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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa- Westminster College is known for being ranked in the top 10 for women sciences, strong athletic teams, but also there very own radio station.
Much has been said about Apple's fledgling automative efforts, with reports of its Project Titan car division shifting its focus away from building a vehicle and toward automation and software.

The Titan Peeler promises to peel, slice, and dice just about anything, even a pineapple. In this Tuesday's Try it Before You Buy it, the Titan Peeler is put to the test about whether its a deal or a dud. The peeler costs $14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond ...
Apple's Project Titan has been highly anticipated and at the same time mired in controversies. As we had earlier reported that Apple might be considering a change in strategy with its project Titan. Even before the story broke yesterday, we had ...
Tejas Shah of Edelweiss Financial Services has recommended to Buy Titan Company Ltd. at Rs 372.7 as trading volumes surged to 95 over previous day.
Nvidia's new top-end graphics card, the Titan X, is expected to make its debut in countries including Japan, China and Taiwan in November, priced as high as NT$40,000 (US$1,268).

The Ronin is a deadly Titan in close quarter combats although it has the weakest armor among all the mechs. Its Main Weapon is a Leadwall shotgun.
Fans would be excited as a new story unfolds in the second season of Attack on Titans plus a ride in Universal Studio would leave you wanting more.
1025_Paris_hilton_auction_composite Paris Hilton is a major mogul whose time is worth serious money ... according to a site auctioning off meetings with the most successful, influential and stupid rich business people.
Core is a versatile Titan, big on interesting tactical choices. For a start, the primary weapon - the splitter rifle - has two modes, a straight, fairly powerful single-shot mode or a more potent, triple-shot mode that does more damage but drains much ...
"Attack on Titan" Chapter 87 latest rumor mill suggests that Eren will confront Zeke about betraying their parents and ask about their father's Fourth Wall.
Followers of the hit manga-turned anime TV show "Attack on Titan" have been speculating for years how Season 2 will play out.
It's ironic that in order to write about these beasts, I have to do the very thing I complain about with full-size pickups, namely use them as casual transportation.
Dr CK Narayan of Chart Advise has sell call on Titan Company Ltd. with an intra-day target price of Rs 370 . The current market price of Titan Company Ltd. is Rs 379.4 . Dr CK Narayan maintained stop loss at Rs 385 . Stay on top of business news with ...
MCM Radio went live on Sunday afternoon to recap one if the more gut wrenching losses we've endured as Titans fans in a while.
It's ironic that in order to write about these beasts, I have to do the very thing I complain about with full-size pickups, namely use them as casual transportation.
The sequel's new Titans embody this sentiment. In place of the basic light, medium, and heavy variants from the first game, Titanfall 2 employs six distinct walking battle tanks with arsenals of their own.

