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Its not the first time we have traced Chinese hackers to there army tec. second its not the first time. years ago they traced it back to Chinese military computer army tec base / network centre. More over they have been busted lying non stop and every ...

"Today it's like a game of cat and mouse - he who plays the mouse better will have the upper hand," says Shlomo Tabak, owner of the weapons development and consulting company ArmyTec. Tabak is an expert in the field of camouflage and deception, and ...
2010-09-24-ap-Vets-flag.JPG Don Heupel / APRichard Gerwitz (left) is presented with the American flag during a military ceremony for his father, U.S.
The designer, ArmyTec, hopes that this device can be mounted anywhere, and then combined with other Thunder Generator barrels to create a sort of shield around something.
According to Defense News, the Israeli Ministry of Defense has now licensed a firm called ArmyTec to market the Thunder Generator for military and security applications.
Since 2007, Flight Landata has been flying the BuckEye aerial imaging system under contract to the U.S. Army Topographic engineering Center (army TEC) to acquire ultra-high resolution imagery for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and mapping ...
Flight Landata The U.S. Army Topographic engineering Center (army TEC) has awarded a contract extension to Flight Landata Inc. of North Andover, Massachusetts, for the continuation of the BuckEye aerial imaging services in Afghanistan.






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