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updated Tue. January 24, 2017

ALBANY -- Albany native Patricia Higgins was a major player among the region's political and social circles dating back to the 1960's.
Loop capital's Rick Paterson says the mid-single-digit pricing growth in the rail sector feels like a distant memory amid deteriorating pricing environment.
The Palestinian problem "should not be marginalized," Xi said to the Arab League. "China supports the peaceful process in the Middle East [and] the establishment of a Palestinian State with its capital being eastern Jerusalem," he added through an ...
Sioux City council members are looking at spending $68 million on capital improvements in the coming year. The council held a meeting this weekend to detail the city's priorities.
seed terms have gotten much better, but I still find Series A (and beyond) term sheets frustrating. I think we can change the "norm" by offering entrepreneurs a better alternative.
First-time director Rahul Jain made a strong impression in 2016 with Machines, his documentary portrait of a massive sweatshop in Sachin, India.
Mr. Melhem steps in as Amana capital's Chief Business Development Officer with immediate effect, and will help oversee a wide range of functions at the group.
A district divided: Inaugural celebrations meet civilian protests in the nation's capital. Ana Irizarry and Caroline Metzler and Corey Risinger and Sam Killenberg | Published 3 minutes ago.
As anyone who has recently spent time in the UK capital can attest, the referendum itself seems to have done little to dent the animal spirits of London's consumers.
People cheer as ECOWAS Senegalese troops take position near to the state house in the Gambian capital Banjul Sunday Jan. 22, 2017, one day after Gambia's defeated leader Yahya Jammeh went into exile.
Gambia's capital was awaiting the arrival of the country's new leader Adama Barrow as West African troops moved to secure the capital, just hours after Yahya Jammeh, the authoritarian ruler of 22 years, flew into exile. West African military forces ...
Hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police and harassed spectators attending a bullfight in Bogota on Sunday as the "fiesta brava" returned to Colombia's capital for the first time in four years. police had to fire tear gas to control the ...
Truth and fairness are not restored through the use of capital punishment since it betrays and undermines the fundamental principles of our nation, thus depriving us of moral clarity.
We have completed four full years of Reading capital, and I must point out that I have not enjoyed my work so much, since I was an ice-cream salesman (and an avid taster) at the Penguin legendary creamery when I was sixteen.
Photo taken on Jan. 21, 2017 shows the damaged building after a car bomb exploded near the Italian embassy in Tripoli, Libya. A car bomb explosion hit the Libyan capital Tripoli near the Italian embassy and killed two people.(Xinhua/Hamza Turkia).
Corporate venture capital (CVC) is an investment by a corporate (fund) into external startups in order to make a financial return or to gain a competitive advantage.
To cap the rally, the crowd marched around the Statehouse yelling chants that included "Dump Trump," "Trump must go" and "I'm not going away.
Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, questions Secretary of the Treasury nominee Steve Mnuchin during a hearing Thursday before the Senate Finance Committee.
WASHINGTON - In a massive show of defiance to President Trump and his new administration, hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets of the nation's capital yesterday for the women's March on Washington, where demonstrators protested not ...
protest organizers in New Zealand's capital, Wellington, said about 700 people turned out there for a women's march.
What to Do in Aarhus, Denmark, 2017's European capital of Culture. by Mary Holland. January 20, 2017. Getty. The city has been recognized as both the European Region of Gastronomy and the cultural capital of Europe for 2017. Share via facebook dialog.
In this edition of "Meet the VC," we interview Patrick Mathieson, Partner at Toba capital. Patrick has been a partner at Toba capital since 2014. He invests mostly in software-as-a-service businesses and currently sits on the board of directors at Toba ...
She first came to prominence at Trentham in 2015 when she won the Group 1 New Zealand Oaks (2400m) and now she has added the Group 3 Wallaceville Estate Wellington Cup (3200m) to her record in the capital. While Savaria's form has been largely ...
Bucharest, Romania >> Fire engulfed a popular nightclub in the Romanian capital Saturday, sending 38 people to hospitals for treatment including one who was seriously injured.
