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Facing trial in Chicago for massive criminal fraud, Conrad Black, once chairman of the world's third-largest newspaper group, Hollinger International, has retreated to his Toronto childhood home, vowing to take the stand and expose the conspiracy ...
Just six months ago, his panache and erudition evident in his new biography of F.D.R., right-wing press baron Conrad Black was momentarily the toast of New York, London, and Toronto, his dazzling columnist wife, Barbara Amiel, at his side.
The report accused Perle, as former chairman and chief executive of Hollinger Digital Trireme Partners, of enriching himself at the expense of the company.
According to the Post, Perle heads Hollinger Digital, which put $2.5 million into a venture capital firm called Trireme Partners that aimed to cash in on the huge post-9/11 U.S.
The gang that gave us this rotten war is not only stupidly reckless, as this little story makes all too clear, but also totally corrupted by greed and power-lust.





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