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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

Iowa's elderly exploited on social media, report finds. KCCI |. Updated: 5:04 PM CDT Jun 24, 2017. Advertisement. Advertisement.
IF YOU'VE got too much money and are look for a handy storage solution then Prada may have come up with the perfect product for you.
A Devon primary school has written to parents to warn them over a new Snapchat update that allows people to stalk their friends. Called the 'Snap Map', it's a stylised map that shows where your friends were when they posted their most recent snaps.
Many people may associate The Waffle House or Big Chicken with Atlanta. But there's a new landmark in town thanks to rapper 2 Chainz.
If Trump and Modi were to ever get around to discussing their social media platforms - Modi and former President Barack Obama had a long discussion about their use of social media during their dinner at the White House in September 2014 - it will be ...

There is a bit of a phenomenon that occurs daily in social media, and that is the want, the need, the inclination to put one's personal life online in almost painstakingly raw detail.
Fans and critics who've watched "Spider-Man: Homecoming" in early screenings are starting to share reviews and reactions on social media, and it's looking good for the reboot of the teen hero. (No spoilers ahead.) The words "best" and "favorite" are ...
Meet Nick Cardello and his longtime partner and now husband, Kurt English. The couple recently recreated a photo from the March on Washington in 1993.
This article displays social media reactions when the Sacramento Kings drafted Justin Jackson in yesterday's draft. Yesterday, the Sacramento Kings drafted North Carolina wing player Justin Jackson with the fifteenth overall pick in the NBA Draft.
Germany's governing parties have cleared the way for parliament to vote on legislation designed to get illegal content such as hate speech or defamatory fake news removed quickly from social networking sites.
The Polk Co. inmates who saved a deputy after he passed out during work detail are somewhat of an international sensation. Since 11Alive first published the story, it has traveled across not only the United States, but the entire world.
Strong leadership, a trained staff and a quick response time is essential to any police department - but the importance of a strong social media presence cannot be underestimated, especially in a college town like Pullman. At least, that is what the ...
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has social media giants including facebook and WhatsApp in his sights in the global fight against terrorism, flagging a crackdown on "ungoverned spaces" online.
The first daughter socialized with members of Congress and their families but also took time to enjoy her own family by swinging and spinning 5-year-old daughter, Arabella.
social media users took to twitter on Friday to mock President Trump for a video on his facebook page that misspelled the word "miners.

Cass Sunstein, one of the leading public intellectuals in the United States and a former Obama administration official, has worried and written for more than 15 years about the effects of the internet and digital communications on democracy.
scams on social networks are nothing new, but they're constantly changing to take advantage of the latest apps, trends and news.
Many East Texas county emergency operations centers were closely watching tropical storm Cindy's arrival, hoping rain would be all the storm brought.
The power of social media within music is something yet to be harnessed at will by major labels and artists. But its huge boost to songs like Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" and Migos' "Bad and Boujee" is undeniable as they both went globally viral and ...
NEW mum Cheryl has broken her social media silence to thank her fans for their love. The singer - who gave birth to baby son Bear in March - returned to twitter briefly to post the sweet update to her legion of adoring fans.
A University of Oxford's Computational propaganda Research Project reported on by MediaPost says basically that much of what folks are seeing in their social media feeds is propaganda issued by governments or "interest" groups using algorithms, ...
So transfixed is this demographic by social media, a new report has found, that one third of them confessed to checking their social media accounts while on the toilet and a third said they would ignore friends and family to check in. The 2017 Sensis ...
Houston - Everywhere you look, people are on their phones, and most of the time, they aren't "talking" -- they are scrolling.
If you've ever looked at one someone's perfectly curated Instagram and 100k+ follower count and thought, "Hey, I could do that," you're definitely not alone.
Given the expanded communication capabilities afforded by mobile technologies, the general definition of "social media" has expanded to include anything from participating in text messaging groups with friends to using online news aggregators to ...
In Myrtle Beach, the social media app captured gun violence. Although seven people were injured in the 5th Avenue North shooting, nobody is dead like in 2014.
Sheriff Michael Murphy posted a warning on facebook to stop people from attending a potential unapproved party.
This missing link for many companies is a view into their customers within social media. While many companies have tools for listening and understanding their social media audiences at a macro level, there is a clear opportunity to link the social ID ...
ISIS has issued a decree banning its fighters from using social media amid rising paranoia over infiltration and tracking by foreign intelligence agencies.
Late last year, Germany proposed a bill that would fine social media providers, such as facebook and twitter, for failure to remove hate speech within 24 hours on their respective platforms.
Seattle police surround a man who was brandishing a knife in downtown Seattle on March 28. Some people have compared Charleena Lyles' killing to the ...
A study led by computer scientists at Indiana University has found that people with the most connections on social media are also happier.
The appointment of 31-year-old Mohammed bin Salman as Saudi Arabia's new crown prince has won considerable approval among social media users within the gulf kingdom. Wednesday's decree by his father, King Salman, was discussed under a number ...
Influence the influencers: One of the things people are always looking for is insight. Nowhere is this more common than on social media. The people you want to impress the most are probably leading the field in insight on social media, as well. tools ...
FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Many people are going on trips this time of the year, prompting social media posts about the upcoming vacation, but police said it's not safe to let the public know you won't be home.
Kim Kardashian is a social media darling who is constantly updating her fans about her whereabouts without missing a beat. Her social media accounts exist on multiple platforms like twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat and she is the epitome of the new-age ...
The campus of Trinity College in Hartford was closed for much of Wednesday after receiving threats from people outraged by a professor who shared an inflammatory online posting about the Congressional baseball practice shootings.
Forget cat videos and carefully staged vacation snapshots -- social media's real killer app is spreading propaganda, disinformation and fake news, according to a new study from the University of Oxford's Computational Propaganda Research Project.
Naturally, the Federal Trade Commission is doing its part by sending warning letters to influencers who violate its guidelines, which include labeling sponsored posts as #Ad or #PaidAd.
Binky is an app that lets you go through the motions of social media (swiping on pictures, scrolling through pictures, commenting on pictures) without actually connecting with human beings.
Despite widespread fears that social media and other forms of algorithmically-filtered services (like search) lead to filter bubbles, we know surprisingly little about what effect social media have on people's news diets. Data from the 2017 Reuters ...
Behold the power of social media in holding brands to account. For many of us, that has become the most effective political action we can take.
young people are turning to cosmetic procedures such as botox and dermal fillers as a result of social media pressure, according to a report.
"People often use social media as a way to showcase little bits of information about themselves, and often it's the shiniest bits," Gentile said.
If President Obama was the first presidential candidate to use social media and President Trump was the first to weaponize it, then Ossoff was the first congressional candidate to harness the full force of a national social media campaign for a race ...
We're all in a love/hate relationship with social media. For all the obvious benefits, studies are now showing facebook and twitter could actually be detrimental to our well-being.
Have you mastered the art of selfies, but still find yourself falling flat on followers? Don't fear, there's a college degree to help you succeed.





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