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From the transformers Titans Return line, and weibo user wujingguang, we have some close-up images of the upcoming Rodimus and Twinferno deluxe figures, complete with their Titan Masters, and shown off in both robot and vehicle/beast mode!

Youseph Tanha is not only a transformers fan, but also a comic book lover who has a thing for Tesla. He co-hosts a podcast called Transmissions.
The distribution transformers market in the APAC region is expected to reach $7.66bn by 2020 as industrialisation and rural electrification continue to grow.
Customs and Pocari Sweat clash today in a duel of fancied bets with the transformers seeking at least a playoff for the last semifinal berth and the Lady Warriors out to step up their own Final Four drive in the Shakey's V-League Season 13 Reinforced ...
AAEAAQAAAAAAAALBAAAAJDdmMTRhY2Y0LTc0NWQtNDkyYy1iZDkxLTEwNzgyNzMxZmI2OA128 United States Pulse transformers Industry 2016 market Research Report analysed the current state in the China including the definitions, classifications, ...

It looks like the design leak has not been plugged, as we have a fresh new image for the new transformers: The Last Knight toyline, in the possible form (treat this as rumour until we know better) of leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime!
Released in the transformers: The Last Knight's official page, a behind-the-scenes video titled "Room Roll" features the eponymous "Room Roll," a spinning gyro set piece meant to depict a nauseous technological location where the characters of Mark ...
Much like my colleague Chris Sims last year, I have recently become converted into a fan of the transformers and now I can't get enough of the robots in disguise.
The LeEco LeSee (Super Electric ecosystem) is a Chinese Tesla rival, and while it's only a concept for now the car is already set to appear in an upcoming ...
Tom Scioli is the writer and artist (along with co-writer John Barber) of IDW's pre-Revolution crossover comic transformers vs. GI Joe. The project spanned from #0, the company's Free Comic Book Day offering of 2014, to the oversized #13. Its third ...
This week's update from the official transformers facebook page - even though most shooting for transformers: The Last Knight is now over - comes in the form of one of the machines used in the physical effects for the movie, even with the presence of ...
The company's latest report states that the need to expand and upgrade existing distribution infrastructure to serve the growing demand for electricity will lead to a positive growth of the distribution transformers market over the forecast period. In ...
transformers Age of Extinction Mumbai: English movie channel Zee Studio is all set to premiere sci-fi film 'transformers: Age of Extinction' on 23 October at 1 pm and 9 pm. From director Michael Bay and the ace executive producer Steven Spielberg, this ...
Courtesy, as is customary by now, of iTunes, we have a three page preview of the upcoming transformers one-shot that directly ties in with the IDW Revolution crossover event!
As filming for transformers: The Last Knight got under way in the Bourne Woods last week, a Guildford father and sons trio were among extras picked because of their fearsome looks.
The Sharkticon Saga continues. Scour the earth to win Ocean crystals and uncover their secrets in this weekend's event! SHARK BAIT EVENT transformers News: transformers: Earth wars - Shark Bait Event Sharkticons have infested Aquatron and are now ...

