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updated Fri. April 28, 2017

Like others of her generation, she uses social media to engage with her constituents. "I believe this is the people's government," Stambaugh says, "and the way to be most effective is to share with them the details of what I do so they can provide ...
Are you distracted by social media? Some people are taking extreme measures to focus on their life by getting rid of their social accounts all together.

social media in all its forms can be a wonderful tool, but it can also wreak havoc among families, friends, co-workers and countries.
social media has entered this phase. Bad news for weaker players. twitter is a weaker player with products that are rapidly being made obsolete by competing innovators in social media. Advertisers and users realize this fact. investors should realize ...
Authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir have announced a one-month ban on 22 social media services, including facebook, twitter and WhatsApp.
ALBANY (CBS SF) - The discovery of an Instagram account containing sexually explicit pictures of Albany High students was being investigated by police, according to a letter sent to parents on Thursday afternoon.
CHAMBERSBURG - A Franklin County judge is evaluating whether a woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter should be prohibited from talking about her life on social media. Diedra Penrose, 31, is already banned from using social media for anything ...
"United Airlines" lost more than $250 million dollars in market value the day after a video of a passenger being dragged off a flight went viral and while social media has many pros when it comes to sharing content, experts say sometimes you have to ...
Shoppers have rushed to social media to make fun of the latest trend in high-priced pants. Even sporting wear company Reebok jumped in on the fun, offering their new "sweaty" t-shirt.
Some members of Washington's state Senate don't want to let a good hashtag pass them by. An internal Senate committee is debating whether or not to adopt a ...
Selena Gomez has a love/hate relationship with social media - but that doesn't mean she isn't grateful for where it has got her.
In an email sent to parents Thursday afternoon, Principal Mike Hernandez said East High students will not have access to "social media apps" from May 1 to, at least, the end of the school year. Hernandez's rationale for disabling social media access is ...

ELKO - Ever wondered how social media can be used for more than posting selfies or animal videos? If used correctly, social media can take the sights and sounds of a tourism destination or event and market it to thousands - if not millions - of ...
"I think social media will probably be above those right now," said Damion Poe, who's a candidate in the Starkville mayoral race.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- From birthdays to vacations, you probably share all of life's best moments on social media. But you could also be putting a target on your back for thieves.
Srinagar: The government's one-month ban on social media in the Kashmir valley has opposition political parties all angry against the decision, saying that the ...
According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), social media can enhance social interaction in preteens and teens but "because of their limited capacity for self-regulation and susceptibility to peer pressure, children and adolescents ...
social media websites should be fined if they fail to protect children from online abuse, the NSPCC says. The charity's head Peter Wanless urged the government to introduce film-style ratings for sites.
Like it or not, all your social media posts about your children and grandchildren, politics, vacations and whatever else strikes your fancy present a portrait of you to the world.
Hobbs and Ingram used local examples of sexting to ensure the Marietta High students understood these events happen here. This fall, someone created an Instagram account - a photography social media app - and posted 26 videos and photos of female ...
Mike Tommasiello turned his passion for nightlife into a career and he's just revealed the secrets behind his success. The social media star, known as NYDoorman, boasted about getting exclusive access to events which are usually off limits to the ...
(WKBW) - The NY Times reports that the power of social media has created a lot of confusion surrounding whether women have to register for the U.S.
The recent cases of teachers and students interacting on social media then engaging in sexual affairs has led some to argue that digital platforms make it easier for instructors to prey on children.
This is the fifth and final installment in a five-part series of articles focusing on best practices to up your content marketing game on the "big four" of social media: twitter, LinkedIn, facebook and Instagram. Catch up on the first, second, third ...
indigenous people use social media at a rate higher than non-Indigenous people, and this is the case right across the country.
Chris Soules' fate in the fatal car crash could be determined by his cell phone ... and the stakes are high -- a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution.
When you see the golden arches, you probably think Fast Food. But, what can you tell us about McDonald's employee fashion?
social media helping seniors stay connected. Error loading player: No playable sources found. An assisted living community in Aurora serves seniors showing early signs of Alzheimer's and dementia.
Authorities in Indian-controlled Kashmir have banned 22 social media sites including facebook, WhatsApp and twitter in an effort to calm tensions in the disputed region.
Chief Walter Knight says social media is a way to reach people in the community who are fed up with crime. "The majority of the citizens and the public are advanced enough to use social media, so what better way to alert the citizens that something is ...
As the light dimmed over the horizon, social media lit up with countless images showing Perth landmarks tinted by the sunset.
NEW YORK (AP) - Department store Nordstrom is getting dragged through the mud on social media for selling a pair of dirty-looking jeans for $425.
The British and Irish Lionshave opted not to impose a social media blackout on their players before and after each of the 10 matches in New Zealand and will instead encourage them to be "good digital tourists", The Talk of Rugby can disclose.
The age of social media and Internet information has affected the area of medicine and healthcare as much as it has affected all domains of life.
Starbucks, with the success of its Unicorn Frappuccino, has become one of a handful of companies that have managed to master the art of capturing public attention.
Four out of five children want facebook and other social media sites to protect them from pornography and bullying, an NSPCC report has warned.
Do parents stop being parents on social media? Or do they take on other agendas? Questions like these often lie at the heart of the debate regarding parents on social media. Parents today lie at a cross-roads of pre-social media and post-social media ...
Following news of Jonathan Demme's death on Wednesday, members of Hollywood remembered the famed director with touching notes on social media. Demme, who was 73, directed the Oscar-winning movie "Philadelphia," starring Tom Hanks, but was ...
"I've been just saving it, but you know how social media is -- you press the wrong button and ... "My phone doesn't ring that much, and 30 minutes later, I'd missed four calls.
DC Missing Teens: How social media Helps, Hurts police. Error: Unable to read your Google Spreadsheet. Make sure you have published it to the web.
The Jammu and Kashmir home department ordered a suspension of 22 social media platforms - facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, QQ, WeChat, QZone, Tumblr, Google+, Baidu, Viber, Line, Snapchat, Pinterest, Telegram, Reddit, Snapfish, uploading video on ...
Above: San Diego police officers talk to a man sitting beside his makeshift shelter on National Avenue, April 12, 2017. Just after sunrise, police with ticket books in hand descended on a row of tents and tarps sprawled out at the edge of downtown.
NEW YORK (AP) - Department store Nordstrom is getting dragged through the mud on social media for selling a pair of dirty-looking jeans for $425.
EFF has joined a coalition effort, led by Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ), to oppose the federal government's proposal to scrutinize the social media activities of Chinese visitors. Specifically, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seeks ...
Pope Francis gave a surprise TED talk via recorded message on Tuesday night. It was the first time a Pope has ever gave a TED Talk, and the latest development in a growing partnership between Francis' Vatican and social technology companies.






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