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updated Sat. January 21, 2017

Samsung aims to help fight color blindness with an app called See Colors. Although the app itself is certainly a big part of helping people with Color Vision Deficiency see the full spectrum of colors for the first time, Samsung's See Colors app is not ...
South Korea's Special Prosecutor's office said Friday it had summoned a Samsung electronics executive for questioning as it investigates a widening influence-peddling scandal that has embroiled President Park Geun-hye.
Oh Samsung. When the company isn't busy recalling cellphones and washing machines for being safety hazards, it's busy fighting its customers in court.
The tech stories everyone's talking about include Slack's addition of threaded messages, a rejuvenation of the Android One... Play video. Video: Zuckerberg takes the stand, Seinfeld's new home at Netflix. Zuckerberg takes the stand, Seinfeld's new home ...
Donald Trump might find it a little harder to share his thoughts on twitter (as opposed to having his social media team do it for him), as he was reportedly forced to give away the phone he prefers to use when he has messages to share on the service.
If you are in the US, and wouldn't mind getting a device that reaching the end of its support life, here's a nice deal. The Galaxy Note 4 has been discounted to $350.
However this is something that Samsung hopes to address. Together with a Hungarian company called Colorlite, Samsung has launched an app called #SeeColors that can somehow adjust compatible TVs to show colorblind users the same spectrum of ...
San Francisco - A federal appeals court ruled in San Francisco Thursday that two consumer lawsuits filed over Samsung smartphones can't be forced to go to arbitration and instead can proceed toward trials.
After Samsung recalled almost 3 million top-loading washing machines in November because of reports of explosions, customers say they aren't getting the help they need from customer service and the repair options aren't fair.
Apparently, "thousands" of customers on the network are still holding onto their Note 7's, despite the best efforts of Verizon, Samsung, the United States government, and everyone who cares about consumer safety. "In spite of our best efforts, there ...
Reports world-wide of Samsung Galaxy S-7 Notes having similar issues have led to them being banned on American flights. But there have not been as many reports of the S6 being an issue.
Samsung and others (notably LG) have been working on foldable phones for many years now, and finally the technology could see the light of day in 2017.
Samsung is ready to tell the world on January 23 what went wrong with its flagship Galaxy Note 7, a representative told CNET.
South Korean judges Thursday denied a request by prosecutors to arrest Jay Y. Lee, the de facto leader of the sprawling Samsung conglomerate, saying there wasn't enough evidence to detain him on bribery charges. Lee is ensnared in South Korea's largest ...
Samsung has yet to announce the next iteration of its flagship Galaxy smartphone, but there are plenty of rumors and leaks which give us an advanced look at what to expect.
In this Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, photo, Lee Jae-yong, center, a vice chairman of Samsung electronics Co. arrives for the hearing at the Seoul Central District Court in Seoul, South Korea.
A completely portless, S Pen-toting Galaxy S8 could be coming your way in early 2017. Here's a summary of everything we know so far about the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, including the Samsung S8 UK release date, price and specifications. Plus: Did ...
A report yesterday claimed Samsung's investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 has blamed its batteries for causing the phones to catch alight and explode.
Last November, after several owners of Samsung washing machines complained about violent, almost explosive, vibrations, Samsung recalled nearly 3 million machines, promising to fix the devices or provide folks with refunds. Now, three months later, the ...
It appears Samsung Galaxy S7 owners who had downloaded the Beta version of the operating system were the first to get the official download.
The lesser of those numbers: the price of a typical Samsung Galaxy Note battery. And the higher: the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. batteries that caught fire without warning literally turned the phone into a spectacular flameout and the ...
The Apple versus Samsung legal Saga continues on to another chapter. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which hears patent appeals, has reopened the years-long lawsuit accusing Samsung of copying design elements of the iPhone in its ...
AT&T has started pushing out a new update to Samsung Galaxy S6 active units on its network. Weighing in at just over 14MB and carrying a build number of G890AUCS5CPK4, the update brings Android security fixes for the month of December.
It took Samsung many months to issue a recall of top-loading washing machines that can basically shake themselves apart and send pieces flying through consumers' laundry rooms.
Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Mars are among the big names to sign up to the not-exactly-innovatively-named 'Alibaba Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance.
Just days after HTC halted the Nougat update roll-out for its HTC 10 smartphone, it's looks like Samsung is following suit.
Samsung's Smartcam is quite popular, offering a relatively simple device with easy setup and configuration using smartphone apps and the company's My Smartcam cloud service.
prosecutors said Lee Jae Yong, the 48-year-old vice chairman at Samsung electronics, faces allegations of embezzlement, of lying under oath during a parliamentary hearing and of offering a bribe worth $36 million to a longtime friend of impeached ...
Hong Kong - Samsung, the giant maker of products as varied as cargo ships and smartphones, is one of the driving forces of the South Korean economy.
While 32-inch TVs still sell by the bucket load, their typical second-room status has seen them become the victim of an unseemly race to the bottom.
prosecutors in South Korea are seeking an arrest warrant for Jay Y Lee, the de facto head of Samsung, accusing him of making bribes in exchange for government support.
Foxconn electronics, following stake investment in Sharp, has had Sharp end supply of LCD TV panels for Samsung Electronics beginning January 2017, which is likely to increase global demand for 65-inch panels, according to industry sources.
prosecutors Request Arrest of Samsung Heir Lee Jae-Yong as Bribery Suspect in South Korea Influence-Peddling Scandal. By The Associated Press.
At the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York today, Samsung and SapientRazorfish are introducing IoT tools intended to link online and in-store shopping activities.
South Korean tech giant Samsung has refused to accept accusations its de facto leader is embroiled in a corruption scandal involving the country's president.
One of the best parts of the Samsung Gear S3 is that it is compatible with almost any 22mm strap, which is something you might do pretty quickly.
Okay, okay - while there's a very strong possibility that Samsung will unveil the latest adddition to its Galaxy range of smartphones at this year's Mobile World Conference in late February, before the Galaxy S8 sees the light of day, the Korean tech ...
Jay Y. Lee, the vice chairman of Samsung and the only son of the incapacitated chairman, faces arrest on charges that he tried to bribe the country's president.
prosecutors in South Korea have requested an arrest warrant for the de facto head of the nation's biggest conglomerate, Samsung, on charges of bribery and embezzlement in connection with a swirling scandal that led to the president's impeachment.
Okay, okay - while there's a very strong possibility that Samsung will unveil the latest adddition to its Galaxy range of smartphones at this year's Mobile World Conference in late February, before the Galaxy S8 sees the light of day, the Korean tech ...
Courtesy of Samsung electronics preview of its Q4 earnings, we have learned that Micron technology has made significant gains in the DRAM sector.
Apple won US$399 million in damages when courts agreed that various patents were infringed by Samsung, including rounded corners on the case, and the gridded home page design.
Adding more features has always been Samsung's approach with new flagships, but as the company is no doubt aware after the Galaxy Note7 literally burned out, everyone will be watching closely to see what new safety measures it includes on the S8.
Seoul, South Korea - A Special Prosecutor investigating the corruption scandal that led to President Park Geun-hye's impeachment said on Monday that he was seeking to arrest the de facto head of Samsung, South Korea's largest conglomerate, on ...
Seoul, South Korea - A Special Prosecutor investigating the corruption scandal that led to President Park Geun-hye's impeachment said on Monday that he was seeking to arrest the de facto head of Samsung, South Korea's largest conglomerate, ...
The more a smartwatch looks like a real classic watch, the happier I am, and with the Gear S3 Classic [pictured above], Samsung has nailed it with the design. The watch comes has a very simplistic design with a round face measuring around 1.3 inches.
A concept render of Samsung's upcoming foldable Galaxy X has surfaced online making a spectacle of three sleek edge-to-edge screens capable of being folded like a Japanese paper fan.
A new smartphone from Samsung - the 2017 variant of the Galaxy J7 - has been spotted on a benchmarking site with Android Nougat on board.
See also: Samsung Galaxy S8 rumor roundup. It's likely the handset in Samsung Display's advertisements is a dummy unit to show the display to other OEMs. Samsung is prone to using an AMOLED display inside the Galaxy S8 as rumors have suggested, ...






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