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updated Sat. June 24, 2017

According to Shell's Q1 results presentation, a plus or minus $10 per barrel move in the price of oil impacts group earnings by plus or minus $5bn.
The sell-off has been triggered by the renewed pressure in the price of oil, which has now fallen to a 7-month low, at $43.
The price of oil has been declining sharply over the past few weeks. I believe oil will continue lower, albeit not in a straight line.
West Texas Intermediate contracts for August delivery closed Friday at $43.01 a barrel, up 27 cents (0.63 percent) on the day but down $1.73 (3.89 percent) for the week.
The price of crude oil officially fell into a bear market this week - defined as a fall of more than 20% in a period of six months - after non-OPEC countries Nigeria and Libya showed signs of increased output which added to the supply glut.
USA stocks opened higher on Wednesday as healthcare stocks rose and oil prices steadied but gains were limited as the commodity continued to hover near seven-month lows.
technology stocks were slightly lower Tuesday. Microsoft gave up 1 percent and Applied Materials fell 1.4 percent. Advertisement. energy companies were also lower as the price of crude oil fell about 3 percent. Rig operator Transocean gave up 3.7 percent.
"We're in the warning area here, between 40 and 44 dollars," Mr Kinahan said of the price of oil. "If we get below 40 dollars, I think you'll get people adjusting their expectations.
The price of oil has now dropped more than 20 percent this year, breaking into what traders call a bear market. How much of an impact that will have on 401(k) accounts and other investments will depend on how much it undercuts energy companies' profits ...
The price of crude oil was stable after taking a plunge a day earlier. U.S. benchmark crude was up 0.2 percent. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 1 point to 2,438.
There are really only two factors that affect the price of oil: supply and demand. It's true that a government policy that limits oil production levels, such as OPEC's last meeting, would also affect the price of oil. But that is a factor of supply ...
But with the price of oil, a main Canadian export, hitting a 10-month low, having dropped some 20 per cent since peaking in late February, some currency strategists said it was wiping out expectations the central bank could raise rates sooner rather ...
"I wouldn't be at all surprised if (the price of oil) goes back down and tests the recent lows of around $27 (a barrel)," Hackett said.
FILE - This Monday, July 6, 2015, file photo shows a sign for Wall Street carved into the side of a building in New York. Stocks are opening slightly higher on Wall Street, Wednesday, June 21, 2017, led by gains in health care and technology companies.
However, even if the price of oil rises, Kretzschmar said demand forecasts for both oil and renewables illustrate the need for energy majors to allocate their capital toward wind and solar.
The pullback came amid a sharp drop in the price of crude oil, with crude for July delivery tumbling $0.97 to $43.23 a barrel.
( - The Thai stock market on Tuesday ended the two-day winning streak in which it had gathered almost 8 points or 0.5 percent.
The pullback came amid a sharp drop in the price of crude oil, with crude for July delivery tumbling $0.97 to $43.23 a barrel.
"Unless we see a marked reduction in crude stockpiles, the possibility of further short-term falls in the price of oil cannot be ruled out," said Fawad Razaqzada, market analyst at, in a note. "In the slightly longer-term outlook, however, I ...
Once the weak-handed bulls throw in the towel, the price of crude oil will rebound sharply. We think that inflection point could be near.
The pullback came amid a sharp drop in the price of crude oil, with crude for July delivery tumbling $0.97 to $43.23 a barrel.
energy companies were also lower as the price of crude oil fell about 3 percent. Rig operator Transocean gave up 3.6 percent.
The falling price of oil did not garner any mainstream financial media attention until today, when U.S. market participants woke up to see oil (both WTI and brent) down nearly $2.
energy companies were also lower as the price of crude oil fell. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File) ORG ... U.S. stock indexes retreated from their record heights Tuesday after a slump in the price of oil weighed on energy companies. The Standard & Poor's ...
The market consensus is fairly bearish, mainly based on views that may be only partially true. Demand side is strong, inventories not as abundant and the supply capacity is limited at the current price.