Stamford - Following several years of hefty spending, the Planning Board will present at a public hearing next week a capital budget trimmed by more than $70 million. The $30 million capital proposal would fund a variety of municipal projects ...
A lot of people start businesses but they are not all ripe for venture capital investment. According to the Small Business Administration, about 600,000 new businesses are started in the U.S.
Texas capital draws massive crowds of female protesters. By Andrea Zelinski and Nicole Cobler, Houston Chronicle. Updated 1:19 pm, Saturday, January 21, 2017.
Hundreds of thousands of women march on the capital. By Erin Mulvaney, Kevin Diaz, and James Osborne. Updated 1:10 pm, Saturday, January 21, 2017.
Before you can start investing in stocks or funds, you'll need to open a brokerage account to start placing your trades. But with so many brokers out there to choose from, and so many features on which to compare them, selecting the best brokerage can ...
You want to concentrate on delivering your best work, not to worry about where you stand on someone's spreadsheet. But hearing language like "human capital" can make you wonder whether you are in the plus or minus column today and where you might ...
While not long ago that may have sound far-fetched, now more and more blockchain industry leaders are betting it could be a possibility.
Recently the parish embarked on a capital campaign to raise funds to make needed repairs. Two years ago when the Rev. Donald A. Robinson became pastor of the parish "one of the first things he noticed was the beauty of the church steeple," noted a ...
Shelburne, VT (January 19, 2017) - FreshTracks capital has launched a new venture fund designed to heat up new business in Vermont.
Protestors mingled with supporters on the National Mall on Friday, but - unlike in some parts of the capital - it was mostly cordial in the heavily-policed area where Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.
The world's eight richest people: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Amancio Ortega, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Carlos Slim and Michael Bloomberg.
When appointing lawyers to indigent defendants accused of the most serious offense, state district judges rely on approved attorneys to lead the defense.
If you spent time on the streets of Washington on Inauguration Day, talking to those who adore Donald Trump and those who can't believe he's now president, any warm and fuzzy thoughts you might have had about becoming one nation, under God, would ...
"We disrupted Trump to send a message that We the People will not let this stand," said Kai Newkirk of democracy Spring, one of six activists escorted out of Friday's inauguration ceremony.
China's capital outflows story dominated the headlines about the country for much of the past 12 months. The story won't disappear from the headlines any time soon with Donald Trump taking office and China's economy slowing estimations of capital ...
Ariadne capital has acquired Portcullis Asset Management (PAML) in Malta in December 2016, run by David Barry, who becomes Ariadne capital's Managing Director there reporting to Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne capital Group Limited, renaming PAML to ...
In the course of writing about Bank of America (nyse: BAC) over the last few years, I've found myself frequently referencing a concept that is both esoteric and important.
China Oceanwide Holdings Group and China-based IDG capital have agreed to acquire tech journalism pioneer International Data Group, publisher of PCWorld, Computerworld, and hundreds of other tech publications worldwide.
UH plans to invest the proceeds of its $1 billion capital campaign into core areas, like student scholarships, endowed professorships and athletics.
Beijing will spend $2.7 billion to fight air pollution in the capital this year, state media reported Thursday. Part of the money will be used to close or upgrade more than 2,000 polluting factories, replace the use of coal with clean energy on the ...
Ag producers, researchers assess ice and snow damage. The snow certainly added to the mountain snowpack and will provide more water for irrigators next summer, but ice and extended cold may have damaged some crops.
The building was a familiar and beloved part of the low-slung capital's scattered skyline, erected during a decade of rapid economic growth under Iran's former monarchy and attached to a large shopping mall.
WASHINGTON - President-elect Donald Trump will take office following his inauguration on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building Friday.
Donald Trump will be inaugurated Friday as a historically unpopular new president elected in a close election but one with a landslide level of political capital to spend with Republicans in Congress. Trump's approval rating is underwater in nine ...
"We kept hearing one common theme, and that was, 'Transit is great, but it's not for people like me'," said Dan Dawson, Vice President of marketing and Communications for capital Metro. "So that's what gave me the idea that we needed to do something to ...





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