So, here you have it. The LeSEE futuristic car will be featured in the movie. But we do not know what it will transform into or whose side will it take- Autobots or Decepticon?
Now that we're five chapters deep into the transformers series, it's safe to say that just about everyone on the planet has an opinion on these movies.
For the spoilers, Optimus is there in the transformers 5, and with few surprises Michael bay, the Director is offering a few glimpse of Autobots' and Deceptions on his website.
We have a new image from statue makers Prime 1 Studio, featuring another live-action movie transformers character to join their line of hefty and detailed works: Jazz!
The Wall Street Journal has posted an article taking a look at Hasbro's writers room projects for both the transformers movie series, and the in-development Has ...
While their relatively recent acquisition of the Disney Princesses license is the star here, effectively doubling their revenue in the Girls' toys category, Boys' Toys have had a good year as well, with transformers cited as one of the brands ...
PowerVolt Group, which consists of PowerVolt in Addison; Ensign Corp in Bellevue, Iowa; and Wabash Transformer in Clarence, Iowa, is a manufacturer of magnetic components, standard/off-the-shelf power transformers, custom transformers, isolation, ...
The statue is about 6 feet tall and contains reclaimed materials. The artist, Annalisa Iadicicco created it with local children as part of the work she does with a non-for-profit organization that connects city children with the arts.
transformers-logo_01 There are few toylines in history with a legacy and history as rich as the 'transformers' brand.
Indore: Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd (MPPKVVCL) will install separate transformers (315KV) to provide power supply to domes being setup near Brilliant Convention Centre for the Global investors Summit (GIS).
For the past week, director Michael Bay has been filming explosive battle scene for transformers: The Last Knight in Bourne Woods (located south of Farnham, Surrey, England).
Die hard transformers fan and c0host to the TransMissions podcast, Youseph Tanha, surely has the most unique one-of-a-kind Tesla Model X on the planet.
Thanks to our favorite twitter user TFYuki we bring to you today a new, clear image of Lio Convoy, the Takara Legends version of Alpha Trion!
ITC Presents their 2nd Annual Global transformers Gala on Friday, October 21, 7 p.m. at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park.
Artist Annalisa Iadicicco recruited kids in Jamaica, Queens in early July to help build a massive transformers sculpture. The sculpture went missing from a Long Island City street on Aug. 31 and the artist is looking for it.
transformers: The Last Knight will bring back a couple of familiar names. Director Michael Bay has confirmed that John Turturro and John Goodman are both set to return to the franchise - which means, yup, transformers 5 is now a Big Lebowski Reunion.
Now, he is known as the one of the lead Actors in the 'transformers' film series (in the first three movies). He also dabbled in romantic movies such as 'When in Rome.
A transformers sculpture made from reclaimed materials with the help of Queens children has disappeared from a Long Island City studio.
'transformers' is an American sci-fi action film series, directed by Michael Bay and produced by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks.
Epileptic dog Freya was rejected by thousands of potential owners has found fame on the big screen after landing a role in transformers: The Last Night. Freya, a cross pitbull and Staffy from Cheadle Hulme, has spent two weeks on set making the movie, ...
Chris Dede, a professor at Harvard Graduate school of education, was recently named to the "Top 30 technologists, transformers, and Trailblazers" by the Center for Digital education. Dede was one of 24 individuals to receive the honor, in addition to ...
In the early days of the war on Cybertron, two leaders start down their paths towards destiny. Meanwhile, on current day Cybertron, Megatron is back!
Following reports that shooting in London may be halted due to the disappointment of some citizens who felt it was wrong to close down the Tower Bridge for filming "transformers 5: The Last Knight," the cast and crew remain busy on the streets of London.
The transformers. How finance leaders are developing the capabilities they need to implement dramatic change in their automation of processes and use of analytics.
transformers show up on Earth for some reason. Humans don't like it. Human military outfit (EDC there, G.I. Joe here) want to stop the transformers from doing whatever while a morally ambiguous human ostensibly allied with the military (Blackrock there ...
For transformers fans, the biggest take away so far are new character portraits based on what Megatron, Bumblebee and Optimus will look like in the upcoming transformers: The Last Knight film. These are giant cardboard cut outs and they are very ...
The transformers movies are all about giant robots and really cool cars, and that means that you get to do some really cool stuff with those cool cars.
Islamabad: At least three thieves were arrested in a raid carried out by the Anti-Robbery wing of Special Investigation Unit (SIU), a local news channel reported.
Mia also rode in a pink Cadillac to the ceremony. LaBeouf has starred in such films as "Disturbia," "Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and two movies in the "transformers" franchise. Check out the full video of the ceremony by ...
Michael Bay is directing another, I repeat, another "transformers" movie. "transformers: The Last Knight" is the fifth installment in Michael Bay's iconic franchise.
transformers Explode as hurricane Matthew Knocks Out Power to Hundreds of Thousands in Florida. More. Eyewitnesses posted videos of the nighttime electrical explosions in South Vero Beach and Stuart, Florida.
Eyewitness videos of hurricane Matthew in Florida show transformers exploding in the wind and rain, sparking and popping like bursting fireworks in the storm.
If you can't avoid them, then beat them. That's apparently the strategy of Ocean's Eight, the Ocean's Eleven follow-up that will star an all-female cast.






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