The upcoming Season 2 installment of Attack on Titan is rumored to be set in a different direction which is completely unrelated to the original manga storyline.
Case in point is MSI's new GT73 VR Titan. It pairs the new GTX 1080 mobile GPU with a 17.3-inch G-Sync panel that runs at 1920x1080 resolution at 120Hz, making it the first laptop we've laid our paws on that sports a high refresh-rate screen.
Cassini has been the ideal platform for observing the pattern of seasonal changes on Titan in exquisite detail for the first time.
Other "12th Titan" honorees include Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price, who played baseball at nearby Vanderbilt University, former Titans defensive end Jevon Kearse and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson. Traded to the Predators from the Montreal ...
Nvidia's GTX Titan GPUs are easily the most desirable graphics card in the world right now. And it's been that way since the first Titan bolted out of the GeForce stable back in the sepia-tinged days of 2013. But how does the Pascal-based GTX Titan X ...
Remembering Preacher's Steve Dillon, a Subtle Titan of Comics Art. By Abraham Riesman Follow @abrahamjoseph. What he did better than just about anybody was tell stories using the human form.
Fans of Attack on Titan and Evangelion may have new reasons to visit Japan this winter. Universal Studios Japan is upgrading its attractions for both titles, but only for a limited time.
Details began to leak out about "Project Titan," an Apple product development team that was working on an electric -- and possibly autonomous -- car to rival Tesla Motors' (Nasdaq:TSLA) vehicles.
In this image released by NASA, the south polar vortex at Saturn's moon Titan still stands out against the orange and blue haze layers that are characteristic of Titan's atmosphere. Images like this, from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, lead scientists to ...
The rhetoric this election cycle has many on Wall Street worried, perhaps no one more so than Blackstone's billionaire CEO Steve Schwarzman.
Project Titan could be shifting gears, but in a world where artificial intelligence and augmented reality grow more and more important, maybe the car isn't the most interesting problem Apple can solve.
Winter is coming to Titan's southern hemisphere, but don't expect any direwolves or white walkers. Instead, you can be on the lookout for some extraordinary chemistry to permeate the planet's atmosphere and surface, according researchers at the 48th ...
The Attack on Titan Anthology is a new collection of stories by some of the top names in global comics, including Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, Faith Erin Hicks, Michael Avon Oeming, Phil Jimenez, and Tomer & Asaf Hanuka, all supervised by Titan creator ...
russTitan7 We already pointed out that Titan Comics were looking for an Assistant Editor. I understand the position is still to be filled, so if you are interested, get on with it.
Earlier titles in the Attack on Titan series, such as Before The Fall and Harsh Mistress Of The City, have been turned into novels.
The Beast Titan and his lackeys destroy the Yaeger's basement in Attack on Titan chapter 87. Eren forces Zeke to tell him about his father's fourth wall; the Beast Titan will tell Eren everything provided that he will be will join his force. Spoiler ...
Titan Fighting Championships revealed that three more bouts have been tacked on to Titan FC 42, which takes place on Dec. 2 in Florida and will be loaded with four title fights.
Early this year, Titan surprised the watch industry with its HP collaboration to create an analog smartwatch. The onus with that watch was on the word analog, enough to tempt a watch buyer or watch collector away from a regular watch.
Apple's adventure in personal mobility appears to have begun in 2014, when word emerged of something called Project Titan, said to be the company's effort to bring an Tesla-esque electric automobile to market before the end of the decade. The typically ...
As the Tennessee Titans continue to enhance their gameday experience for fans, the team announced, in partnership with Bud Light, that popular musical act A Thousand Horses will entertain fans during pregame of its Thursday Night football matchup ...
And calls Trump a "clown." Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager who rose to fame by betting against subprime mortgages in the run up to the 2008 financial crisis, says the market could get rocky soon, perhaps as early as next year.
For the gameplay, Digital Foundry went for the 'premium' Battlefield 1 experience on PC. Ultra 4K settings were used on an NVIDIA Titan X Pascal GPU in combination with an i7 CPU. Check out the amazing gameplay for yourself, down below: ...
It has been seven years since the first season of "Attack on Titan" was launched but, until now, there have been no official announcements that were made about ...
Flying to Titan will be easier than flying to the large Moons of Jupiter. The thick atmosphere as thick as Titan's is a boon to space-travelers trying to shed excess speed. Plus Titan is held in its orbit by a lighter planet - Jupiter masses 318 times ...
As a sense of spoiling, the latest installment is entitled "Attack on Titan: Escape from the Brink of Death" or as translated, "Shingeki no Kyojin: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu.
The "Attack on Titan" anime series finally got a green light for its second season, set to be released next year and Eren discovers truth about himself in upcoming ...
First, the details: Bloomberg reports that Apple's Project Titan is no longer working toward a goal of building its own car.
But Titan made what now appears to be a near-fatal mistake: In mid-November last year, the company decided to abandon its imminent commercialization for a subset of procedures in favour of broader approval for a "broader set of surgical indications for ...
Fans can now be happy knowing that the official "Attack on Titan" website has officially announced that the second season will be released in April 2017.
3D printer manufacturer Titan Robotics has partnered with filament provider Push Plastic to develop a high-speed, low-cost pellet extrusion system for the Atlas 3D printer.
The Director of Earth science Museum Diogenes de Almeida Campos shows the biggest piece of fossil of the Austroposeidon magnificus dinosaur's neck.
Nissan has sold pickups here for more than half a century and has manufactured big pickups in Mississippi since 2003, but its full-size Titan was only a footnote in this category until the second-generation model made its debut in January 2015 at the ...
When asked whether I wanted to spend a few quality months with a Nissan Titan XD, my immediate response was an enthusiastic "Yes.






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