHIBITION of hand carved sculptures by a highly respected artist and wife of one of the Windermere Boys has opened.
Right now, it's a method for bringing holocaust survivors virtually to classrooms. A big screen TV is rolled into the class, flipped on its side (as you would do with your phone), and students just ask the virtual survivor questions.
But shoots from the tree arrived in Israel and, in 2009, at the Illinois holocaust Museum and education Center, where Dede Harris is a director, and her husband, Sam Harris, is a past president.
From left, Sam Weigley, Arthur Litz, Sylvan Robinson, and Rabbi Susan Talve take part in a ceremony May 19 at Central Reform Congregation finalizing the gifting of a holocaust Torah to CRC from Kol Katan, a longtime St. Louis chavurah/congregation.
As seen by the documentarian Frederick Wiseman, London's National Gallery of Art and the classy Parisian strip joint Crazy Horse are essentially the same kind of organization.