Average retail gasoline prices in Wyoming have fallen 1 cent per gallon in the past week, averaging $2.32/g yesterday, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 494 gas outlets in Wyoming.
Dubai, June 18 (Xinhua) -- Stock price indices in the gulf Arab countries started the Islamic week on Sunday with diverse performances as the Gulf crisis around Qatar and revised economic outlooks by analysts dominated the sentiment on trading floors ...
Seeking Alpha: What do you think the average price of oil will be for Q4 2017, and why? HFIR, author of HFI Research: We see Brent averaging above $60 and reaching $65 by year-end.
THE Fiji Sugar corporation says it has no control over the rising cost of fertilisers because of external factors that control how the price is determined.
The price of oil fell for the fourth straight week and saw new year lows after the Energy Information Administration reported an increase in gasoline stockpiles.
The NOC has decided to reduce Rs 1.50 per litre in petrol, diesel and kerosene effective from Friday midnight. According to the new revised rate, the price of petrol will be Rs 100 per litre.
The increase this week is slow. These things don't change on a dime. Decisions to drill a rig are not contigent so much on the spot price of crude oil. Nevertheless, as the price of oil goes down, it does make the decision to drill, drill, drill ...
He also said that despite there being considerable drop in the price of crude oil in the international market, the price of petroleum products had not been brought down proportionately. He said, "The Modi government has failed to perform in its three ...
energy companies are rising as the price of oil moves higher and smaller companies are down. KEEPING SCORE: The Standard & Poor's 500 index lost 7 points, or 0.3 percent, to 2,424 as of 11:15 a.m.
The price of petroleum and gas has fallen effective today, Friday 16 June 2017, due to a decrease in the price of crude oil. The freight rate and Tongan Pa'anga have also been steady contributing to the drop in prices. Tonga Competent Authority (TCA ...
India now joins countries such as the US and Australia where diesel and petrol prices move in tandem with the price of crude oil. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government's move comes at a time when the crude oil prices are subdued and below ...
The price of crude oil is partially a function of global economic growth. As conditions improve, energy demand tends to rise, and during periods of contraction, demand falls.
The reason is two-fold. There haven't been any major incidents at oil refineries that would interfere with regional distribution of gasoline.
"While the value of the pound has fallen since the election, the price of oil has also reduced, bringing down wholesale fuel costs which should rightly be passed on to motorists at the pumps.
In July 2016, it was extended to March 2018, but this time amended to give a full bauxite waiver even though the price of oil fell dramatically and the London Metal Exchange price improved. In 2013 when the deal was first struck, oil was costing over ...
In the latter category, we can start with the collapse in 2014 in the price of crude oil, which is Venezuela's chief export: The decline in oil revenue in particular has forced a reckoning after years of socialist policies in which President Nicolas ...
TORONTO - The price of oil fell to its lowest level in six months Wednesday, as the energy sector weighed heavily on Canada's largest stock index.
We are likely seeing a reversal to the prevailing trends and as such an increase demand which could help bolster the price of crude oil further. This however could have negative repercussions on the tanker trade, as the continual limit of production ...
The United States Oil Fund LP (ETF) may be set for a sharp fall on Wednesday as inventory data weighs on the outlook for oil prices.
The price of oil is more a function of demand from the economy. If the economy is booming, and you have a set amount of oil production, then the price of oil will head higher, all else equals, and vice versa. Also, if the economy is booming, and you ...
OPEC announced in May they would extend production cuts, which theoretically should increase the price of oil, but some U.S.
The low price of oil (US$50) since the fourth quarter of 2014 seems to have lulled the government into complacency as domestic fuel prices needed no hike and oil import bills could be well managed.
The loonie has been one of the biggest movers gaining 1.517 in the last five days despite the price of oil offering little support.
companies such as Cenovus Energy Inc. (TSX:CVE)(nyse:CVE) have been the day's big winners, seeing stock gains in excess of the oil-related gains on hopes of a continued rebound in the price of oil. With the direction of the price of oil currently ...
This might not be unconnected with the increase in the price of crude oil in the international market, from about $20 per barrel in 2015 to about $50 per barrel for most part of 2017.





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