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updated Wed. April 26, 2017

Vitality pays out on 99% of life insurance claims. Be the first to comment. Vitality pays out on 99% of life insurance claims. By Simon Allin. Protection provider VitalityLife paid out a record amount in claims during 2016, including 99 per cent of ...
Usually, when you meet with an accident and wish to make an insurance claim, you need to go through a claims process wherein an auditor from the insurance company visits and then decides how much you will be compensated.
The insurance industry and the prudential regulator are on their toes watching to see where Australia's lawyers will next turn up to feast on lump sum payouts, after the legal community up-ended the sector's stability with blowout life insurance and ...
Mumbai: health insurance claims due to malaria are showing a consistent decline which points to an improved control over the deadliest of vector borne ...
A man has been arrested for allegedly taking part in a fraudulent insurance claim, according to Laredo police. On Friday, Julio Cesar Vela, 20, was arrested and charged with insurance fraud.
A House bill that would reform how attorneys get paid under assignments of benefits moved one step from full House passage.
Unfortunately, the article says, if people reveal incorrect details about the accident, the insurance claim could end up being denied.
Fort Lauderdale - A homeowner is suing People's Trust insurance Company, citing alleged breach of contract for failing to honor the plaintiff's claims regarding his Hollywood home.
The frequency of insurance claims surrounding mergers and acquisitions (M&As) is rising as large deals prove risky and the average payout on the most severe category of claims tops $20 million, according to an American International Group, Inc. study.
The frequency of M&A insurance claims is rising as large deals prove risky and the average payout on the most severe category of claims tops $20 million, according to an American International Group, Inc. study of its representation and warranty (R&W) ...
Theresa Smith, 39, from Renton was charged with filing false claims by the insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler and the Criminal Investigations Unit.
The number and size of insurance claims against mergers and acquisitions is on the rise, underscoring the risk companies can take when negotiating deals.
A bill aimed at reducing insurance claims abuses by repair contractors and their attorneys is headed toward the full state House of Representatives following passage by a key committee on April 19, 2017.
The study found that the number and size of insurance claims against M&A deals is rising and the sums being paid out are getting bigger.
Looks like Zillow will have to cover its own legal expenses -- including an $8.3 million verdict if it sticks -- for infringing real estate photography company VHT's copyrights.
Nik Given's Te Aroha property was under water after ex-cyclone Cook rolled through. Pictured are Nik, Melanie White, Jakob Given, 15, Madison Given, 11, Luke Given, 9. insurance companies expected to be inundated by claims as ex-Cyclone Cook tore ...
A health IT startup studying the health insurance claims space sees a minefield of mistakes that can hold up reimbursement for weeks and even months.
Orlando - A motorist has filed suit against his insurer over allegations it has failed it settle his claim for damages after a vehicle collision.
HELENA, Mont. (AP) - The Montana University System will soon be paying current and former employees who are owed medical insurance claims. The university system previously denied the claims, but must now pay as part of a class action settlement, The ...
At the Kansas insurance Department (KID), more than 50 percent of the consumer complaints received about insurance relate to claims handling.
There are many policyholders who feel anxious about whether their expenses will actually be covered by their insurer, even after they have diligently paid their premiums on time.
This is true regardless of what kind of insurance claim is involved. If a life insurance company refuses to pay an claim within 60 days of the time a death occurs, the beneficiary under the policy is entitled to hire a lawyer and the insurance company ...
He has now been charged with arson and dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage after making an insurance claim on the property.
insurance claims for dog bites are at an all time high in our state. According to newly-released numbers from the insurance Information Institute, companies paid $9.1 million for dog bite injuries to other dogs, as well as people.
Treatment for a cockatoo with respiratory problems was one of the more unusual pet insurance claims made in 2016. Photo: PA Wire.
Chicago -- Severe storm systems wreaking death and destruction are also causing a growing pile of insurance claims, an insurance agency's report says.
The insurers submitted a motion for declination of the claim, arguing that the period for filing the claim had elapsed, as under Section 31 of the insurance Contract Law the period for filing an insurance claim is three years from the date of the incident.
It can take weeks for property and casualty insurers to process claims. For consumers who need that money to start rebuilding their life after a loss, every second leads to increased dissatisfaction.
insurance claims for cyclone Cook could run into the tens of millions of dollars, the insurance Council says. The cyclone was predicted to be the worst storm to hit the country in 49 years.
Texas ranked fifth for the most dog bite claims in the nation last year, according to State farm insurance. Although claims in Texas inched up in 2016, from 165 claims in 2015 to 168 last year, the state dropped from third to fifth in claims, according ...
Thus it is a bit strange even to him that he has come to be known as the "marijuana guy" among insurance claims professionals.
Claims adjusters, the people who investigate insurance claims for a living, say these are the most common justifications insurers use to deny a claim or pay less than the full amount.
More than 1200 claims have been filed with two major insurance companies in the wake of cyclone Debbie this week.
If you ever fall victim to a flood or a fire, and have to replace all of your belongings, you'll need to come up with a detailed inventory of what you had, in order to process a claim.
Colorado Springs, Colo. - Truckload after truckload at Rocky Top recycling, gives you an idea of how many trees were damaged in Tuesday's storm.
In the aftermath of cyclone Debbie we've heard stories from those affected about the damage and loss of property caused. Many are worried about the insurance claims they're lodging to help rebuild and restore their homes and businesses, and whether or ...
Transitioning from EASTAR Health System to Saint Francis hospital Muskogee proved problematic for some patients insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma.
5 ranking for insurance claims from hail damage made to State farm insurance. Nebraska clients submitted 17,500 claims totaling $172 million, boosting its ranking up from No.
The major hailstorms that swept across San Antonio and other parts of Texas last year, pummeling cars and homes insured by USAA, contributed to the local company's biggest insurance damage loss due to natural disasters in years.
This is one of four articles exploring the state of the commercial insurance industry and its ability to respond to corporate needs.
Queensland cyclone Debbie: insurance claims rising. Jack McKay, The Courier-Mail. 18 minutes ago. Subscriber only. THOUSANDS more claims are expected to be lodged with insurance companies as the full extent of the damage by Cyclone Debbie ...
cancer was the single biggest cause of Liberty's long-term insurance claims in 2016, and the insurer expects this figure is set to rise.
DUBLIN, Ohio - Some homeowners can anticipate pet damage and proactively protect their furniture, but individuals with exotic pets may have a difficult time, says household insurance firm Safeware.
A north Torrance man has won more than $1.3 million from an insurance company that declined to fully cover a claim of about $134,000 in property damage caused when burglars broke into his home, then flooded part of it when they filled the bathtub and ...
Those figures, coupled with money from the flood insurance claims means St. Johns County residents and businesses have seen at least $120.8 million of the $296.5 million in disaster relief listed in the FEMA news release.
DUBLIN, Ohio - Some homeowners can anticipate pet damage and proactively protect their furniture, but individuals with exotic pets may have a difficult time, says household insurance firm Safeware.
Just one auto insurance claim of more than $2,000 can raise your rates by 44%, but even that national average can rise depending on the state you live in.
Bedbugs in hotel rooms and aggressive peacocks are some of the creatures behind an uptick in animal-related insurance claims filed by U.S. businesses, according to a study published on Thursday by insurer Allianz SE . U.S. claims involving bedbugs ...
businesses are starting to make insurance claims for being knocked out of operation by cyclone Debbie while homeowners are slowly recording damage.





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